What Is The Problem When An App Is Not Responding To An Android Phone?

The primary reason for not responding to an app on the android phone is insufficient storage in the device. It may also occur if the user fails to update the device or doesn’t clear the cache data for an extended period. If the application doesn’t respond, the user cannot access the application, and there may be inconsistency in operation. So always try to have enough space in the android phone for better functioning of all applications.

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Is Your Android App Not Working? Try A Few Fixes

The prominent issues faced by Android users are the App malfunctioning. It may delay the process which they are handling. The sudden notifications regarding the Force Stop message are due to permission issues, and sometimes it may be due to the Phone not supporting the use of such apps. Follow some steps to rectify these issues. Let’s ponder over the steps to rectify these errors. 

Fixing Installed Apps Not Working

The problems in the installed application occur due to 

1. The problems in codes 

2. lack of sufficient storage in the device

3. One time Glitch

The various instructions to fix these problems are as follows, 

Restart Your Phone

The first action to deal with an unresponsive App is to restart your Phone. To restart your device, press the lock button for 10 seconds; you will get four icons. Choose the restart or reboot option. Your Phone will reboot automatically.

If you don’t have such an option on your mobile, then switch it off and on after 2 minutes. Once the system is refreshed, try to launch the app and look for the issue. If you face the same problem after rebooting, follow the next step. 

Update the App

Secondly, make sure that the application is updated successfully. If the App is not updated, there is a lot of possibility of such issues. Follow the instructions to check the App’s update.

1. Open Google Play Store

2. Tap the hamburger menu, placed in the upper left corner

3. Choose My apps & games option

4. The apps have to be updated listed below

If you found the malfunctioned App there, then click update. Then check again to ensure that the error is rectified or not. Alternatively, you can search the App by typing the App’s name in the search bar. And you can find the update option if it is available; click the icon to update the App. 

Check for Any New Android Updates

The next prominent reason for the app malfunctioning is if the system is not updated, then the error may occur. Check whether the system is updated or not. The system update will be alerted via notification to the users instructing them to download the OTA and install it. Most of the time, people ignore those notifications and hesitate to update the Android system. Updating ensures various benefits to the device and smooth functioning of the apps. If you miss the notifications and ignored to update the device, follow the instructions below to enable an update:

1. Go to settings

2. Choose system option

3. Click system updates

The route may vary depending on the device models, 

1. Go to system

2. Choose advanced

3. System Update

4. Or go to About Phone

5. Select Software Update. 

By following the above instructions, you can update your device accordingly. Once the device is updated successfully, your phone will reboot to have a consistent working condition. Try to reload the troublesome App after the update to check whether the malfunctioned app issue is solved or not. 

Force-Stop The App

After all these updates still, the App doesn’t support and force-stop through app settings. The reason may be that if you failed to close the App properly, it might occur error. Apps mostly crash or freeze if they are not correctly closed. 

1. Go to settings

2. Select Apps & Notifications

3. You will get a wide range of apps available on your device

4. Tap the specific App, which causes problems.

5. Under various icons, click the force stop option.

Lastly, Get back to the App and try to open it again. If it’s still not working, follow the instructions mentioned below: 

Clear The App’s Cache And Data

Commonly the errors in the Android devices are occurred due to the caches in the device. The cache data accumulate massive space in the device, and it slows down the working progress. The root may vary depending on different devices; follow the instructions if you are the OnePlus mobile user, 

1. Tap settings

2. Select Apps & Notifications

3. See All Apps

4. Tap the App, which creates disturbances

5. Ten choose storage

6. Select Clear Cache

It will delete all cache data, but this is the temporary solution; the cache data may fill again and annoy once again. You can repeat this process to ensure efficiency.

Uninstall And Install The App Again

If all the above steps don’t work out, the only action to be taken is that just uninstall and install the App again to have a better working condition. The process of uninstalling the App is so simple. Tap hold the App for 3 seconds. You will get a list of options to click to uninstall; the App will be removed from the device. 

If not, go to Google Play Store, find the App, and click the uninstall icon. Otherwise, in Google Store, type the App’s name in the search bar, then click the uninstall option to delete the App. To install the App again, go to Google Play Store, type the App’s name, choose the Install option, and get the App also on your device.

Check Your SD Card (If You Have One)

The other reason for the app crash is because of the SD card. If the memory card is not the good one, the error may occur due to that reason. In such cases, remove the SD card and install the App again and check if it is working, then it’s okay. You can replace it with a new memory card to avoid storage issues.

Contact The Developer

After following all the instructions and you still face the same issues again. The only way to rectify the problem is by seeking the help of the App developer. You can contact him via the mail ID available in Google Play Store send a detailed message depicting the issues faced by thyself in opening the App.

Reset To Factory Settings

Finally, restart your device to factory settings. If you reset the factory settings, all of the device’s data will be erased right from the mobile number and photos to the device’s files. 

So before restarting the device, make sure you have backed up all the data to avoid missing important files. If you have backed up all your data and files, you can restore it after restarting. Follow the instructions to perform the factory reset on your device; again, this may vary depending on the particular devices:

1. Head to Settings

2. Select System

3. Click Erase all the data (factory reset) 

In Some other devices, it may vary

1. Settings

2. Backup & reset

3. Factory Data reset

Fix Instant Apps Not Working

So far, we have seen the steps to recover only the standard application in the Android mobile. We also have another type of App, which is the Instant App. These are the existing apps in specific devices we don’t have to install separately. Even though they are not fully-fledged, they can also malfunction from time to time. If you face such issues, follow the instructions below to troubleshoot. 

Check Your Internet Connection and Reload the App

If you face such issues, check your Wi-Fi connection or the network connection in priority to verify the reason for the issues. The instructions will be reliable and help you to fix your network issues at the maximum. Alternatively, learn how to fix the problems with Obtaining IP address on Android Mobile. Once you are sure that the network is working consistently, then again try to access the App and check whether it’s working or not. 

Turn Instant Apps On And Off

If App doesn’t work, turn the Instant App on and off and check if that is helpful. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

1. Open Settings

2. Select Apps& Notifications

3. Choose Default Apps

4. Open the links

5. Turn the Instant Apps toggle off and back on. 

Always check the Instant apps to ensure consistent working. Look after the upgrade weblink and make sure it is ‘on.’ This enables the web link to open in the system app when the browser is available. Once all is done, go back and check the working of the App. 

The Following Table Will Depict Clearly, The Procedures To Be Followed For Better Functioning Of Apps On Android Devices.

Mobile AppsInstant Apps
Restart your deviceCheck network connection
Update the appTurn Instant apps on and off
New Android updateClear the cache
Force stopClean the device’s internal storage 
Clear cache dataDelete and reinstall the app
Uninstall and install the appSwitch off and on the device 
Check your SD cardCheck your network connection 
Restore Factory settingsReboot the device 


1. Is The Insufficient Storage Causing Damage To The Work Progress? 

Yes, it can cause specific issues in the system. To avoid this, continuously clear the cache data and install the SD card. It will eliminate the storage problem. 

2. How To Get Rid Of Freezing Of Apps? 

It is the major issues faced by the people. To eliminate this, continuous antivirus cleaning in the security system will help you fix the issues.

3. How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Working Progress? 

To improve efficiency, we have to take proper care and look after the system software to ensure it is updated consistently. It would help you to have efficiency in the progress.