What Is Microsoft Access Used For | The Details

Microsoft Access is a database management system developed by Microsoft and it combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and other software-development tools.Microsoft Accessis a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and it was first released in November 1992. This application is mostly used by software developers, data architects, and power users to develop various applications software. The best part of Microsoft Access is; it is supported by Visual Basic for Applications so that it can reference a variety of objects including the legacy DAO, ActiveX Data Objects, and many other ActiveX components. With the use of Microsoft Access, you can create easy-to-navigate forms and you can easily analyze large amounts of information, and manage data.

Features Of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is very popular among computer users thanks to its amazing features. Some of the key features of Microsoft Access are:

1. Microsoft Access is perfect for individual users and smaller teams

2. This application is very simple compared toa client-server database to understand and use

3. Import and export to other Microsoft Office and other applications

4. It has ready templates for regular users to create and publish data

5. Microsoft Access allows building and publishing Web databases easily

6. It has a user-friendly feature ‘Tell Me’ for assistance

7. It allows developers to create custom solutions using VBA code

8. Microsoft Access has Hide/Show option for Ribbon

9. This application allows users to Report View Eliminates Extra Reports

10. Microsoft Access allows output Reports in PDF format

Important Terms Of Microsoft Access

1. Database File: This file stores the entire database on Microsoft Access. You can save this file on your hard drive or other storage devices

2. DataTypes: DataTypes are the properties of each field on a Microsoft Access file. Some of the examples of DataTypes are text, number, date, etc.

3. Table: A table is an object on Microsoft Access and it stores data in Row & Column format. Each column of the table must have a unique name.

4. Query: Queries help to answer questions by selecting and sorting and filtering data based on search criteria. Some types of queries are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE.

5. Form: It is a database object and you can use it to create a user interface for a database application. With the help of form, you can display live data from the table.

6. Report: It is also an object in Microsoft Access and it is generally used for formatting, calculating, printing, and summarizing selected data.

7. Macros: Macros are mini computer programming constructs and they allow Microsoft Access users to create commands and processes in the form like searching, moving to another record, or running a formula.

8. Modules: In Microsoft Access, Modules are functions and you can write them using Visual Basic for Applications.

How To Open Microsoft Access On Windows Computer

There are many simple ways available to launch Microsoft Access on your windows computer. Here we will show you two of the most common and widely used methods. They are:

1. From Windows

2. From Desktop

Open Microsoft Access From The Windows

1. First click on the Windows icon of your computer

2. Here you will see all the installed applications of your computer

3. Now locate the Microsoft Access icon and click on it

4. The application will launch on your computer and you will see the MS Access Application window

5. Now press the “Esc button” and it will open the MS ACCESS windows application

Open Microsoft Access From The Desktop

1. First right-click on the Desktop and select “New”

2. Now from the available option click on the “Microsoft Access Database”

3. The application will launch on your computer and you will see the MS Access Application window

4. Now press the “Esc button” and it will open the MS ACCESS windows application

How To Create Database On Microsoft Access Using Template

1. First, launch the Microsoft Access on your computer

2. Now from the MS Access Application window click on the File Menu

3. You will see all the Database templates of MS Access

4. Select any of the templates by clicking on it

5. A file name box will appear with the default file name

6. Now enter the new name of the File and click on the Create button

7. The new database will be created and you can click on any of the objectsfor further references and work

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Access is the world’s leading database system and users love this application because of its convenient and simple features. Millions of users use this application and they are hugely benefiting from it. Let us know if you want to know anything about Microsoft Access. Our experts will get to you.


What Is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a database program that can be used to maintain information about an organization or to store data. It may be used in conjunction with other Microsoft programs. Access is often utilized by professionals who require their databases to be compatible with programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The databases are easy to use and have many features which serve different purposes for the user.

What Is The Difference Between A File And A Database?

Databases are often thought of as the go-to solution for storing large amounts of data. They typically use structured queries to retrieve information, whereas files are unstructured and only saved on hard drives. While databases allow you to search for specific information, they also require a lot more time to input all the data. Files are easier to save since they don’t require any coding or effort other than naming them appropriately.

Is Microsoft Access Free?

Microsoft Access is a database management software that can be downloaded and used for free. This program is the perfect solution for small businesses and workgroups that need to quickly and easily manage information stored in tables.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a popular database application that has been used by businesses and individuals for over 20 years. It is not only a useful tool for organizing all your data but also shaping it into the reports you need. You can also use it to create databases, forms, build queries to generate lists of data from your tables, and so much more. Microsoft Access offers an easy-to-use interface with a variety of templates and wizards to choose from.

Microsoft Access is a database management system that stores information on the user’s computer, which can cause problems with user confidentiality. Other cons are that there are limited functions, it has limitations for importing data, and it has limitations for exporting data.