Why Won’t My Phone Play Videos Anymore?

The primary reason for the error on any phone not playing the videos anymore is a glitch due to the phone’s software. Error in the phone happens due to breakdown of the phone systems, overuse, or software damage.

In this article, we will know all the steps that will help us resolve the issues of playing video, and we will also mention some of the practical steps to improve the functioning of the phone.

Reasons For The Videos Not Playing On The Phones

Several reasons have come up, which would not allow Android phones to play the videos. Android phones can be of any company, whether it is Samsung, Mi, Micromax, etc. All the mobile phones have their issues and show errors when videos don’t play on the screen. Let’s look at all the primary reasons:

1. Corrupt Video:  Commonly, some videos may get corrupted, and then the problem occurs while playing them on any phone. It happens irrespective of the quality and the price of the phone.

2. Outdated Media Player:  The media player is most important to play any video. When the media player through which you want to play video is obsolete, then there may be an issue that you will not be able to play video on your phone.

3. The Old Version Of Android OS: Operating system of any phone should be up to date. Old versions may have some incompatibilities, due to which the issue of playing video arises on your phone.

4. Incomplete Video Download:  You should not leave the video when the downloading is still incomplete. It is vital to download the complete video to play it without any interruption.

5. Corrupt Mobile SD Card: SD card plays a vital role in playing any video and managing the mobile’s overall system. So it is essential that we know whether the phone has any corrupted SD card.

6. Videos From Third Party:  If you have downloaded videos from any third-party source, you must check whether you can play videos on your phones or not. Many times, videos downloaded from third-party sources don’t work.

Types Of Issues For Playing Videos

It is not just about a particular video that is not playing on mobile phones. There can be an issue with some parts of a video that may have errors. It can also happen that you can play the video, but there is an error in the sound. Besides, there are some other such issues related to playing a video on your phone. Here are some of the problems mentioned below:

1. Blurry video playback

2. Choppy video playing

3. Out of sync audio video playing

4. No sound of video

Ways To Fix Video Playing Issues On The Phone

There are some solutions to the problems related to playing a video that may help you get rid of the issues rapidly.

Here Are Some Solutions That You May Use To Play The Video On Your Phone Without The Hassle.

1. Try Reboot Or Restart Your Phone: This is the first option to do if you face any issues or errors on the mobile phones. If your phone doesn’t play video, then it is best to reboot or restart the phone and see whether the problem is solved or not.

2. Always Clean The Cache Of Your Phone: It is a good idea to clean the phone’s cache because it slows down the phone and can stop several phone activities. After clearing the cache data, restart and check if the issue of playing video is resolved or not.

3. Uninstall Insecure Apps: There are many apps available on the internet, and they are a threat to your mobile phones. Those insecure apps can harm or damage mobile phones without the knowledge of the user. The best thing is to uninstall them and see if the problem is resolved.

4. Use MX Player Or VLC player: MX Player or VLC player is considered the best video player for any mobile phone. If you want to play a video, it is best to play it with MX Player or VLC player.

5. Reset Your Apps’ Preferences: Sometimes, there are problems in the settings of your phone. So it is essential to check the apps’ preferences and reset them and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

6. Try Factory Reset: At last, the option left is a mobile factory reset when you don’t get a solution from other options. After doing the reset, you can check whether your issue of playing video is resolved or not.

Let’s Understand A Few Terms Used About Mobile Phones And Their Operating Systems To Know Our Phones Better.

Sl. No.Mobile Phone TermsMeaning
1Harmful AppsThese are the apps that are a threat to your mobile phones and their security.
2Factory Reset It is re-setting your phone completely. With this option, you can get rid of all unnecessary data and apps from the mobile.
3MX Player It is a video player, which helps in playing a particular video with different features.
4Cache These are the hidden files or information from apps or websites. They get stored on mobile phones and helps in making browsing faster.
5Android OS It is an operating system of the mobile that needs an update regularly for the complete functioning of the mobile.

How To Make Videos Play Smoothly On Your Mobile Phone

Playing a video on mobile is challenging and frustrating at times. There are some apps and tools that can ease this pain. These apps and tools make the videos play on your mobile phones smoothly and perfectly.

You can watch Netflix or download videos from iTunes. However, at times you might require third-party software to watch videos from the internet.

Problems occur when you download local videos and try to save them on your Android device or iPhone. Due to varied software configurations and hardware, mobile phones don’t work perfectly for every video format.

The Following Apps And Tools Can Be Used To Play Any Videos Smoothly And Perfectly On Your Smartphone:

1. Handbrake- The open-source video transcoder

2. PlayerXtreme for iOS

3. VLC Media Player: For Android and iOS devices

It is recommended to download the videos from trusted sources. If you download videos from third-party sources, always check their information and authenticity before saving them on your mobile.


Q1.  Can Rebooting Help To Solve The Issue Of Playing Video On Mobiles?

Ans: Rebooting can help to a certain extent, but it is not guaranteed to solve the video playing issue.

Q2.  Is Factory Reset The Ultimate Method To Solve The Issue Of Mobile Phones?

Ans:  It is seen that factory reset works for most of the issues in mobiles. Most problems in the mobiles are due to unnecessary in the phone. So factory reset can be a solution in a few cases.

Q3.  Do The Experts Of Phones Recommend Using Apps From Unlicensed Websites?

Ans:   The experts of phones don’t recommend using any unlicensed app that can be a risk to your phone. These apps can make your phone, and it’s functioning very slow.

Q4.  What Should You Consider To Play Videos Smoothly On Your Phone?

1. Please wait for the video till it is downloaded completely.
2. Clear the data and cache and reboot your phone.
3. Play it in VLC player or MX player.

5. What Is The Difference Between Streaming And Downloading?

The difference between streaming and downloading may not be noticeable at first, but they are two different forms of media consumption. Streaming is done over the internet where data is immediately transferred to the viewer while downloading is done through a device or program that saves the content to be accessed later. Downloads take more time than streaming, but downloads allow for easier organization of media files on your device. They also utilize less battery life than streaming which can help with a longer viewing session.

6. What Is The Best Way To Fix Videos Not Playing On My Phone?

One of the most frustrating things about owning a smartphone is when videos don’t seem to play properly. Many people may not know the answer to this question, but luckily there are many ways you can fix this problem. One way is by simply updating your phone’s software. For those using an older model, it might be time for an upgrade. Another option is updating your browser. Chrome and Safari both have great video playback options that can be enabled through browser settings.

7. Why Won’t My Phone Play Videos On YouTube Or Netflix?

Many people find themselves in a situation when their phone no longer plays videos on YouTube or Netflix. This can be due to an out-of-date or low-quality camera, or it could be that the video is in a format not supported by your device. If this happens to you, there are many ways to fix it and get back to your favorite shows.