What Is It Like Being an Apple Software Engineer

What Is It Like Being an Apple Software Engineer? – Is It a Worth Job?

At a glance, the job of an Apple software engineer might not seem appealing. You don’t get to see your finished products until they’re ready for release. You might spend your days checking for errors in code and rewriting codes you don’t understand. You might spend nights debugging apps that crash constantly. 

Being a software engineer isn’t all that bad, and it has its pros and cons. It is the most rewarding job around.

What You’ll Be Doing as an Apple Software Engineer

What You'll Be Doing as an Apple Software Engineer

On the surface, being an Apple software engineer is simply a job that specifies that you work on Apple products, although there is more to that. As an Apple software engineer, you’ll be responsible for various tasks. 

These include designing and developing new apps, building and maintaining the infrastructure that powers that app, designing and developing the next generation of Apple products, or designing and developing self-driving cars.

Apple engineers work in different roles depending on their area of expertise. So for example, a mobile app engineer may be responsible for designing and developing new apps for iOS devices. On the other hand, an operations engineer may be responsible for maintaining current apps and keeping the company’s infrastructure running smoothly.

Here are a few job requirements for Apple engineers as they work on various projects depending on their area of expertise.

Mobile App Development

Apple engineers create apps for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. They also design and develop software for the Apple Watch and other wearable technology products. 

Software Development

Apple engineers develop software that powers Apple products and services. They also develop new features for existing products, like iOS, macOS, Watch OS, Tv OS, etc.

Hardware Development

In recent years, Apple has been working on self-driving car technology. They’ve also been working on their line of iMac desktop computers and other hardware devices.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance engineers test new apps and software before entering the market to ensure they work properly in different environments.

System administration

System administration manages infrastructure at Apple headquarters like servers, databases, networks, etc., to keep them running smoothly as more people use them every day globally. They are also responsible for maintaining current apps while keeping the company’s infrastructure running smoothly.

The Routine of an Apple Software Engineer

Routine of an Apple Software Engineer

Apple engineers work in teams and are responsible for developing new products and services. They work closely with other teams to ensure their projects fit into the company’s larger goals. 

A typical day for an Apple engineer includes:


Engineers spend time brainstorming ideas for new products or ways to improve existing ones. Brainstorming includes meetings with team members or working alone to generate ideas.

Project Planning

Engineers need to plan how to build a project from start to finish. It involves determining how long it will take and what resources they’ll need to complete it successfully. 


Once engineers have a plan, they begin designing the project by creating mockups and prototypes that demonstrate how it works once they build it out. 

Writing Codes

This is where the actual building takes place. Engineers write codes that make their designs a reality by turning them into software that people use on mobile devices and computers globally.

How to Become a Software Engineer- Career Requirements and Opportunities for Success

How to Become a Software Engineer

A Bachelor’s Degree

To work as a software engineer, some companies may require that you have a bachelor’s degree. Because the job requires specialized knowledge, having an undergraduate degree helps the hiring team assess whether or not you possess the skills necessary for the position. 

Other alternatives to a bachelor’s are an associate degree or participation in software engineering boot camps. A four-year computer science, computer engineering, or software engineering is necessary for high-paying jobs.

Knowledge of Relevant Programming Languages

There is an abundance of software engineering languages you may need to learn as you build a career in the field. These programming languages are SQL, Ruby, Java, C≠, C++, Python, and JavaScript. 

Each language has its niche use, but they all serve different purposes for software engineers. Choosing which one will be most applicable for your work based on the project or company you’d like to work with is essential. 

Experience in Internship

Software engineering is a role that often needs prior experience in the field, and you can get relevant software engineering experience by interning at a tech establishment known for honing and encouraging upcoming talent. 

The institutions also develop essential soft skills like teamwork, multitasking, communication skills, researching top tech companies on the job help pages or websites, and finding information about work cultures based on employee reviews of companies online.


Software engineers can improve their skills and demonstrate their abilities by acquiring a certification. It will give them an understanding of specific aspects of software engineering and broaden their skill set to include other fields that may help them be competitive in the job market. Popular certifications vendors include Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Post Graduate Degree

A master’s and doctorate in computer science, software engineering, or a related field is useful for those who want to specialize. A postgraduate degree prepares students to undertake more complex tasks and work in advanced architecture and computer design positions. 

There are also opportunities for study with an engineering project management course to pursue leadership roles associated with these fields.

Participate in Conferences and Workshops

Software engineers should attend conferences and workshops to learn more about their industry’s latest innovations and discoveries. These events allow networking with professionals, listening to industry leaders, or developing skills. 

Attending these gatherings also allows software developers to highlight achievements by exposing them where they have a chance of being discovered by others who are looking for new talent.


When looking to specialize and find a job, it’s essential to consider what you like doing most. Tech establishments often require software engineers that specialize based on their skills and interests. 

Software engineers choose from the different branches of the field, web development or full-stack development, for example- but the tech company will advise them to choose an area in which they enjoy working with new technology every day. 

When choosing a niche, they should remember what tasks they would want to do so as they do not become bored.

Pros of Being a Software Engineer

You Enjoy Excellent Pay

Software engineers in the United States earn an average of $114,150 per year. The company can pay you more than that, depending on your geographical location. For example, software engineers in San Francisco can earn up to $148,638 per year, depending on their skillset and employer’s requirements.

It Is In High Demand

Software engineers, in particular, earn a significantly higher salary on average than those in other technical fields. According to the Bureau of Labor estimates, the salary of a software engineer is more than $150,000 per anum. 

That’s significantly higher than the average of all other technical occupations, below one hundred thousand dollars.

Every industry requires software. As technology becomes ubiquitous, software must be both trusted and secure. To achieve this, engineers must constantly improve the quality and reliability of the software they create. 

Software engineering is in high demand in different industries such as Finance, Software publishing, Health care, Business, IT services, Government and defense, and manufacturing.

You Can Work Remotely

Depending on your role, you may have the flexibility to work from home or at a different location. You may be required to travel for work several times a year or even weekly. 

When you do travel, prepare yourself for logistics and all. Be ready to find inexpensive accommodations, arrange for a car, or find public transportation to get to your destination.

Many software engineers earn a high income from their daily job. In some cases, you may also receive stock options or profit-sharing. 

Cons of Being a Software Engineer

Long Work Hours

One of the things that make software engineering demanding is long hours. While it may be necessary to meet deadlines and finish tasks, you can minimize this with good time management skills. 

Designating work times for chores, relaxation, and even bedtimes helps keep a regular schedule, so don’t overwork yourself too much- by having a designated work area that you will use when working from home.

Involves High Competition

Taking a competitive software engineering career means entering an exciting and rewarding field. However, it also might be challenging to find the perfect job for you with so much competition out there. While this is frustrating at times, you must figure out what companies need to succeed within their company culture and adapt your application accordingly.

Strict Project Deadlines

Software engineering projects usually have specific timelines. It may mean that you will be engaged in hard work to meet these deadlines, and time management skills could help you divide your time between significant project tasks more efficiently. 

Communicating with the project manager if there is extra time would also give you the freedom to complete timely tasks successfully.