When Will the Waze App Be Available for the Apple Watch

When Will the Waze App Be Available for the Apple Watch?

Nowadays, many apps are created for different usages, such as paying bills, buying groceries, navigating maps, etc. Waze also falls in those categories as it is an app that is a community-driven GPS and navigational that guides people through the shortest route possible while driving. The app is for a smartphone and aids people in finding directions and avoiding traffic jams. The app gives real-time directions modified on-the-fly to account for various types of potential obstacles. Both Android and iOS users can use the app. Although the Waze app team is working around the clock to bring the app to the Apple watch, the time frame is not yet determined.

What is the Waze App?

What is the Waze App

Waze provides users with real-time traffic, weather, and navigation information for more than two hundred and seventy cities in more than twenty countries. The app helps users share information about traffic, accidents, police traps, and other hazards on their route to make better time usage. 

Users receive turn-by-turn navigation instructions and alerts to change lanes or take exit ramps. Not to mention, users can also receive real-time notifications about incidents and road closures in their area. The app has been available on the iPhone since 2013, but the Waze team is excited to announce that the Waze app is coming to the Apple Watch soon. 

Users will be able to access Waze through their iPhone to provide them with valuable driving and navigation information while they are on the move. However, users will easily access the Waze app on their Apple Watch without the need to access their iPhones. The Waze team is working hard to bring the Waze app to the Apple Watch soon. 

Why Should a Smartwatch Have a Navigation App? 

Smartwatches must have a navigation app as it is useful for runners to know what is happening on the route they plan to run. Also, the app helps keep runners or those working out keep a run rate record. Moreover, if the app is on the smartwatch, it saves time.

How Can Users Get The Waze App On The Apple Watch?

When the Waze App is available for the Apple Watch, users will have the option to download it directly to the Apple Watch. No extra hardware is required to receive real-time navigation, weather, and traffic information.

Waze on the Apple Watch 

It will be easy for users to get directions, traffic updates, and weather information from the Waze app on their Apple Watches. Users will have the option to have the Apple Watch ‘speak’ directions so that they don’t have to look at the watch while driving or running. 

How to Sign Up For Waze

Waze users sign up for the service through their iPhones. Once signed up for Waze, they are ready to start collecting real-time traffic, weather, and navigation information. They will also be able to connect their Waze account with their Apple Watch. 

To set up the Apple Watch with Waze: open the Waze app on the iPhone and sign in with the Waze account; tap More on the bottom right corner, tap My Apple Watch, and select Setup Apple Watch. 

The Social Aspects of the Waze App

Another interesting aspect of Waze is its social aspect. It allows users to share routes, comments, and questions with others worldwide. It is a very nice feature that allows users to connect and share information with other drivers or runners.

Improving the Urban Landscape with Waze Data

One of the main goals of Waze is to help drivers improve their driving and navigation experience. Waze has been collecting real-time data about their cities to achieve this goal. 

With all this data, Waze is now improving the urban landscape by helping to improve traffic and navigation conditions. For example, if a driver is heading to a highway entrance, Waze will warn if the traffic is backed up and if there is congestion ahead.

How to Use the Waze App

Drivers can use Waze in many ways. They can use it as a navigation app, a traffic report app, a road condition report app, and much more. With all these features, there is always room for improvement. Waze can be even more accurate than Google Maps with the right amount of traffic and road construction. 

Waze is a great app, and when users first open the Waze application, a pop-up at the bottom screen will alert them about their current location and the number of Wazers around them. With its many features, the app can do the following:

  • Users can add Home, Work, and other frequently visited addresses for quick access to drive information.
  • Program planned drivers to receive issue notifications along the way and reminders of when they should start their journey to reach on time.
  • Users can sync their devices to calendar and Facebook events, getting directions to these events directly from Waze. 
  • Users can send their drives via text to a contact. Waze will give the recipient a map so that they can track the progress of the sender.
  • Users can send and receive messages to other Wazers from their inboxes. 

Users can change their settings to gain other information, play games with other users, and opt to go invisible to keep themselves from being identified by other users.

Does Waze Use A Lot Of Battery?

Waze does use a lot of battery when running in the background of the iPhone and Apple Watch once it is installed. Thus, users should note that the battery life on their Apple Watch may be shorter than usual. Turning off the application when not in use will save the battery’s charge.

What to Do if Apple Watch Does Not Have Waze?

What to Do if Apple Watch Does Not Have Waze

Waze is a highly functional navigation app with some of the most advanced and diverse features for a navigation application. If the Apple Watch does not have the Waze App, users can’t do much other than install other navigation applications that update on traffic and weather. The alternatives include:

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a valuable navigation app available on Apple Watch for turn-by-turn directions. The app has grown immensely and packs useful features that allow users to navigate to their destination whether they are walking, driving, taking public means, or biking.

With Apple Maps, users often store their favorite places like stores, restaurants, friends’ addresses, businesses, and other places they visit. The app creates guides to provide tourist and travel information about certain towns and cities. 

Users can check their destination before they get there. In addition, the map gives users real-time transit information for buses, trains, and other public transportation. The app displays an option for public transportation with details on where and how to get them.

Google Maps

Google Maps is also in-built into the Apple Watch to help users navigate their surroundings. They can pair Google Maps on the watch and phone to get somewhere by car or foot, see directions for a certain destination, and get an ETA for their current trip.

The first step is to install Google Maps on the Apple Watch if it isn’t available. Users should ensure that they enable location tracking, set up addresses, and set travel mode. Once they open the Google Maps on the watch, the shortcuts will permit them to receive turn-on-turn directions, and the phone will show a map and route to their destination. 

However, if they want to navigate to a destination that isn’t saved as a shortcut, they will use Google Maps on their phone.

Magic Earth 

The Magic Earth Navigation app provides crowd-sourced traffic data to help users plan for their journey. Pedestrians and cyclists can also use it. The navigation app uses a powerful search engine and OpenStreetMap data to provide users with optimal biking, driving, hiking, and public transportation routes. 

With the Magic Earth map, users can find the shortest or the fastest route to their destination and plan their route using various waypoints. The map gives real-time traffic data updated every minute to aid users in avoiding traffic jams and saving time on the road. In addition, they can view the local weather forecast and the current temperature of their favorite locations.

Sygic GPS Navigation

The navigation app is also a good addition to the Apple Watch. Users can use the Sygic GPS navigation app to display the current day’s itinerary or explore favorite places around them without pulling out their phones every time.

If users download the app from the App Store, it will automatically install on their Apple Watch, and all their planned trips will sync to the device. If the app is installed on the users’ iPhone, the app will appear automatically on the Apple Watch.

Yandex. Maps

The Yandex. Maps are designed to help users search for the best places or address online and offline. The app for Apple Watch supports various display modes such as Stop, Map, Traffic, and Weather. 

The Map mode shows users a map for their current location; the Stop mode notifies them when close to a public transport stop. The traffic mode displays the current traffic status and forecasts for the next few hours, while the weather mode displays the current weather data.