Minecraft Stock Price

What Is Minecraft Stock Price? – Can You Invest In Minecraft Game?

Minecraft is a top-rated game in this gaming industry era. But wait a minute, does it sell shares? The popularity aspect of the game has attracted many investors wondering whether they can buy shares in Minecraft stock. 

The game was independently developed and released back in 2011. Minecraft publisher is Mojang Studios, and after several years of updates, it now tops the list of the most popular indie games in this era. 

Microsoft has also helped expand Minecraft by having a platform around the Xbox consoles. This led Microsoft to buy Minecraft for around $2.5 billion in 2014. But does Minecraft have a stock price? No, Minecraft does not have a direct stock price. Microsoft owns the game, and the company continuously develops the game.

What Is The Cost Of Minecraft Stock Price?

What Is The Cost Of Minecraft Stock Price

Unfortunately, there is no Minecraft stock price at the moment unless you buy the owner’s shares. Microsoft owns Minecraft, and although Mojang developed the game, Microsoft bought Mojang and its intellectual property in 2014 for approximately 2.5 billion. Microsoft does not release specific Minecraft revenues. However, with the numerous spin-offs, movies, and various merchandise produced by Minecraft, it’s clear that Microsoft has already made more than they invested.

Investors wonder whether investing in Microsoft is a direct investment into the game. If you wish to invest in the game, you should know that gaming only makes up a small portion of Microsoft’s revenue. As a gamer, you may automatically think about the Xbox consoles and the income made from selling the game along with the Xbox live memberships. However, the gaming revenue made by Microsoft is $38 billion of its organization’s over $143 billion in revenue two years ago, and some things such as the Azure Cloud business trump it.

Investing In Minecraft

Investing In Minecraft

If you are a serious investor, the first question on your lips is, can I invest in Minecraft? Yes, you can invest your funds into Minecraft by buying shares in Microsoft. After Microsoft made the 2.5 billion transactions, it also made it possible to investors to purchase shares in the new parent company. Moreover, Microsoft expanded the game platforms and featured it on their new modern gaming consoles that millions of people around the world have bought.

Buying Minecraft shares directly is not possible. There is no stock symbol named Minecraft in the stock brokerage. You can only invest in Minecraft by acquiring stakes in Microsoft. 

If you invest in Microsoft, you will contribute and invest in Minecraft’s future developments. You will also have a substantial investment in various aspects of the company’s involvement in the popular gaming industry.

Microsoft continues to develop different console technologies that have transformed the gaming industry each year. In addition, the company also looks for advanced ways to expand its presence in the gaming world. Therefore, as an investor, you should also invest in Microsoft if you are interested in the idea of investing in the game’s brand indirectly.

Minecraft has dominated the gaming industry for over a decade now, and the game has no signs of letting up. It’s a good idea to invest in Microsoft because the game continuously receives periodic updates from loyal fans. There are already several updates planned out for the upcoming years in the game’s development cycle.

The plan is excellent for investors who would like to get in on a piece of the action by buying shares in Microsoft and loyal gamers who love the game and play it now and then.

Minecraft is expected to be here for a long time, and since the brand has been around for many years, other generations of gamers will continue enjoying it until they find something else. Minecraft has a planned-out roadmap for the years ahead, and its potential is endless, with millions of players continuing to play yearly.

Which Other Stocks Similar To Minecraft Can You Invest In?

Although there is no Minecraft stock price, there are some ways you can invest in the gaming industry as it’s still growing in popularity. The video game industry is estimated to be worth $159billion, and this number is increasing with the increase in the release of new consoles and the mainstream competitive gaming’s appeal. Some of the stocks you can invest in include:


It’s inarguable that the PlayStation 5 is one of the most desired items. According to Sony’s sales numbers, the conventionally Japan gamer-heavy market sells six times more PlayStation 5s as Xbox series and consoles after a launch. Sony is among the biggest brands in the gaming space. The console is popular and hosts some fantastic games, including Gran Turismo, God of War, and Ratchet and Clank.

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is a large game brand globally and one of the best companies to invest in. When you invest in Activision Blizzard, you play on the future of eSports and competitive gaming because of owning a tremendous professional video game league worldwide.

 Additionally, ESports is an effective and popular betting option and a large part of our mainstream. Therefore, if you still are interested in investing in the gaming industry, this should be one of your options.

Unity Software

Unity software is fresh on the public markets and debuted in September 2020, but its stocks have increased significantly. Unity is a software creator that a game developer can utilize to produce games. Unity does not have a lot of competition; therefore, it’s an excellent place to start investing as you look into other companies.


Microsoft has been a parent company for Minecraft for many years. Investors prefer investing in Microsoft since they emphasize supporting the video game industry. With Minecraft being acquired by Microsoft, the company has made significant strides in expanding to many platforms. 

Microsoft allows users to enjoy this popular game in many unique ways. There are no plans of stopping the advertisement and development of Minecraft for players to continue enjoying this fun game that is so popular across the gaming industry. Additionally, as other generations of gamers are growing up and looking for new games to play, Microsoft is still a familiar brand that allows fans to enjoy.


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