Why Didn't Apple Make a Round Watch Since Round Faced Watches Seem More Popular

Why Didn’t Apple Make a Round Watch Since Round Faced Watches Seem More Popular?

Apple’s decision to design the Apple Watch with straight edges makes good sense; the rectangular shape is ideal for the list-based interface and is more suited for seeing images and maps than the round design. On the other hand, some people like circular faces on their timepieces, which has been the norm for centuries. As a result, Apple has received a request to release a circular Apple Watch. Will Apple pay attention to these calls or create a watch just for these people? Continue reading to find out more.

Will Apple Release a Circular Version of the Apple Watch?

Will Apple Release a Circular Version of the Apple Watch

According to Apple, the Apple Watch has been available for purchase for over five years. For those years, Apple has frequently added new features and upgraded the specifications of the Apple Watch year after year. Still, besides changes to the screen size, dimensions, case colors, and materials, the watch’s basic design has remained relatively the same.

Why Apple is Refusing to participate in a Round Apple Watch 

Why Apple is Refusing to participate in a Round Apple Watch

There are a variety of circular smartwatches available, notably Samsung’s famous Galaxy Watch line, but the Apple Watch is now outselling them all. That will likely still be the case as Apple rivals with a growing number of lower-priced smartwatches, but if the Apple Watch loses market share to competing devices, it will be because of price rather than design.

For the first six iterations of the Apple Watch, Apple had a valid reason to choose a nearly square display. It provides more area for applications and is much more user-friendly than some of the round wristwatch designs from the competitors. 

As the phrase goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” This is undoubtedly true. Giving the Apple Watch a round face appears to be a far too dangerous design alteration, especially given that customers have already shown their acceptance of the square form by purchasing Apple Watches in large numbers.

Is It Currently the Right Moment to Make a Design Change?

Apple is unlikely to make any design changes to its Watch. The Company has at least considered the round design for the Apple Watch. Thus, there is a slight chance that the round Apple Watch will be released.

In March 2021, a patent application was filed that depicted a rounder watch design. In this instance, the round watch face appears to be an integral part of the design that is being patented; the display seems to transition into the bracelet seamlessly.

This could be evidence of more than just Apple’s plans for a round watch face; it could also indicate that the Company’s work on foldable displays, which has been widely assumed to be for the iPhone, is actually for the Apple Watch instead.

This isn’t the first patent to suggest that Apple has considered the round design for the Apple Watch, and it’s not the last. In May 2018, a patent for a round Apple Watch with a round face was approved, which depicted a round face. In January 2016, a patent application was filed only a few months after the first Apple Watch was released (in April 2015).

Patent for Apple Watch 2016 (Round-Faced Watch)

Patent for Apple Watch 2016

Of course, just because Apple’s patents depict a round watch face does not imply that this is the design that will be implemented. Furthermore, Apple filing a patent does not mean that the product would see the light of day.

Round Apple Watch Release Date

It is unlikely to occur, but we have been proven incorrect in the past. If Apple introduces a round Apple Watch, it would be a different option added to the standard line-up, rather than Apple abandoning the present design in favor of the round one.

If Apple decides to offer a circular Apple Watch, we believe it will be a substitute for the current Apple Watch SE. The SE debuted in September 2020, and Apple may continue to sell it for at least two years without replacing it. Therefore, September 2022 may be the earliest possible release date for a circular Apple Watch (though we are not sure).

What Might Be the Design of a Circular Apple Watch?

Different content renderings of what a circular Apple Watch would look like have been created over the years. Phone Industry released its concept design for a circular Apple Watch in February 2020.

Will Apple Produce a Round Apple Watch in the Future?

Will Apple Produce a Round Apple Watch in the Future

According to reports, Apple has already begun developing a circular Apple Watch.

“Will Apple ever make a circular Apple Watch?” you may question. You are not alone in this thought process. One of the most frequently requested features for the Apple Watch is a circular design, one of the most popular choices among buyers. Will it, however, come to pass?

We’ve got some good news for those of you who have been yearning for a circular Apple Watch: it’s almost finally here, but it’s not known when it will be released. Therefore, we all have to wait and see if it will be out soon. 

Apple has previously experimented with the idea of a circular Apple Watch. Although they haven’t yet produced one, according to a patent issued in 2018, the corporation has been actively researching the concept.

The Evolution of the Apple Watch Display

Apple has made incremental improvements to the Apple Watch display over the years. On the other hand, the display has always had the same shape: a rectangle with rounded corners. The first models released were Apple Watches with 38mm and 42mm displays. 

When the Apple Watch Series 7 was released, the displays were improved to 41mm and 45mm, respectively, and then the displays were upgraded again to 40mm and 44mm.

The technology behind the Apple Watch’s display has also advanced. The displays have become brighter, and since the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 5, the display has become more dependent on technology. 

Apple’s confidence in its capacity to improve the Apple Watch display further is indicated by this statement. However, the rounded rectangle shape has retained its original shape and size despite this.

The Apple Watch OS (watchOS) Is Designed to Work with a Rectangle Display

Even though the Apple Watch’s display has undergone several changes, the device has always maintained its rectangular design. Therefore, the operating system running on the Apple Watch, watchOS, features a user interface specifically built to take full advantage of the rectangular display on the watch face.

If Apple were to reintroduce an Apple Watch with a round or circular display, they would have to completely reimagine how the watchOS interface looks for its pieces to fit into the new form. 

This is not a deal-breaker in terms of a new design. Simply put, it would imply that softer work would be required in addition to hard labor.

Apple is at the very least toying with the notion of developing an Apple Watch with a circular display, as revealed by a patent application filed earlier last year. Suppose the idea sees the light of the day and the Company introduces a round-faced watch to the market; it will be interesting to find out how it will compete with other round watches such as Samsung.