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Reasons Why Among Us Game Is Free On Google Play Store But Not Free On Steam

The Among Us game was originally released in 2018, and since then, it has become quite successful. The game rose in popularity after trending, and since then, many people have joined and are active players. The game is built on social deduction, where it pits a crew against imposters that pretend to be amongst them. A crew member should complete tasks while avoiding the killers as imposters do all they can to avoid detection. The game is exciting and tense at the same time, and it is perfect during gatherings and parties. If you love playing Among Us, you have probably realized that it is free on the Google Play Store but costs some money on Steam. The game is free on the Google Play Store because it comes with ads, unlike Steam. Read on to learn more about the Among Us game.

Why Must Players Pay To Play Among Us On Steam?

Among Us On Steam

Among Us became quite popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. And since then, it has taken the world by storm. The game has become popular because of its simplicity, sociability, and affordability. The game costs $5 on Steam but is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Among Us is quite a bargain compared to other games that cost as much as $60 after release. Among Us has three versions supporting cross-play capabilities. This means that a player can compete with others regardless of the platform they run the game on. 

If you have downloaded the game for free on your mobile, you can host or join games like other players who pay to play the PC version. Although this makes it seem like the varying versions the titles are similar, there are some significant differences between the version on the mobile app and the Steam one.

Differences Between The Mobile Version Among Us And The Steam Version

The mobile version Among Us displays advertisements on the game’s main menu. As most free games do, it also collects the users’ data. Nonetheless, InnerSloth, the game’s developer, does not sell the players’ personal information such as the name, email, or shipping address.


 However, the developers have the right to disclose the data to the service providers, for instance, their eCommerce and merchandising service providers. A while ago, a player had to pay $2 for deactivating the ads and data collection on the app, although InnnerSloth has temporarily banned the ads on the Play Store.

Among Us, developers disable advertising on the Play Store version after spotting inappropriate ads. This means that mobile version users can play the free version of Among Us without ads for free. 

Still, Steam players have access to better cosmetics that mobile version players must pay for. Once Steam users buy the game, they unlock every premium cosmetic of the game that goes for $2 each on the Play Store version. Among Us is a slightly monetized game compared to other free titles on the Play Store despite it rising to stardom.

How Can You Download Among Us For Free?

Among Us is a game for multiple players that has been popular, especially during the quarantine period. Gamers form crewmate groups and work together to eliminate the group imposters. Meanwhile, the imposters also try to kill every crew member but avoid getting found out or eliminated. 

There is a great solution if you are interested in this game and would like to download it. This is how you can download the game for free!

To download Among Us for free, you will need a phone or a tablet running on android or iOS systems. You will visit the Play Store or Apple store and install the game on your phone or tablet. 

After installing the game, you can go ahead and open it and choose if you would like to play it locally with gamers using your home WIFI or online. Once you choose your preferred option, you can set up or join a lobby.

If your friends are playing on other systems like Steam or PC, you shouldn’t worry. The game supports cross-play. Hence, you can play with your friends or other gamers at home on local play or online.

Can Players Download Among Us For Free On Steam?

The Steam variant of Among Us sadly is not free, and it’s only available to download on your PC. However, $5 will not break the bank, and it’s a good option if you want to stream the game across the web on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook gaming.

If you have a PC Xbox Game Pass, you can get the game within your plan and at no additional cost. Moreover, you can use your keyboard and mouse to play on your PC variant. This means that you will click faster hence providing a better gaming experience even to beginners.

How To Download And Play Among Us On Steam?

 Download And Play Among Us On Steam

Downloading Among Us is quite easy and simple as you won’t need an android emulator such as Bluestacks for copying it on the computer windows system. If you want to download and play among is on Steam, follow the steps below.

1. Open a Steam account and download the game. Steam is a hub for various PC games that gamers can access easily.

2. After opening the Steam account, click on Steam Store.

3. You will see the Search Bar at your right corner, where you can type the game “Among Us” and hit enter.

4. Many results will come on display, but the first is the actual game available for purchase at $5.

5. Open the game window and select “Add to cart” to buy the game.

6. Then, you can fill in your card details and complete the payment. Among Us will be installed on your PC right after your payment goes through.

Why Do You Need To Download Among Us?

Among Us is a great game to play during holidays and any other time. Multiple people can play it at once. They may join in from any location in the world using a server code. A click of friends can play together without breaking the social distancing rules and enjoy some round of Among Us; even if you don’t have friends who want to play the game with you, you can still have other people join in a random server and configure their settings for searching for servers with varying maps, number of imposters, etc.

The game is also perfect as it provides an almost party-like atmosphere. Among Us have customizations like the gamer’s name, character color, or add-ons such as hats and clothing. 

Players may express themselves by making their characters distinct. If crewmates die, they can complete other tasks to help the teammates win. Meanwhile, a dead imposter who can only be eliminated by being voted out successfully may still sabotage the remaining crew even if they won’t be able to kill them.

If you have craved the best game to indulge in during your free time, Among Us is a perfect choice. You can obsess over the game or play it with your friends. The game is the kind of fun that you need when bored.