Windows Is In Notification Mode

Windows Is In Notification Mode | What it Means, Turning it Off, And Ultimately Solving the Problem [Solved]

Today, you decided to run the command prompt as an admin. Then, you typed in slmgr /xpr, and what you found was confusing. The small pop-up said that your Windows is in notification mode, which is new to you. So now, you’re trying to find out what the problem could be, and you’re in the right place.

When your Windows version is in notification mode, it means that it is not fully activated. That is because the grace period has lapsed, and now, you need to reactivate it to enjoy maximum functionality. If not reactivation, you may need to reinstall the original Windows version and ensure it is has a valid product code before you update it to the latest version.

To be sure that your Windows is in notification mode, follow these steps:

1. Rerun the cmd prompt as admin.

2. Type in slmgr /dli, then press Enter.

3. If you’re really in that mode, you’ll see something like this:

Name: Windows 10, Home Edition

Description: Windows 10 OS, Retail channel

Partial Key: XYWAT

License Status: Notification

Notification Reason: OxC004FOO9 (grace time expired)

If that is what you read, you will need to activate the product as soon as possible. If not, the computer will keep shouting at you, and that can get pretty annoying. Not to worry, though, because we have sorted you out in this article.

Here, you will see how you can turn off Windows in the notification mode. Also, you’ll see how to solve a related problem, which is Windows expiring soon. In the end, you will know how to get your Windows permanent for free.

If that kicker sounds good, let us answer some questions now!

TechBiva 101: To ensure that your Windows is activated, you can go to the Settings then Update & Security. Under activation, check on the right-hand pane. If there is an active key, you’ll see this ‘Window is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.’ It should be something like this:

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How Do I Turn Off Windows In Notification Mode (Turning Off Windows Activation)?

How Do I Turn Off Windows In Notification Mode

Turning off Windows in notification mode is the same as turning off activation. That is because both of them achieve one goal, making your Windows activated temporarily.

TechBiva 101: As you read through this section, know that buying an activation key is the only way to make a permanent change.

To turn off Windows, use any of these two methods:

First Method: Using The Service Option

1. Click the Start menu icon on the bottom-left corner, or tap on the Windows button on your keyboard.

2. On the search box, type Services, and you will see the Services app show. It gives you control over the PC processes you want to run.

3. Launch the app, and you will see some services appear on the right panel.

4. Scroll down to Software Protection. If you can’t find it, look for sppsvc. When you see it, left-click on it once to highlight it.

5. Under the View tab, click on the Properties icon – it is the fourth one from the left. You should see a new window open.

6. In the window, click the Stop button. That action will stop the Software Protection service from running.

TechBiva 101: If you find that the button is greyed out, you can’t proceed with this method. Instead, skip to the next one to use the Registry Editor.

7. To finish the Software Protection deactivation, click OK. Now, you will not see the notification mode until you restart your computer or update it

Second Method: Using The Registry Editor

1. Click the Start menu icon on the bottom-left corner, or tap on the Windows button on your keyboard.

2. On the search box, type Regedit to open the Registry Editor command. It contains keys that all your Windows programs use, including Update Settings. Here, you will use it to manipulate some processes.

3. Click on the Regedit icon, which looks like blue blocks put together. To be safe, open it as an admin.

4. When it launches, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

5. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click on the SYSTEM folder and expand it.

Under SYSTEM, expand CurrentControlSet, and then expand Services.

6. Under Services, scroll and select sppsvc. You should recall that keyword since it came up in the first method.

7. Click sppsvc to see its contents on the right side. Then, select Start, which is one of the contents.

8. On the top left, click Edit and then Modify.

9. In the small box that shows, type 4 under Value data, then click OK. You will have temporarily turned off notification mode.

How Do You Solve Windows Will Expire Soon?

Even if you have a licensed copy of your OS, your system may still shout that Windows is expiring soon. It is a common message among Windows users, and surprisingly, it is mainly caused by system errors.

Not to worry, though, because you can correct the situation using one of the best command-line tools, Restoro PC Repair Tool:

 Restoro PC Repair Tool

Once you download it, start a scan to reveal any underlying issues. If your issue of Windows expiring soon comes up, repair it. Moreover, if your license key is legitimate, Restoro will reenter it for you and take down the annoying pop-up messages.

However, if it can’t fix the activation business for you, you’ll need to get a new Windows license key.

How Long Does Windows Notification Mode Last?

As long as your Windows is not activated

Microsoft expects anyone using their OS to be owning a license key. So, if yours is not activated, it means you don’t hold a legit key. So, Microsoft will keep shouting and interrupting you until you do something.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Activate Watermark On Windows?

You can only do it by activating Windows, so follow these steps to get the job done:

1. Click the Start menu icon on the bottom-left corner, or tap on the Windows button on your keyboard.

2. Then, search for Settings.

3. Under Settings, click Update and Security.

4. Click the Activation tab on the left.

5. Then, under the Update product key, click the Change product key. After this step, you can either do it in any of the following two ways:

Buying a Key. Go to the Microsoft Store, click on the version you want to buy, and add your payment details.

Free Key. Under Troubleshoot, enter your Microsoft account details (email and password). Then, activate the Windows version when the program prompts you. 

There is a ‘free key’ because Microsoft allows users to enjoy their OS without paying. However, the free key doesn’t provide maximum functionality. For example, you won’t be able to change the visual appearance of your PC.

TechBiva 101: You should know that there are no huge differences between a free and a paid version of Windows. So, if you don’t have the money to buy a license, don’t beat yourself up. You’re not missing out on a lot.

How Do I Permanently Get Windows 10 For Free?

You can’t get Windows 10 permanently for free. Otherwise, Microsoft would not be making money off their software-as-a-service OS.

However, if you want to circumvent the key, you can use tools such as KMSpico, which many have lauded for performing excellently. People who don’t want to pay for a Windows license favor KMSpico and other key management systems (KMS). And, of course, Microsoft doesn’t like that, which makes KMS software illegal to use.

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Once your Windows is in notification mode, you can try any of the methods given. They will help you in the short term as you search for a long-term solution, which should be buying a valid product key. If you cannot find it online, go to the nearest PC shop, and they will sort you out.

Although the Activate Windows watermark looks annoying, bear with it until you get a legitimate license. However, if you want to bypass it, look at this KMSpico Activator Download. There, you will get access to the premium features of Microsoft. However, we caution that you will be using a pirated version, so have that in mind.

And that was it!

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