Apple Macbooks

Why Are Apple Macbooks So Expensive?

Six Thousand Dollars! Yes, that’s the amount of money you can spend on a single laptop; a MacBook. With that amount of money, you could buy yourself 5 or 6 smart TVs or even a fairly used car. But despite the outrageous prices, these Macs still sell out faster than any other laptop brand. Sometimes you may begin to wonder what makes them so special.

Apple MacBooks are built to last long, their casings are made of aluminum (a very expensive material), and they come with their unique OS. Furthermore, the Apple brand is well renowned for its luxurious and expensive products, specifically made for high-class individuals. 

Key Features Of MacBooks That Justify Their High Prices

Key Features Of MacBooks

Build Quality

The casings of MacBooks are made of aluminum alloys, compared to that of other brands which are usually made of plastic, carbon fiber, or steel (rarely used). This material alone is expensive and is more than enough good reason to make a MacBook cost more than a windows 10 pro laptop. But to top this, Apple has a way of giving their products phenomenal design and uniqueness. The user experience is also top-notch, as Apple MacBooks are very well built, both in software and hardware. This is why you will hardly see a negative review of a MacBook online. In fact, the only negative review you’ll always find is the price of MacBooks. When using a MacBook, you experience things like:

1. Virus and bug-free system

2. Soft keyboards

3. Excellent display

4. Long battery life

5. Updates that keep the computer fresh

6. Noise cancelation (no sound of spinning hardware or other noises computers make)

And as if these were not enough, Apple also boasts of its own OS. No other brand can integrate all these features into one product. It will cost far too much, and these brands will rather not take that risk. 

Certainly, the quality of time and resources that go into producing a MacBook is worth the resulting high prices. After all, the best things are not always cheap. 

The Apple Brand

If there is any brand that is always hyped and recognized no matter what they produce, it’s Apple. Users of Apple products are seen to be in their own separate class because there is a feeling that comes when you buy an iPhone or MacBook or any other Apple product. It’s like suddenly you become part of a community of people who live a life of luxury. Apple has steadily grown its brand over the years, making it so unique that today it has its own OS for phones and laptops, its own app store, music store, smartwatches, and so on.

The uniqueness and popularity of the brand make people desire it so much, that several people will go out of their way to get a Mac or an iPhone (even if they have to spend their life savings on it). With this kind of demand, the prices of Apple products are always high. The extreme prices are said to justify the quality and luxury that Apple products possess. 

Apple is one brand that can sell out a new product before it is even launched. Take for instance their iPhones, a new one is launched every year with little differences in features from the former ones, and yet it always gets sold out. You can’t expect such a company to sell cheap computers. Their MacBooks will certainly be just as expensive or even more expensive than the iPhones (It’s flagship). 


Apple Macs are very user-friendly and also boast of excellent display and performance. You’ll hardly need anyone to show you your way around a macOS. Some users even claim they’ve never used IT since the day they bought their MacBooks because even a kid can navigate through it with ease. 

User Integration With Other Apple Products

One amazing thing with Apple is how they manage to synchronize their products together. For instance, you can’t get the apps you need for your Mac unless you use the Apple store. So also, your iPhone may not function optimally if you use it with a Windows PC. So many locked features in Apple products (iPhones, iPods, Macs) are locked unless they are connected to another Apple product. An iPhone can interact with a MacBook on a level that no other device can. For instance, you can unlock your Mac using your iPhone, you can type in your iPhone using your Mac, and so on. 

Long Lifespan

Apple products are built to last long and still be in good working condition. From the unibody design to the premium keyboards, excellent display, and regular software updates, apple products are well-versed in both hardware and software. The average lifespan of all Apple products is estimated to be 5 years. Some MacBook users have testified to using their Macs for up to 10 years. This amount of time is far worth any price one may have to pay for a Mac. One interesting thing too, is that you can hardly get bored of using the same MacBook for years because Apple always releases regular updates with new features to keep the OS fresh and exciting. 

How Much Does A MacBook Cost?

How Much Does A MacBook Cost

Laptops come at all shapes, sizes, and prices. The same goes for Macs. The cost will depend on the model you are purchasing. A MacBook air can cost $1000 on average, and a MacBook pro can cost $2000 or more. Presently, the most expensive MacBook pro costs about $6000. 

MacBook Pros And Cons

The basic and general downside MacBooks have is their extravagant prices. However, there are other things that may seem to put a MacBook at a disadvantage. 

Beautiful design model with spectacular performancesOutrageous prices
Leading brand with top shares in the global laptop marketWebcam is not so advanced
Beautiful display with unmatched color reproductionLimited internal storage capacity
Macbooks are known to have excellent speakersLimited USB ports
Excellent battery life, with a general system lifespan of 5-10 yearsRestrictions in hardware upgrade
Superior brand nameLess software compared to windows
Lifespan of 5-10 yearsApple MacBooks are generally not suitable for gaming
Users can install windows via dual bootRestrictions in apps
Exceptional customer supportNon-upgradable RAM

Are MacBooks Durable?

An Apple MacBook is not built in such a way that it is held together by screws and glues. They are said to be unibody. Meaning you can be rest assured that even if you mistakenly drop it on the floor, or expose it to sudden physical shock or vibrations, you won’t have any pieces falling off.

Should I Get A MacBook? 

If you want to experience sleek design and premium performance, and also want to be counted among the high-class individuals of society, then Macs are the right choice for you. The luxurious build and long lifespan of Apple MacBooks, are two things that make them worth the high prices. However, if you are just seeking a laptop to carry out basic functions or you want a laptop with no hardware and software restrictions whatsoever, then there’s no need to spend your money on a MacBook. You’re better off with a Windows System.