Piano Tiles

Why Is Piano Tiles Removed From Google Play Store?

Piano Tiles is ranked the number one application in many countries, making it an incredibly popular piano game. Cheetah Mobile developed the game, and since its release in 2015, the game has spread the piano playing joy to thousands of non-players. Many people love the game because it is fun and addictive. Unfortunately, on February 20th, the game was removed from Play Store because of violating the disruptive ads policy.

Why Is Piano Tile Not On The Play Store?

Piano Tile Not On The Play Store

On February 20th, an announcement published by Google Security Blog stated that nearly 6000 applications, including Piano Tiles, had been removed from Google Play Store. The apps had been removed because of violating the disruptive ads policy. 

According to Google, the ads lead to a poor user experience and waste advertisers’ spending. Google had realized that the app had some harmful adware and malware files that displayed the disruptive ads. Therefore, the game was removed from the store.

Many Cheetah mobile apps were removed and banned from the platform. Many players have been wondering why they do not find the app on the platform. Although the app had a huge fan base worldwide, banning it seems to be for the greater good.

Before the game was removed from Google Play Store, many users complained about their disruptive ads, which constantly showed up when playing. Some people even complained that finishing one song was next to impossible due to the non-skippable ads when making any move in the app.

According to Google, the ads make the app provide a poor experience to users. It also wastes the advertisers’ spending. When users unintentionally click on the ads, it results in misfunctioning of the ad system, which negatively affects the reliability.

Is Cheetah Mobile A Safe App Developer?

Cheetah Mobile, the company that developed Piano Tiles, has been associated with malicious acts several times before. The developer has faced Google sanctions many times; however, the developer manages to get back on Play Store every time. After its removal, Piano Tiles may never return to Google Play Store as that marked its end.

Piano Tiles fan base continuously looks for other ways to download the app. However, it’s good to be safe by being careful with the platform you choose to download a game from. The game should only be reached through a valid and official network to prevent the risk of unprotected and risky malware, which could harm your devices.

Although Google Play Store banned the game from the site, Apple users will be glad to know that they can still find the game available at the App Store. However, since Cheetah Mobile has already ruined its reputation on Google Play Store, Apple users should think carefully before downloading the game into their phones because they could endanger their data security.

Can You Download Piano Tiles On Other Platforms?

Download Piano Tiles On Other Platforms

After the app was banned, Cheetah did not make an official reaction. The French website of the publishers still links to the Google Play Store to install Clean Master, CM Security, or CM Launcher 3D. 

Nonetheless, on the English site, the publisher will notice a warning that players can install the latest version of Piano Tiles by clicking Download APK. If you have a security reminder, you should allow the app to download.

Downloading the app using this method is very dangerous than even installing applications from the Play Store. A publisher can integrate malware into the app and won’t need to go through Google’s controls. Players who have Cheetah Mobile editor applications should be very careful and delete the apps from the editor as they can be as dangerous as the Piano Tiles.

How To Play Piano Tiles

Playing Piano Tiles is quite simple. The game has a grid with white and black tiles that scroll down the screen. The player must touch every black tile without making any mistake. When hitting the tiles, you will hear the piano keys as they play in harmony with your action. 

The concept sounds easy, but it has some game modes that will keep you on your toes and others that check which tiles you can touch when coming at you faster, hence quickly grabbing your attention.

The game has five different modes. The first one is the Classic mode that challenges a player to hit 50 black tiles in the shortest time possible. With Arcade mode, you must touch an endless ambush of tiles that become faster as you get higher. Zen mode will test how many tiles a player can touch in half a minute. While with Rush mode, you will be challenged to see the number of tiles you can tap in a second. 

The last mode is Relay, where you must tap not less than 50 tiles in less than ten seconds, but rest the clock for the player to get fifty more tiles. Every mode has its unique charm, but they have a solid gameplay concept, making them more interesting.

Is The Piano Tiles Sound Too Loud?

If your volume is on when touching the tiles, the piano keys will play rather randomly in time with the taps. Although they mostly follow a similar scale, you may hear some sour notes that distract you and make you lose the game. 

This isn’t a problem for some people, but you can turn it off in the setting if the sounds become very distracting. Turning it off will give you a distraction-free experience.

Piano Tiles is an interesting game that you never would guess could have captured the attention of so many players. However, the game proves that you cannot predict what people will like at any given time. 

As long as there is the right blend of simplicity or challenge, people don’t necessarily care if the graphics are perfect or if the game’s developer is a big company. What matters is capturing the correct set of circumstances that make the game simple and extremely addictive.

If you are looking for this kind of game, Piano Tiles is a suitable game that meets your requirements. The game is incredibly easy to pick or play and hard to stop once you begin. 

If you need a simple time-waster, the piano play has the proper mix of gameplay and challenge that will make you want to play even more.  

Why Piano Tiles Is So Popular

Piano Tiles has simple graphics. It is easy to play, and anyone can learn to play the piano. The breath-taking rhythm challenges your hand’s speed limit when playing the game. The game has various modes, with the top challenge mode giving players thrill and risk.

To satisfy different tastes, you do not have to play the same song repeatedly as the developer updates numerous songs, including classics and bangs. After recording the songs, you can share them with your friends or compare them with other players worldwide on the ranking list. 

The game has high-quality sounds that will make you feel like you are in a concert. Once you are done playing, you can save the progress through your Facebook account and share it across different devices. With Piano Tiles, you get more challenges, a bonus, and a better self. However, it is a shame that the game is not in the play store.