Why Was the Enchanted Golden Apple Removed from Minecraft?

Why Was the Enchanted Golden Apple Removed from Minecraft?

The enchanted golden apple was removed from Minecraft because it created too much controversy in the game. This is according to Microsoft Game Studios developer Jens Bergensten, who works at the company’s Stockholm studio and contributes to Minecraft. The enchanted golden apple allowed players to be invincible for 30 seconds, which led to some controversial moments in the game because it gave one player an unfair advantage over others in multiplayer games who could not kill the holder of the enchanted golden apple.

What Was the Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft?

In multiplayer mode, the enchanted golden apple was one of the few weapons a player could use to kill other players. The enchanted golden Apple was beneficial because it killed players in just one hit and did not alert other nearby players of its location when thrown.

It is uncertain why Mojang decided to remove this item, but many people have speculated that they did so to stop players who are AFK (away from keyboard) or idle-killing players, who then proceeded to leave their computer and get unfairly killed.

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This also prevented them from having an unfair advantage against opponents who cannot respond as quickly as a player at their computer. Another theory for removing the enchanted golden apple is that Mojang wanted to encourage more creativity by removing powerful items like this one. They believed that if powerful items were removed, players would be forced to create new strategies and build with their given materials.

Understanding How the Enchanted Apple Worked and When it Was Removed from Minecraft

In September of 2012, Markus Persson (known in some circles as Notch) made a post on his blog that had many people panicking. The post was titled An Uncomfortable Change and concerned a change to an item in the game called “The Enchanted Golden Apple.”

Anyone unfamiliar with this golden apple; it is found by defeating any mob while holding a golden apple in your hand. When consumed, it grants you random special powers that range from teleportation to flight. However, there’s always a chance of failure when trying to use them.

While most players will not try to risk it and only use it for defense or something equally low-risk like night vision, others seek the elusive perfect power for their play style.

When was the enchanted Apple removed from Minecraft? Early game versions were released in 2009 but did not mention apples. Players didn’t start seeing mention of this powerful item until around 2010 when early versions would have it drop from zombies or bats.

Understanding How the Enchanted Apple Worked and When it Was Removed from Minecraft

It would give effects such as fire resistance for about 30 seconds before wearing off completely. Around 2011, the apple started dropping less often than before and gave less potent effects; now getting fire resistance for 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

In 2012, we saw the removal of these scarce items altogether. The reason given was the Enchanted Golden Apple isn’t really needed anymore, which means one of two things: either a decision was made to make it available more frequently in later updates, or they wanted us to stop using it so much.

Emerging Theories of Major Updates to Minecraft

For many, the enchanted golden apple was one of the most prized items in Minecraft. It would produce a complete set of iron armor when eaten. For many years, it stayed right up there at the top of foods that were worth killing for. And then, it vanished into thin air.

They removed it from chests and dropped loot and monster drops when mining deep underground. What’s more puzzling is why they never released an update to fix it before removing it – and what will replace it as one of Minecraft’s most potent weapons?

As for rumors about why this happened, a few ideas have been circulating! One theory suggests that Mojang is slowly phasing out food items in favor of new weapons and tools with exciting abilities.

Understanding How the Enchanted Apple Worked and When it Was Removed from Minecraft

The idea is that these will provide additional ways to deal with enemies without relying on food like the enchanted golden apple. Another theory holds that these changes will make combat more challenging by reducing how easily players can get their hands on powerful tools early on. Whatever the reasons for Mojang’s decision, we’ll have to wait until the next time we see updates before getting any definite answers!

Current Role of Enchantment Tables in Current Version of Minecraft

To enchant items in a new way, you must first create an enchantment table. You can make this by using four obsidian blocks and one diamond. Once created, it becomes a block that can be used for enchanting all tools and weapons you would use in your inventory.

Unlike the old system, you need to have an existing item on hand and then click the new enchantment table before it can become enchanted with whichever properties you choose. This means you will have to go back and forth between your inventory, where all your items are, then back to the enchantment table if you need to choose something different (without abandoning what was just put there).

But if you want to keep crafting things, chances are you’ll get stuck at some point and not know how or why. A decent suggestion is to combine the two, so they could be done from either side of the player’s GUI interface, but that is up to the developer!

Strangely, the original developers removed such an integral part of the game, which had a significant impact on all other versions since its inception – making crafting harder and more tedious than ever!

Possible Future Plans for Enchantment Tables in Future Versions of Minecraft

Enchantment tables in Minecraft are on the down low right now, so maybe they’ll get something that takes care of that in a future update! That is if they haven’t already. However, it seems like there’s no way of getting enchanted items at this point. We only have to wait and see how it goes.

If you like enchantments, you might wait too long because they might be gone forever. Maybe an update could happen any day now, or it could happen ten years from now; nobody knows until they know! There’s only one thing left to do; just wait and see!

Possible Future Plans for Enchantment Tables in Future Versions of Minecraft

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Edition of Minecraft Had the Enchanted Apple?

In Minecraft’s original and Xbox 360 Edition, it was possible to acquire an enchanted golden apple using a combination of blocks. However, you couldn’t do this in Bedrock Edition and New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

This is because Mojang wanted to have some mystery on how you obtain one as opposed to knowing exactly how in older versions. They felt that getting an enchanted golden apple should be more complicated than just being able to craft one at a workbench, so it feels like you’ve accomplished something when you finally get one.

How Valuable Was the Enchanted Apple in Minecraft?

The enchanted apple in Minecraft was highly desired due to its unique effect of regenerating health. Players would simply have to shift their perspective and aim at themselves to use this item.

The original cost of an enchanted golden apple ranged from $80 to $150 and higher, depending on where it was purchased online. While these prices may seem outrageous, it is possible for someone who has mined enough resources and traveled enough distances to find a dungeon or loot chest that contains these items without too much work or hardship.

If players wanted one for themselves but didn’t want to do all that, they could buy them off another player and save some time.

Can the Enchanted Apple Make a Comeback?

Now that players are actively working on getting rid of all traces of grieving and punishing those who partake in it, there might be room for enchanted apples to make a comeback. After all, they were one of the few ways to help combat this terrible game mechanic.

But if we want people to stop grieving, why not punish them with something else and have apples only award extra lives instead?

These types of items can indeed give people an advantage against other players who don’t use them. And it is also true that players enjoy collecting rare items like this. Nonetheless, on the other side, being able to respawn once every three minutes is a relief in a world full of dangerous animals and threats lurking around every corner.


Whether playing in creative or survival mode, finding and eating an enchanted golden apple will cure any ailment. If a zombie bites you, it might turn you into one too. These delicious apples were also crucial for your night vision during long hours of play in darkness and revealing enemies who were sneakily approaching.

Unfortunately, these beauties were removed from Minecraft because of their near-omnipotent power. The development team at Mojang didn’t want to make them overpowered, so they took them out completely. But don’t worry! There is still hope! You can find recipes that give you some features with other food items, like milk or a piece of cake!