Where To Sell Computer Parts In The USA?

If you are computer enthusiastic then there are chances you have purchased a mountain of parts like the motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards hard drives, coolers, cases, RAM, LAN cards, and many more. At times when the parts become old or backdated, you might replace them with new updated parts. If you are not good at clearing the old stuff then there are chances you have a collection of old and used components. You can sell these used computer parts if you want and can earn a handsome amount of money. If you are interested to sell old goods but you don’t know where then read this article. In this article, I have covered a few places where you can sell computer parts in the USA. Let’s check them out!

4 Best Places To Sell Computer Parts In the USA

There are many ways you can sell computer parts in the USA. You can easily sell computer parts in physical electronic stores or if there are no physical stores available then you can sell computer parts online. Not every shop will give proper value for your parts therefore, it is important to know the best places to sell computer parts online. Let’s check out four online places where you can sell old or used computer parts at a great price.


Reddit is the best place to sell used computer parts. Hardwareswap is a “subreddit” within the online forum and it has become a primary place in the consumer IT trading space in the USA. It is considered as one of the best places to sell used computer parts. Here consumers find reasonable offers and buyers get the best value for their products. Here you can also trade computer parts if you want which is very convenient. This platform is highly moderated so you don’t have to worry about spammers spamming on your feeds. Regardless of the buyers or sellers, everyone must have an account that is at least 50 days old or have a minimum of 100 comment karma to use this platform. So it means you can’t buy or sell products with an account that is brand new or unused before.


This is the classic e-commerce mainstay and it is a very popular and well-known place to buy or sell computer parts. But if you want to sell parts on eBay then you should have an established seller rating. If you don’t have an established seller rating then you can lose potential buyers. Another problem with this platform is it is a saturated market. If you are selling more mainstream computer parts then you find it very easy to sell. Though, you have to face a lot of competition. The main problem with eBay is the multiple levels of fees.eBay charges “insertion fees” for every computer part you list or want to sell. You can get up to 50 or more credits per month to list the product.

Facebook Marketplace

This is fairly a new platform but in this platform, you will get transparency with transactions since you’re dealing with somebody’s personal account. This platform is best used for local deals where the buyer or seller can use cash, check, PayPal, etc. With this platform, you can save the fees that you may have to pay on other platforms for selling computer parts.

ITAD Companies

This is an excellent place to sell computer parts, especially for bulk IT liquidations. ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition and these types of companies are specialized in buying bulk lots of IT hardware. Then they remarket these products across various secondary channels to maximize returns on the equipment.If you have a bulk amount of computer parts then ITAD companies are the best option for you. You can easily sell your computer parts to anITAD company. When choosing an ITAD company make sure you compare the price, convenience, and trustworthiness. It is better to choose a company that is in business for a long time and is trusted by several trusty enterprises.

4 Best Trade-In Options For Computer Parts

There are many companies available that will let you trade computer parts towards a new purchase if you aren’t looking for cash payment. But in this type of trade compensation tends to be lower but it’s a great option when you need new parts right away.


Amazon has great trade-in programs so you can easily get an offer on your product. First, pick a product that you want to buy and then select it to get an offer. The program has a mere 2-day turnaround, though your compensation can only be used on Amazon. The best thing about partnering with a company like Amazon is; you may do lots of shopping with Amazon so credit is nearly as valuable as selling for cash.

Best Buy

Best Buy has the same trade-in program as Amazon. In Best Buy you only gate a trade-in for store credit. So when you buy something from Best Buy you can use the credit. But the problem with best buy is it’s much slower to get paid through. It has a ten-day turnaround time instead of Amazon’s two days. But if you get a good deal then it is worth waiting 10 days.


The trade-in system of Gazelle is much similar to Amazon. But Gazelle offers different payment options. You can take payment from Gazelle via Amazon.com gift card, direct PayPal, or check reimbursement. So pick a method that best suits your requirements.


This trade-in platform takes the longest time to reimburse you. Nextworth may take up to 15 days turnaround time. It offers a payment option similar to Gazelle. You can take payment from Nextworth via Amazon.com gift card, direct PayPal, or check reimbursement which is very convenient.

Final Thoughts

The IT market is very difficult to navigate therefore the ITAD companies can make the process simple for you. Moreover, you can get an excellent offer for your used computer parts from ITAD companies compared to other platforms. So if you want to sell computer parts in bulk amount then you can put your trust in ITAD companies.


What Are Computer Parts?

A computer is made up of various parts that are put together to make it work. These parts include the motherboard, processor, graphics card, memory, power supply, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

Where Can I Sell My Old Computer Parts?

Lots of people want to cash in on their old electronics, with many due to the fact that they are either upgrading or need more space. For those who have computers sitting around doing nothing but taking up space, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I sell my old computer parts?” With a simple internet search, I found that eBay is one popular place to sell these items.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Where To Sell Computer Parts In The USA?

Where To Sell Computer Parts In The USA is a directory site that provides information on different companies that buy and sell computer parts. Clicking on a state will show a list of businesses in that area or country. Users can click on the company’s name to see the address, contact number, and website. The site also tells you whether the store has been verified as being legitimate by the company.

What Are The Differences Between Where To Sell Computer Parts In The USA And Other Similar Sites?

We all know that on the internet you can find anything and everything, but not everything is what you need. When it comes to finding where to sell computer parts in the USA, prices seem to be on par with each other. However, there are some differences between these websites, such as shipping policies and customer service qualities. Price comparison is your first step, but make sure to read about what type of customer service is offered before buying at one of these sites.