Where Are Samsung Phones Made

Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

Samsung phones command a big junk of the Android phone market. However, determining the authentic origin of your Samsung smartphone is essential so that you feel connected to your all-important gadget. The Samsung phones origin is the republic of South Korea, but most phones are made in five other countries including; Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia

The leading facility in manufacturing Samsung phones is in Vietnam. The mother facility in South Korea accounts for 8% of the production. Recently, Samsung Constructed a new facility in Noida India that is touted to be the world’s leading phone manufacturing facility. The new factory is in line with Samsung’s expansion strategy.

Samsung: A Quick Overview

Samsung A Quick Overview

Samsung is the world’s leading smartphone provider in terms of sales.

According to statistics from numerous sources, the business shipped about 272 million devices, according to several industry trackers. You may probably anticipate producing more than a quarter of a billion gadgets each year, necessitating an extensive manufacturing network.

The company has production plants in a variety of locations throughout the world.

Where they manufacture Samsung phones makes no difference as long as they are of good quality. Samsung maintains a high degree of quality in all of its production locations.

Samsung has used various popular and successful operating systems for its mobile phones and smartphones, including Symbian, LiMo (now Tizen), Windows Mobile OS, and Bada OS (Now Discontinued).

On the other hand, after a few years, Samsung opted to focus on just two mobile operating systems: Android and Windows Mobile OS. Samsung is presently focusing its efforts on devices that run on Android.

Locations Of Samsung Mobile Phone Manufacturing Facilities

Locations Of Samsung Mobile Phone Manufacturing Facilities

Samsung has manufacturing plants in six countries as of 2019, including Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and South Korea. In addition to the United States, Samsung has production operations in other nations.

To a large extent, they manufacture Samsung mobile phones in Vietnam, with only 8% produced in Korea. The rest are made among other locations in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and China.

As part of its ongoing development strategy to boost production capacity, Samsung built a new mobile phone manufacturing plant/factory in the Indian city of Noida this year. When finished, this new factory in India will be the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing facility.

So, Where Does Samsung Manufacture Its Hardware?

Where Does Samsung Manufacture Its Hardware

The corporation operates plants in several locations throughout the world. However, it makes little difference where they manufacture Samsung phones. Samsung adheres to a consistent quality standard in all of its manufacturing facilities.

Here are the countries where Samsung Phones are produced:

1. Vietnam

Outside of Taiwan, Vietnam is the most important manufacturing country. Samsung operates a large plant in the Thai Nguyen province in the northeastern part of the country, employing 16,000 people. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are six Samsung Vietnam plants in total.

The business revealed plans to invest another $3 billion in a new smartphone manufacturing in Vietnam in May 2020, marking a substantial expansion of its presence. That came days after Samsung Electronics revealed plans to establish a $560 million facility in Ho Chi Minh City to produce televisions, air conditioners, and washing machines. 

Vietnam’s General Statistics Office said that the nation had exported $19.2 billion in mobile phones and accessories in just ten months.

According to Yonhap news agency, Samsung has invested roughly $11 billion globally, although the figure might be considerably more.

According to Samsung’s statistics, around 50% of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets are manufactured in Vietnam and exported to 128 countries and territories. 

The countries include the United States, Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia, according to a Vietnamese outlet, which claims Samsung increased its total investment in Vietnam from US$670 million to over US$17.3 billion, a 26-fold increase.

If you live in the United States or Europe, your Samsung phone was most likely built in Taiwan or Vietnam.

2. India

India is home to not just Samsung’s largest mobile plant but also the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing operation in terms of capacity. In 2017, Samsung announced a $620 million investment in India to quadruple smartphone production. In 2018, it opened manufacturing in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. This factory’s annual manufacturing capacity has increased to 120 million units.

A large portion of the product is for the Indian market. It is one of Samsung’s most profitable smartphone markets. Given the country’s import duties, Samsung needs local manufacturers to compete on price with its competitors successfully. Samsung has also been producing the Galaxy M and Galaxy A series handsets at this location.

