What's the Purpose of the Apple Logo Sticker

What’s the Purpose of the Apple Logo Sticker that Comes with Mac Products?

Apple products come with a small white sticker with the Apple logo. Most people don’t know what it’s used for, but it serves a particular purpose. It sticks right on the lower corner of the screen, below the Apple menu in OS X Yosemite and OS X Mavericks, below the Dock in OS X Lion and earlier versions of Mac operating systems. The Apple logo sticker has been around since at least 2006 when it was included in iMacs and MacBook Pros as part of their original packaging. So why does Apple include this logo sticker with their computers? What is its purpose?

The History of the Apple Logo Sticker

History of the Apple Logo Sticker

If you buy a new MacBook, iPhone, or iPad (among other products), you’ve probably noticed something strange: a little black sticker is on it. When someone walks up to your computer and asks what it is, you can tell them that it’s a tiny piece of history because it was created by one of your heroes. 

It may seem like a small addition to your product, but at its heart lies the blood and sweat of Steve Jobs. He started Apple back in 1976 in his parents’ garage when he was only 21 years old. In 2010, Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 56; he never gave up until his last breath, keeping his trademark black stickers on every device produced until his death. 

The original purpose of these stickers wasn’t for decoration. It was to cover up holes where screws should have been placed. In 1977, all computers were built with visible screws so people could see how they worked inside. As Jobs said, we are all born naked, and the rest is a drag. So he decided to hide those screws so people wouldn’t be able to see how much work went into creating each machine. 

Today, we still use these stickers as a tribute to Steve Jobs and his legacy as an innovator who changed our world forever. He made technology more accessible for everyone—and now we’re going to do it for him!

Why Do They Ship Out the Logo Label on a Piece of Paper

The Apple logo sticker serves multiple purposes. First, it helps you identify your package as an Apple product if someone steals it from your doorstep. Second, it acts as a receipt for warranty purposes to prove what you bought if something goes amiss and needs to be fixed or replaced. 

Finally, if you lose one or both labels, contact an authorized reseller for a new set before getting rid of any parts from your kit. In some cases, you may need to provide proof of purchase (the label) when requesting service under warranty.

Why Is the Apple Logo Sticker Attached to My Laptop? 

You may have noticed a small, round sticker on your laptop when you first got it. Or maybe you’ve only just removed it from your shiny new gadget, replacing it with an anti-glare screen protector. 

However, do you know what that sticker actually does and why Apple puts it there? For starters, it’s not made out of an apple at all but rather a variety of different stickers. Depending on your model laptop, it can be located anywhere from underneath your keyboard to inside your back panel. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or even an iPad. If Apple manufactured it, then chances are pretty good that there will be one of these stickers somewhere on your device. While they might look like they’re just another way for Apple to advertise their products, they serve several other purposes. 

What exactly are those purposes, though? Let’s take a closer look, shall we? First of all, you should probably know that these labels aren’t made by Apple itself but rather outsourced to a company called RFD Labels, which according to Wikipedia, specializes in providing customized, full-color printed labels. 

While many people think they’re meant to help protect against theft (and sure, I guess it does), that isn’t their primary purpose. Instead, what they’re used for is something far more critical than keeping criminals away from your stuff.

Because here’s how things work: If you bought your device directly from Apple, then yes, the stickers are meant to protect against theft because RFD Labels has a database where each serial number corresponds with specific details about each customer, including their name and address.

 This means that if someone were to steal your computer or any other Apple product, they wouldn’t be able to sell it without getting caught. But what happens if you don’t buy your product directly from Apple? For example, let’s say you bought a refurbished computer online, or perhaps someone gave you a hand-me-down laptop instead of buying yourself a brand new one? 

In those cases, RFD Labels won’t have any information about either person, so putting stickers on devices like that wouldn’t make sense. But wait… Why would anyone ever buy anything secondhand anyways? Don’t answer that!

Looking at the Apple Logo Sticker from the Tracking Perspective

The other thing to notice about the Apple logo sticker is that it has nothing to do with telling you how to use your computer or software. Its primary purpose is for quality control. The sticker is a unique identifier for every product in Apple’s supply chain to be traced back to specific details about each product. 

For example, suppose consumers wanted to learn more about their computer, like what year and region it was made in. In that case, they could look at their sticker and find all those details on an online database maintained by Apple. 

This allows customers to trace their machine back through various manufacturing stages and even see which factory workers have handled (and potentially damaged) certain parts of your device. It makes it easier for Apple to keep track of all its products while they are being shipped worldwide.

Apple doesn’t just make computers and phones; some of its devices contain thousands of different components from multiple manufacturers. If something goes wrong, using a barcode scanner app will allow someone in customer service to quickly pinpoint exactly where things went awry during shipping or assembly. 

That way, companies don’t have to deal with complex serial numbers or stickers that can fall off over time; instead, everything is stored digitally and can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time.

How to Remove the Apple Logo Sticker without Damaging Your Computer

You don’t necessarily have to put up with it. There are two methods for removing that pesky sticker from your brand new machine, and we’ll break them down here if you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard! 

First things first: don’t ever let a computer store employee talk you into using anything other than method number one below. If they suggest peeling or scraping off the sticker, walk away immediately and consider taking your business elsewhere. 

Scraping or peeling at that little logo will do more harm than good, so keep an eye out for anyone who suggests it. The correct way to remove that sticker is by applying heat. It may sound crazy, but hear us out. Use a blow dryer at low heat and aim it directly at the sticker for about five minutes. 

The adhesive will soften just enough to allow you to peel it off easily without damaging your device or leaving any residue behind. If you prefer not to use hot air (or don’t have access to a blow dryer), try rubbing some vegetable oil onto both sides of the sticker before attempting removal. 

Wait 15 minutes, and peel back slowly while applying pressure to completely get all of that adhesive off without leaving any residue behind. Using oil isn’t as quick as using heat, but it works just as well.

Either way, clean off any leftover adhesive once you’re done. We recommend using rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to wipe everything down after removing that sticky stuff. Good luck!

3 Reasons Why You Should Replace it and 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t 

Why You Should Replace

Three Reasons Why You Should Remove the Sticker 

The Apple logo sticker that comes with your device is removable if you don’t embrace it. Here are some of the reasons that will make you remove it:

  1. The sticker might divulge the information about you to the wrong people.
  2. It makes expensive products look weird.
  3. It may not appeal to everyone.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Remove the Sticker

Here are the reasons why you must avoid removing the Apple logo sticker from your device:

  1. It looks beautiful.
  2. It adds to your aesthetics.
  3. It reminds you about your device’s value

The Final Thought

The Apple sticker played an important role when the company was an underdog in the computer industry. It significantly served as a free advertisement tool for Apple products. Nevertheless, coupled with technology, the sticker is a significant player in thwarting theft and tracking products through their production and shipping cycle.