Killaura In Minecraft

What Is Killaura In Minecraft? [Types Of Killaura And How They Work]

Killaura is cheating in Minecraft. It targets players and kills them automatically without necessarily having to do anything at all. You can hit someone even if you are not looking at them or pressing a button. If a Minecraft player has Killaura activated, which comes from their Kill Aura, they will get even when their mouse is not fixed on their hitbox. A virtual bubble forms around them, and you will get damaged upon touching it. Probably you do not want this to happen to you. Do you?

It is not advisable to use Killaura unless you are using it deliberately and you want to get banned.

Is Killaura Legit In Minecraft?

Is Killaura Legit In Minecraft

Minecraft servers are very keen and strict on such hacks and do not tolerate them. A Minecraft player can quickly get banned or even kicked out of the server by the Server Anti-Cheat System or some staff contained in the server. You should never cheat on the Minecraft server since it is the most annoying thing in the world. 

You can only imagine attacking everything on your way in a range with inhuman speed and working through the blocks. Honestly, it is very unfair to the other Minecraft players following the legal path. In today’s world, many people are accusing others of Killaura, it may be accusing them falsely, or maybe there is some truth in that. 

The important thing is that if you know that you are not using it, you will be just fine. After all, there is a hack system for Killaura so that the hackers get caught in the open. 

On this page, we shall discuss Killaura in-depth to make you understand what the hack is, and how it works. Keep reading!

Types Of Killaura In Minecraft

As already discussed in the introduction, Killaura is a variety of combat hacks that fascinatingly and easily play Minecraft. This kind of behavior is very devastating and very disastrous. That is why it is forbidden in Minecraft and other networks as well.

Essentially, it is a Force Field hack, but there is a combination of multiple hacks, making it one in general. In addition, Killaura modifies a bundle of elements to make the Minecraft player using it look less blatant. Below is a list of several types of Killaura found in the Minecraft game.

1. Typical Kill Aura

This type of Killaura pertains to head snapping and reach. The main ones are AntikB which some of them go with. They were widely used and very popular in the past year. They were mostly found on No CheatPlus-only server. 

Typical Kill Aura is no longer used for specific reasons. They are easily detected, and no one would want to risk that. Although a few current hacked clients can circumvent Watchdog.

2. Vape Aura

Vape Aura comprises hitboxes hacks and reach hacks. Today, it is one of the types of Killaura that Watchdog cannot detect in any way whatsoever. However, it can be seen on PVP Practice Servers. 

Some Minecraft players and fans may be a little disturbed in distinguishing between Vape Killaura (Vape Aura) and Trigger Bot. This type of Killaura was very much in use in the past for over three years. It was used on Ranked Sky wars.

3. TP Aura

TP Aura is the most fearful and famous. Many Minecraft players are very much aware of this type of Killaura. They never even get close to it or think about it since they are informed of its immediate consequence. 

TP Aura is very blatant and most noticeable. It is widely and commonly used in NoCheatPlus only servers and Mineplex. If Minecraft players dare to use TP Aura, they will get banned instantaneously. 

4. Hitboxes 

Hitboxes is not a Killaura but cheats in Killaura usually use this. It mainly does extend the hitbox, making it register even though the person is looking away from the target. Hitbox is widely used on Ranked Skywars. It has been functioning over the years till today. 

Video proof of Minecraft players using this type of hack is effortlessly noticeable. Woes unto you if you happen to get caught!

5. Force Field

Like in Hitboxes, Force Field is not exactly a type of Killaura, but if you observe keenly how it works, you will notice it is similar to Killaura, but this one is more blatant. 

Force Field is said to be very volatile, and on each type of server with anti-cheat, be assured you are done! Practically, it attacks and kills everyone around you if they are in range.

As a Minecraft player and fan, you have to be aware of these types of Killaura to be on the safe side. No one would want to be banned from the game you love just because of cheating. So it is upon you go to decide. This information means a lot since it has highlighted all about Killaura.

Killaura Settings In Minecraft

As you already know, Killaura is a hack or cheat that automatically hits Minecraft entities around the Minecraft player. If you observe keenly, Killaura faces its target on the W server-side, but not the W client side. This is an objective to the users. 

It allows them to look around freely while still inhibiting other Minecraft players and server plugins from seeing that Killaura is applied. Below are some of the demonstrations and illustrations of this effect:

1. Attack Cool Down Is Used As Speed 

Game description (none)

When the Use Attack Cooldown is checked as speed, the checkbox disables the speed slider and dynamically estimates the speed based on the Minecraft attack cool down. It is set so that each attack will deal the total possible damage. In addition, in Wurst 7, Killaura’s speed is typically calculated dynamically according to Minecraft attack cool down.

2. Speed

In-game description (None)
Default value12
Maximum 20

In wurst 6, when the Use Attack cools down as the speed checkbox is not checked, the speed slider will automatically determine how many times Killaura will attempt to attack the target per second. 

3. Range

In-game description Determines the distance Killaura will reach to attack the entities. This means anything else far away from the specified value automatically will not be attacked.
Default value5
Maximum 10

4. Priority 

In-game description Determines what type of entity is attacked first?Distance – Attacks the entity that expects the most diminutive head motion.Health- Attacks the entity that is the weakest.
Default ValueAngle 
Possible valuesDistance, Angle, Health

5. Fov

In-game description (None)
Default value360°
Maximum 360°

The Fov slider borders the distance taken by Killaura to move the player’s head. This is for Killaura to face and then attack. Any entity that may be out of the field of view automatically will not be attacked at any cost. 

It goes both ways round. A Fov setting of 180° will probably strike anything up to 90° away in a given direction. This impacts a 180° cone centered on where the player is facing. Also, the Fov setting of 90° builds a 90° somewhere; any entity up to 45° away can be attacked. 

Note that the Fov setting not less than 360° will attack all around the player. Additionally, the Fov setting is both horizontal and vertical rotation and is founded on the player’s W Client-side.

Final Thoughts

Ever since Minecraft was officially released, it has received collective praises and awards from the industry and community with great honor. It will be a good idea if you think twice before using Killaura in Minecraft. Killaura is the most popular mod, but it is against Minecraft server rules and other servers. So it is considered an illegal hack