Samsung may, however, sell smartphones made in India to markets in Europe, Africa, and West Asia.

3. South Korea 

In its homeland nation of South Korea, Samsung has manufacturing plants. It also manufactures most of the components from its sibling firms there. However, its smartphone manufacturing plant in South Korea produces less than 10% of worldwide sales. The products made here are primarily for the company’s domestic market.

4. Brazil

Samsung employs about 6000 people in Brazil, where it has been manufacturing phones since 1999, mainly for the Latin American market.

Manaus and Campinas, both in Sao Paulo, are where the firm makes smartphones and home appliances.

Still, if you’re curious about where they manufacture Samsung phones because of ethical issues, you should be aware that the company’s employment record is questionable outside of China. In 2013, Brazil filed a lawsuit against Samsung for unfavorable working conditions.

Employees worked up to 15 hours a day, 10 hours on their feet. Sometimes, for as long as 27 days in a row.

An audit at the Manaus factory, which produces most Samsung phones marketed in Latin America, led to the accusation.

5. Indonesia

In 2015, the business constructed a facility in Indonesia producing roughly 800,000 phones each day for sale locally. There’s a low possibility you’ll be able to acquire a Samsung Built-in Indonesia phone in the United States or Europe. 

6. Turkey

Samsung revealed towards the end of May 2021 that they would be producing phones in Turkey as part of a significant expansion in the nation. 

Given Samsung’s prominent presence in Turkey, it makes sense that it controls up to 43% of the market.

Samsung has only used contractors to manufacture items in Turkey until this year, but it hopes to produce 3 million devices per year at its facility shortly. The Samsung plant in Turkey is in Tekirda, in the country’s northwest.

Are Samsung Phones Made In China?

Are Samsung Phones Made In China

According to a Reuters story from 2019, Samsung planned to outsource a quarter of its smartphone production to China by 2020 to compete with other low-cost phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

This decision came after the last Samsung Chinese manufacturing closed in October 2019, and it was a cost-cutting approach that wasn’t guaranteed to work.

Even before the COVID-19 epidemic, experts cautioned that outsourcing had hazards, including losing quality control and providing greater volume to contractors, which would cut prices for everyone, not just Samsung-owned smartphone producers.

Given the global chipset scarcity, it’s impossible to say if Samsung manufactures phones in China using those contractors at the moment, but the odds are that it does. Samsung’s last Chinese facility was closed in April 2020.

Then, in October 2020, Samsung’s TV facility in China shut down, thus ending the company’s presence in the area. Samsung decided its market share in China plummeted to less than 1%, a significant reduction.

The Changes In Samsung’s Manufacturing Priorities

Over the last decade, the smartphone market has transformed dramatically. In all market categories, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have become fierce competitors. Samsung has had to adjust as its market share has dwindled.

As a result, the company’s production objectives have shifted. The Galaxy A6s, Samsung’s first ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) smartphone, was introduced in 2019.

 A third-party manufacturer created the product for the Chinese market. Samsung can increase its profits on low-cost devices thanks to the ODM option. There is now a project to ship 60 million ODM smartphones worldwide.

If it shifts more to the ODM model, Samsung will not be utilizing all of its possible manufacturing capacity at its plants. Unless total smartphone shipments improve and the company can expand its market share.

Where Are Original Samsung Phones Made?

Where Are Original Samsung Phones Made

Based on the country of manufacture, there are several misunderstandings about “original” Samsung phones. The plethora of false information available on the internet doesn’t help matters. All Samsung phones manufactured in its facilities or ODM partners are “original.” 

It makes no difference if the factory is in South Korea or Brazil. A smartphone manufactured in Vietnam isn’t always superior to one manufactured in Indonesia. That is because these factories are primarily responsible for assembling the gadgets. 

They all use the same parts and undergo manufacturing and quality assurance procedures. You don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your Samsung phone is genuine, depending on its manufacturing location.