Commands Toggle Flying In Minecraft

Which Commands Toggle Flying In Minecraft? [How To Enable Flying On Windows, Mac, And ChromeBook]

The Minecraft game gives you the advantage of being super creative. Using the cheat codes, you can attack monsters, come up with something from your imagination and create it, acquire all the essential gear, and, more importantly, you can even fly! You need direct and sufficient knowledge of how and when to enable them. Many Minecraft players prefer flying to walking. This is because flying in Minecraft means moving faster and having a more efficient journey.

What Is The Importance Of Flying In Minecraft? 

 Importance Of Flying In Minecraft

Flying is important in Minecraft as you can’t be interrupted by barriers like mountains, trees, and water bodies. These particular reasons make Minecraft a more versatile form of transport. However, only the expert players in Minecraft realize very well that there are various ways to fly in every mode, but the complicated part is grasping the exact steps.

However, every curious Minecraft player wants to learn how to fly in Minecraft, and that is indeed the main reason why it is imperative to learn how to enable flying in every mode. For instance, in the Creative mode, you may wish to start flying immediately after you begin building your world. You have to use Elytra wings with a fireworks rocket in Survival mode. This is the only way that you can fly without cheat codes

However, if you want the very best of both worlds, you have to enable Cheats. Using Cheat modes allows you to fly like you are in creative mode on several devices. In this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about flying in Minecraft on different devices and other related information.

How To Enable Flying In Minecraft On Mac, Windows, And ChromeBook

Enable Flying In Minecraft On Mac Windows And ChromeBook

If you want to fly in Minecraft while playing it on your Mac, Windows, or Chromebook, you have two options:

1. Creating your world in Creative mode.

2. Changing the game mode to creative.

Double-click the space key to levitate and double-click again to come down if your Minecraft world is in Creative mode. Note that flying is essential and a Minecraft player should use this kind of form, particularly when building or transporting blocks. However, if you are already in Survival mode, you will be able to fly with the aid of cheats. Use the steps listed below:

1. Open the Game Menu by tapping on the ESC button. 

2. Click “Open to LAN” and enable the option that says, “Allow Cheats on.”

3. Select “Start LAN World.” You can then proceed by playing in a new mode.

In cases where cheats are allowed, modes can be used to change your world’s mode. When using a Console box, an easy line like “game mode c” enables you to do it. Remember to keep in mind that numerous codes can be used to stay actual infinity, and you also have to ensure that you never lose in your inventory.

How To Enable Flying In Minecraft On Android And iPhone

There are limited options for flying if you are using Minecraft PE on an android Smartphone. The only option you are left with is finding Elytra or using a Cheat code. Every Minecraft player escapes from going to End city due to specific reasons. This is why Cheats may be of great assistance.

It is still the same process when flying in Survival mode on various devices. Immediately you enable Cheats; the whole Minecraft world may reverse its basic rules. There is an indication that will help you to notice that you are now in creative mode; they are; the hunger and experience meter will be no longer conspicuous.

How To Enable Flying In Minecraft Survival Mode On PS4 And Xbox One

In Minecraft, you can only fly in survival mode, but you have to change the game mode to Creative. Once the Cheats are enabled, a new LAN world will become active. This means the codes will allow flying, teleportation, and generating any block. 

However, note that Cheats are available in several game versions that received the Better Together Update. Unfortunately, PS4b is not among them, but luckily you can use windows 10, switch, and Cheat on Xbox one. Below are steps to start flying, especially now that you can fly with your mode;

1. Double-click the “A” button twice quickly to start flying.

2. Use D-pad and hold the “A” button to navigate your flight.

3. Use ups and down arrows if you want to fly higher or lower.

4. Double-click the “A” button quickly to land.

How To Enable Flying In Minecraft With A Command

You should note that you must ensure that Cheats are turned on before proceeding with the game. Here’s how it is done;

1. Open the main menu 

2. Select “ Settings”

3. Scroll down until you get to the “Cheats.”

4. Turn on the Cheats

5. Exit the Menu

Whenever players change their Minecraft world mode, the Cheat code can be used to fly. If you jump twice or use “F12″ automatically, you will jump higher and immediately begin flying. Additionally, the jump and sneak buttons can monitor if you are flying high or low and if you are approaching your destination; this ensures that you land safely. 

Remember that, when Cheats are on, players can connect to your world, and unfortunately, you will be unable to get any achievements for any accomplishment in Minecraft. They use codes and improve their gaming skills; however, achievements will remain disabled until the end of gameplay.

Facts About Flight In Creative Or Survival Mode

The following are important facts that should be noted in the case of flying in Minecraft:

1. In Survival Mode, you can pass through solid blocks that are called “ghosting.”

2. Whenever you are flying, ensure that you are moving at a speed of 1092 m/s, near 250% of the walking speed.

3. While flying, do not slow down or sink through fluids or cobwebs.

4. Hold the Sprint button to increase your flying speed to 21.6 m/s. Note that this does not increase your hunger level in any way, unlike sprinting on the ground.

5. Your field of vision rises by 10% in a normal flight. However, it increases even more rapidly in Sprint-flying.

6. Whenever flying, friction is reduced to the equivalent of gliding on ice.

7. Note that the speed status does not enhance flight speed compared to walking or running.

8. Immediately you stop flying, you still have to drift for several blocks. This is in the case of the Java edition, but you stop in place instantly on other versions.

9. In Java Edition, you stop flying automatically if you touch any surface. However, in other versions, you hover slightly above the surface.

Flying In Minecraft With An Item

Below is an item that enables flying in Minecraft Survival mode. This is without Cheats or commands whatsoever.


Elytra are simply rare wings that players can only access in the End City. They are mainly found inside item frames, especially in the treasure room. For safety purposes, these items are guarded by shulker hostile mobs. Below are a few points about flying with Elytra in Minecraft;

1. Elytra are equipped in the “Chestplate” slot. You can find it in your inventory.

2. Elytra losses speed every time you gain altitude and gain speed every time you lose altitude.

3. Sharp turns reduce speed extremely while slow nuanced motion affects elytra slightly.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have just learned how to fly in Minecraft. If you follow this guide carefully, you are guaranteed to have a fun moment in Minecraft while playing. You will have an incredible experience while exploring the mentioned options in Survival and Creative modes. That is why we proudly say Minecraft is a functional ability!