What Is the Apple Store Genius Salary

What Is the Apple Store Genius Salary? – let’s Find Out!

Apple store genius salary averages $37,000 to $67,000 a year, with some special perks and benefits like the chance to purchase products before they’re available in stores! Working at an Apple store might be right up your alley if you’re an Apple lover. Apple stores are worldwide, and working at one of them would be a fantastic experience.

How Much is the Average Apple Store Genius Salary in the USA?

Apple store jobs are notorious for being high paying, but how much do they generally pay? One way to find out is by looking at Glassdoor, a site aggregating user reviews from companies worldwide. Here are some of their reviews on how much Apple store employees make and what people like about their jobs.

A few Glassdoor reviews mention that a typical Apple store employee’s salary is about $34K per year. This estimate aligns with a standard starting annual salary for retail stores of $33K according to the salaries website PayScale. Other reviewers say that although the hours may be extended, employees still like it because the work atmosphere is fun and friendly.

The Average Pay of a Mac Genius at Apple in the USA

The Mac genius salary is about $30,000 a year. When employed at an Apple store, they cover your college courses and tuition costs. A course on retail skills is worth $500 per credit hour. So they cover it if you take three credit hours each semester.

Mac Genius Hourly Pay: A Mac Genius’s average pay is $30 to $38 an hour. It also depends on whether you work as a part-time or full-time employee. If you work as a part-time employee, the hourly wage will depend on how many hours are worked each week with benefits.

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On the other hand, if you work as a full-time employee, there will be a higher wage. You can work more than 40 hours weekly and still receive this wage. Some people even end up working 60 hours a week because they want to earn more money.

The Average Apple Lead Genius Salary

Apple  Lead Genius salaries can range from $34,000 to $127,000. Salaries also vary depending on where you live and your education level.

Hourly rates for Apple Lead Genius salary are between $14.29 and $33.85. Full-time monthly hours can range between 16-40 hours per week depending on location, training requirements, schedule type, experience, and benefits your store manager offers (weekly or bi-weekly).

Full-time hourly wage is an average of $27.81/hour with an average of 2080 hours a year worked annually – making the annual salary of the Apple Lead Genius at about $125,460/year. If you work overtime, your pay will be time and one-half of what it would be if you were working regular hours.

The Average Apple Lead Genius Salary

However, if you are working a split shift- either 2 days in one day or 3 days in 2 days- you will receive time and 1/2 for both days that have been combined into one shift (so it’s like having two separate shifts during which each shift is paid at time and 1/2).

Apple Project Engineer Manager Salary

Apple project engineer managers earn a median annual salary of $167,090. Wages vary by location and experience but tend to increase with experience. People that work as project engineers generally receive bonuses between 8-12% of their salary.

In total, people in this profession are rewarded well for their efforts. Engineers who have been at Apple for over five years can make up to $250,000 per year if they have received promotions along the way.

Entry-level engineers typically start around $85,000 annually, though new employees will not be expected to make any decisions without help from higher-ranking employees. They may not be able to move up through management without spending time on other projects.

The Average Salary of Apple Business Development Genius

The average salary of an Apple Business Development genius is around $156,380 annually. This figure may vary based on other factors, such as:

  • Whether they are a Manager or not.
  • Their education level and location.
  • Additionally, Business Development Geniuses who live in either one of the following: California zip codes, 97204 or 98465 (Cupertino), may make up to $130K annually.

Furthermore, those living in Cupertino will earn more money than those living in Mountain View because it has a higher cost of living.

The Average Salary of Apple Business Development Genius

Managers can expect to earn anywhere from $145K-$183K annually. Those with less than five years of experience should be looking at earnings ranging from $111K-$137K, while those with more than ten years of experience can expect salaries ranging from $146-175 per year.

How to Join an Apple Store as a Genius

Anyone can be a genius. Here’s how to join an Apple store:

  • Find your nearest authorized dealer.
  • Show up in person with a resume, some references, and basic knowledge of all products.
  • They will interview you and test your technical abilities on-site for a few hours (sometimes for several days). Take note that this process does not happen overnight.

During the hiring process, you’ll usually be set up with temporary work (such as customer service) until a spot opens up.

Keep in mind that genius positions are really hands-on jobs. The best way to study any new device is by using it firsthand. Remember, Geniuses solve problems when someone walks into the store.

How to Join an Apple Store as a Genius

Geniuses also spend their time developing new projects, exploring technologies, and developing innovative solutions to make life easier for customers. Genius salaries vary depending on location, but they range from $27k-$33k per year, based on recent salary data from Glassdoor reviews.

How to Earn a Promotion at an Apple Store

To earn a promotion at an Apple Store, you must first complete a six-week training program to learn how to help customers use their devices. Once completed, you can start working with customers as an Apprentice and become eligible for the Genius Specialization when you’ve served as an Apprentice for one year.

You can then start taking customer service calls and in-person customer consultations in your local area or region. You’ll also have opportunities to be involved in projects that can lead to career advancement. After two years of being an Apprentice, you’ll be able to take on more responsibility as a Specialist, which includes technical support roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do App Geniuses Get Paid Year After Year at Apple Stores?

Salaries range from $12.27 to $18.00 per hour. Starting salaries are usually on the lower end of this range, but you can expect to be paid a higher salary if you have a year or more of previous experience in retail sales or customer service.

It’s also worth noting that Apple Stores often offers employees bonuses based on performance. In addition, some geniuses choose to work part-time hours so they can study full-time at college and earn tuition money through student loans.

How Much Do You Get Working at an Apple Store in 2022 as a Full-Time Employee?

You can make much money if you work at an Apple store. In 2022, full-time employees earn about $29 an hour for working inside the store and any time they are in a paid training session. The amount will vary depending on your location and your experience level. The most experienced Genius tech workers may make up to $50 an hour.

The Takeaway

The average hourly wage for an Apple store Genius is $14.88 (minimum wage) in the United States, which comes out to around $29,898 annually or approximately £21,000. Regarding where you reside, there is a different pay scale: London Geniuses make £6 more per hour ($17.36), while Boston Geniuses make only $5 more per hour (£12.67). The highest paid Geniuses in North America are located in San Francisco, who can earn up to $22/hour (£13) with some overtime hours after 40 hours worked in a week.