What Is Network Security Key And How To Find It On Different Devices?

A network security key is like a passport for internet users. With the network security key, you can instantly access the internet and any devices that are connected to the network. The phrase “Network Security Key” may be confusing for general people who have limited knowledge about technical terms. It is actually the password for your network service like the Wi-Fi Password. So if you want to use an internet network then you have to know the security key AKA the password of that network. There are different ways you can know the network security key but the process also vary from device to device as well as OS to OS. So, read the article to learn all the details about the network security key and various processes to find it out.

What Is Network Security Key?

A network security key is a kind of digital signature that you will require to grant authorization for gaining access to a wireless network. Generally, the network security key establishes secure connections between the user and the network or wireless device. So network security key protects the internet connection and the device from unwanted access. The network security key is used in various services like online banking, money transactions, online shopping, a one-time password for login, and many more.

Types Of Network Security Keys

There are different types of network security keys available but among them, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and WiFi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) are the most common types of network security keys. Let’s take a look at them!

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) keys are a sequence of 40-bit keys for encryption of the data packet. It combines a 24-bit initialization vector to make an RC4 key. So basically it is a 64-bit WEP key. WEP keys allow devices on a network to exchange encrypted messages with each other so the messages can’t easily be decoded and read by outsiders. WEP keys can be automatically generated. There are also websites available to generate hard-to-guess WEP keys online. But the problem with this type of network security key is, easy to crack. So your network becomes vulnerable to potential hackers.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)

WPA/WPA2 is more secure compared to the WEP. A WPA/WPA2 comes with a password that you will require to access the network. You can get the password from the network owner. If you are using a router then you can see the network security key printed on the side of it. The benefit of this type of key is; the owner can reset the WPA/WPA2 key and set whatever password they want. WAP2 is the latest and more secure version of WPA. WPA2 uses the AES algorithm, it’s a newer, faster, and more advanced algorithm than what was used in WPA.

How To Find Network Security Key

If you have a device already connected to the network then you can easily find the network security key. Generally, the device stores the keys so that it can reconnect automatically when the network comes into range. You can easily find the network security in the device settings though for different devices it may vary.

Find Network Security Key On Routers

If you have bought a new router then you can easily find the network security key. Most routers have a level that you can find on the bottom or back of the device. Generally, this level contains the Wireless Network Name, also known as an SSID, the Wireless Security Key Password also known as the network security key, and other information. So you should look for:

1. SSID – that’s the name of the router

2. Password – that’s your network password

3. Network Key – that’s your network security key

Find Network Security Key On Windows 10

1. First right-click on the Start Menu and you’ll see a list of options

2. From the available options click on “Network Connections”

3. Now scroll down and click on the “Network and Sharing Center”

4. Then click on the Wireless network of yours

5. From the available options select the “Wireless Properties” button

6. Then navigate to the “Security” tab

7. Tick mark the ‘Show characters’ checkbox and you’ll see the network security key

Find Network Security Key On Mac OS

1. First, click on the Search icon of your computer

2. Now search for “Keychain Access”

3. Once the Keychain Access screen pops up, double click on your network

4. Then select the “Show Password” checkbox

5. Finally, provide the Mac password to disclose the network security key

Find Network Security Key On Android Device

1. First, go to the “wireless and networks settings” of the android device

2. Then tap on the tethering and portable hotspot option

3. After that enable the WLAN or Wi-Fi hotspot option

4. Now tap on the “set up a WLAN hotspot” option and you will see the default network SSID, and network security key for your device

5. The network SSID and password is unique for each Android device

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading the above information, now you know what a network security key is and how you can find it on a different device. Feel free to share your opinion regarding this article. If you have any queries then leave them in the comment section. Our experts will get to you!


What Is A Network Security Key?

A network security key is an authentication measure for remote access to computers and networks. The device, often called a hardware token, generates codes to input into the computer or network to verify the user’s identity. These tokens are also sometimes called two-factor authentication devices because they require two pieces of information to gain access–the device itself and a password.

What Is The Difference Between A WEP And WPA Key?

People often confuse WEP and WPA, but they are actually very different keys that serve different purposes. The WEP key is often called the network key because it makes up the encryption that protects your wireless network. It’s just a password, so if someone knows it someone can break into your network. A WPA key, on the other hand, is actually an encryption key that uses a complex algorithm to encrypt data which makes it significantly more secure than a WEP key.

What Is The Difference Between A WPA2 And WPA?

A WPA2 is a security measure for wireless networks that is the successor to the original WPA. It uses newer encryption standards and includes more robust security mechanisms than its predecessor, WPA. With WPA2, Wi-Fi users are no longer vulnerable to offline dictionary attacks that can be performed on legacy devices like Xbox 360s and PS3s.

How Do I Find My Network Security Key?

So you’ve been tasked with creating strong passwords but you can’t remember your Network Security Key? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! You can find your network security key on the login page. Once you see the password box, click on ‘Show Password.’ A pop-up will appear asking you to type in your Network Security Key.

What Is A Network Key?

A network key is a string of characters used to access a computer’s data. Network keys are used in an encryption process, making them difficult to hack. A network key is usually generated and stored by the user and sent to the computer when it is needed for an encryption process. There are four types of network keys: Public, Private, Shared, and Kerberos. Public keys can be accessed by anyone, while private keys should only be accessed by their owner.