Minecraft Video Game Is Not On Steam

Reasons Why Minecraft Video Game Is Not On Steam

Over the years, Steam has been having spectacular prosperity, but many people wonder why Minecraft isn’t on Steam yet. The question has been the top subject especially following the steam removal of Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2. Steam is incredible and one of the best digital distributions ever. People have used vast sums of money on Steam. Steam is an advantageous developer with all-around marketing and sales support.

So, Why Isn’t Mnecraft On Steam?

Why Isnt Mnecraft On Steam

Minecraft has an enormous subscription worldwide. People who do not have adequate information about Minecraft or do not have it have heard a little about it. If anyone ever wants to buy it, of course, there is a simple and most precise way to do it. Apart from Minecraft, multiple big games are not on steam. The Steam Company would probably live to have these games, including Minecraft, but fundamental factors lag it behind. 

Others will argue that Steam is over-controlling and restrictive, meaning several bounds like the dos and don’ts. So if Minecraft is not on Steam, will it ever be on it? What if Minecraft is on Steam in the future, will there be limits? Will Steam be too controlling? 

In this article, we shall discuss in-depth what Markus Persson, the Minecraft creator, had to say. So it is wise to keep it on this page not to miss essential information about why your favorite sandbox video game is not on steam.

Elaborating Why Minecraft Is Not On Steam

At times, it can be complicated to imagine an indie game that is more successful than Minecraft. Minecraft game has brought fortunes to the developer, Markus Persson or “Notch” as commonly known, and to the company he founded, (the Mojang). They have been able to make millions out of the Minecraft game. 

Revenue streamed in when people wanted to know whether PC gaming had a fortune and did just a terrific business. This explained more about how it will have a brilliant destiny ahead.

Probable Reasons Why Mojang Avoided Steam

Why Mojang Avoided Steam

Considering its tremendous success, we might think that Minecraft would follow the same path, too, as other successful Indie games. In this case, remember that we are talking about Steam. It is a fact that Steam has made other Indie games prosperous. 

Over the years, Minecraft has remained solely on the game’s official site. Markus Persson is a big fan of the service since it operates just fine and offers excellent services like the shift+tab. It also recalls credit card information, making it not prevent people whenever they want to buy a game. 

However, there are some doubts considering how the offline mode and DLC endeavor. Apart from all this stuff, the primary reason Minecraft is not on Steam is that it has strict restrictions regarding the game purchase. Of course, the company would not be better positioned to sell capes or have a map marketplace on Minecraft.net that impresses Valve. 

As a result, it would effectively split the Minecraft community into two parts. This means some players can access all the wired content that the company wishes to add to the game. Valve is very strict concerning policy violations. This is regarding what publishers want to sell within their games. For instance, Dragon Age 2 was wiped out from Steam just the other day. It was removed from Steam because it included an in-game DLC store that circumvents Steam. 

Most probably, Markus Persson is fearful that the same fate will befall Minecraft. This is something that he or any other Minecraft players and fans would never dream of!

The Relationship Between Steam And EA Publisher

Over the years, EA has been selling its games on Steam. However, they began selling their DLC in-game. The key factor why they started selling their DLC in-game was to at least try to circumvent Valve’s 30% cut. Valve agreed that they could sell their DLC whenever they wished to. This means that they had to sell in Steam too. 

According to some individuals’ opinions, it is fair enough, and it is not too much to EA. Since they had their origin around, they grabbed all their big stuff, then left some of the modica and hurried off to their source. 

The aim was never to be seen again. Minecraft is the same thing the creator Notch wanted to sell capes and connect to Minecraft. net. He did not want to be under Valve’s strict policies because they were already superior and rich since they were moneymakers. It may even result in splitting up the community. Another thing is that Minecraft is in Java which Steam does not support whatsoever.

Expected Solution

The issue is being looked at, and soon it will be sorted out. In the meantime, there is no considerable contention or disagreement. Markus Persson stated that he is solving the matter with the company. The bothering quiz that people seek answers to is why Mojang would even bother to put Minecraft on Steam and give them a cut of sales. 

We all know that Minecraft is one of the most sold video games, even without being on Steam. However, players and fans worldwide are urged to be patient and wait for the matter to be solved. They should leave it to Mojang and wait for further communication and directions.

The Takeaway

No other game has split the communities that exist both here and out in the free market. Minecraft and Steam probably look like they could be a perfect team if they work together. Provided they are on good terms and in agreement as well. This will ensure that no side is being favored. 

This means that there is no way that Minecraft would put their game on Steam and be controlled. We are all aware that many Indie developers put their games in Steam to be promoted without having to go through a publisher. On the contrary, Minecraft doesn’t do that since it is already widespread. As for now, let’s wait as we know that Minecraft isn’t on Steam until further notice.


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