What Is One UI Home App?

Samsung One UI home is the new programming skin that Samsung has implemented on Samsung smartphones running on Android 9. It gives a more straightforward design and a simpler interface. 

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Variation Of UI Home App

Samsung had made two different variants of one UI: UI 1.1, UI 2.0, and One UI 2.1. 

One UI 1.1 offers more excellent stability with no significant changes, just fixed some of the issues with the immediate release. One UI 2.0 can only be installed if the Samsung gadget you have still supported Samsung and is Guaranteed Android 10 update. 

You can check for an Android/UI update by heading off to the search column at the highest point of the settings menu and looking for the software update.

What Is One UI Home 

The software that Samsung added on their smartphones wasn’t always called the one UI. It was presented in November 2018 with the Android 9 Pie update. Samsung created One UI from scratch for devices with a large screen to make one-handed use simpler. Preceding One UI, the custom software used to be called Samsung Experience. 

All Android smartphones have a launcher. The launcher is a UI that lets you open applications and customize the home screen with things like widgets. One UI Home is the official launcher for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It’s installed by default on any Samsung gadget which runs on any version of the One UI.

There’s a ton that you can do with One UI Home. It lets you hide the navigation bar to utilize full-screen gestures on the home screen, lock the home screen layout after application icons are rearranged, sort applications into folders, and a lot more.

Can One UI Home Be Uninstalled Or Disabled?

One UI Home is a system application so, it can’t be uninstalled or disabled. While you can take care of different applications through the Battery usage menu, it’s unrealistic to do that for the One UI Home application. You’ll see that the choices are turned gray out, so regardless of how frequently you tap on them, it’s only never going to work. 

That is because uninstalling or disabling the Samsung One UI Home application would keep the default launcher from working, subsequently making it impossible to utilize the device. Samsung permits you to change to an outsider alternative launcher; however, you can’t erase its launcher.

How To Avoid The Battery Drain Of One UI Home? 

The battery drain is the main reason why Samsung mobile users consider what is One UI Home in any way. If you didn’t take a look at those stats, odds are you’ll go on about your whole life while never discovering that this application exists on your smartphone. 

It’s effortless to control the battery drain of non-system applications. Have a music streaming application that is draining the battery too much in the background? Just disable it. But that is impossible with the system applications, so your choices to control one UI Home battery drain are restricted. 

But in most cases, the One UI Home application is simply going to utilize a negligible amount of battery throughout the day. You’re possibly effectively associating with it while moving through the UI. You will see a higher rate on the off chance that you will, in general, utilize a lot of widgets. 

Battery drain is connected with the widget usage, so if this is something you’re worried about, perhaps diminish the number of widgets you’re utilizing effectively. Saying this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t utilize any widgets.

There won’t be any significant expansion in battery drain if you’re utilizing a couple of them, so don’t intentionally restrict yourself from utilizing this feature.

The Most Effective Method To Download The One UI Home Application 

There’s no compelling reason to download the application since it’s already installed on any Samsung device which runs on One UI. There will be different version numbers of the application for various devices regardless of whether they run on a similar One UI version like One UI 2.5. Samsung has listed the application on the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store, yet that doesn’t mean any Android device can download One UI Home. 

In the same way as other of its system applications, Samsung has unbundled One UI Home into a different application. It provides the company with flexibility. Like if they want to add a feature on the launcher, it only takes to send an update for the application. Users’ advantage is that they don’t need to sit tight for a full firmware update to get the new features.

More About Samsung UI Home

There are many customization options provided by Samsung that you can use to personalize your Samsung android device like you can add more home screens if you want to add some more apps and widgets.

You can go to the Home screen settings menu to change or edit the layout. You can also enable or disable app icon badges, and you can hide some apps, too, if you want. You can access this menu by tapping and holding to a space on your home screen, and then you should tap the gear icon, which is usually present on the right-side corner.

As you all know, One UI home is a very easy-to-use and powerful launcher, and it is specially designed to let you get the most out of your Samsung device. 

Let’s Find Out Some Pros And Cons In The Table Below.

Advantages Of One UI launcherDisadvantages Of One UI launcher
It is very user friendly and convenient.Battery drain is the main disadvantage.

You can update the UI without waiting for a whole firmware update.
The One UI cannot be disabled or uninstalled
It is specially designed for one-hand usage


Dark Mode Or Night Mode

You can activate this feature by simply scrolling down the notification bar and selecting night mode, or you can go to Settings>Display>Night mode. This feature lets you Darken the interface, which will help your eyes relax a little bit if you are using the phone at night.

Gesture Navigation

You can hide your Navigation keys and enjoy the full screen, and you can use those keys just by swiping up from where each navigation key used to be.

You can activate this feature by selecting the Settings>Display>Navigation bar.

Dual Messenger

This feature allows you to operate two different messaging accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

To activate this, go to Settings>Advanced features>Dual messenger.

Easy to use on the one hand.

Devices like Samsung Galaxy S10, 5G have a big 6.7-inch display, so it makes sense to make the device easy for one-hand usage. You can use almost every UI key element within thumbs’ reach except for the apps like Samsung health and Voice recorder.

Edge Screen

This feature was first introduced on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. It lets you bring an app tray on the screen edge by dragging your fingers inward from the edge.

Secured Folder

It is one of the best features which you will see on this list. This excellent feature lets you secure any important Document, Media, an app with pin protection.

Lift To Wake Function

This feature makes the usage more comfortable. It lets you wake the screen without clicking the power button. Just pick up the phone, and the screen will wake automatically.

Easy To Use On The One Hand

Devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a big 6.8-inch display. So it makes sense to make the device one-hand user-friendly. You can use almost every UI key elements within your thumb’s reach except for apps like Samsung Health and Voice recorder.

Lift To Wake Function

This feature makes the phone even easier to use. It lets you wake the screen without clicking the power button. Just pick the phone up, and the screen will automatically wake up.


Can I Disable The One UI Launcher?

You cannot disable One UI launcher, and if you disable it, it will be impossible for your device to work correctly.

Is The One UI Launcher’s Update Coming With A Full Firmware Update?

No, the One UI is made like a separate app, so the app store updates.

Does One UI launcher Have A Dual Messenger App Function?

Yes, One UI launcher has a dual messenger app function.