Who Killed Tooka on Destiny 2

Who Killed Tooka on Destiny 2?

“Smoking tooka” is an expression of humiliation, referencing the death of Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, who was murdered by Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples. The term first appeared on Twitter and is now used to refer to the injury or death of another person.

Some on social media use “smoking tooka” to make jokes at the expense of the person on the receiving end (i.e. “he looked like he smoked tooka”). Some use the term to express fear. Others use the term to show someone is feeling better, which some believe is an act of sympathy.

Who Is Tooka?

Tooka is a purple ghost that started out as a pet, but she quickly became a beloved and joyful addition to the Destiny 2 community. When players would see her, they would say “Hello Tooka!” She was even given her own subreddit where she’s been featured in many posts.

Tooka quickly became an internet darling for her cute personality and unique character design. She’s also requested by players for almost every activity in Destiny 2 – from PvE public events, raids, strikes, PvP matches, and more.

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What Happened To Tooka?

Bungie has announced that their multiplayer shooter, Destiny 2 has been released on September 8th, 2017. Unfortunately, the game will not have the same character as in the original Destiny. The tooka character was removed from Destiny 2 and they have been replaced by a family of new characters named Rasputin and Vanguard.

Who Killed Tooka, The Rat From Destiny 2? 

The Destiny 2 community is split on who killed the rat from the starting cutscene of the game. Many believe that one of the Vault Wardens, a character in Destiny 2, was responsible. Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples also found responsible for the death of Tooka.

The third narrative theory is that it’s not a particularly important or memorable NPC in the game with no particular ties to anyone or anything so this would make sense as to why they would kill him off. The fourth narrative theory is that there was no actual killing of Tooka at all, and he was just killed off-screen because Bungie felt like it and didn’t want to deal with his death later on in development.