What Is Com Android Vending?

It is an installer name for the android platform. The name installer tells Android that from which sources the applications are installed. The term com.android.vending informs us that the application in question is getting installed from the Google Play Store.

Com Android Vending

Some phones are rooted, while others are non-rooted. Most of the time, the issue comes with non-rooted devices.

In short, the rooted phones are those phones on which there can be complete control of the user. Unrooted phones are those phones where the software control on the device is with the manufacturer of the phones, like HTC, Samsung, etc.

The data associated with the Google Play store is generally kept and stored safely, but if data gets lost or deleted on any unrooted phones, then there will be an error that the app has got stopped, and the error will be process com.android.vending.” The user will not be able to download the app. It will get removed and stopped from the task, leaving you confused about the com android vending.

This problem occurs only in the unrooted phone because the rooted phone has the choice to change the Google Applications anytime. If the issue is a rooted phone, it is caused by you during the installation process due to Google Application being used by you. This kind of problem occurs only when the Play Store is removed forcefully or is getting tampered with.

What Happens During Errors Of Com. Android.Vending?

When the error of com. android. vending occurs, the user will not be able to download anything from the Play Store, and it will become challenging to install any new app.

When you try to download any file again, it will also show the error, and you won’t be able to proceed because of com.android.vending. It will make the process of download unfeasible.

The error will also try to deteriorate the problems of your phone’s systems because so many other issues arise along with it. Every phone has an operating system, and if one part of the operating system gets destroyed, it also affects the different parts of the system.

The user will not be able to access the essential apps that they want to fix the issues on their phones, and your phone will be unable to function well.

Some Tips Before Moving For The Fix

When you encounter an error related to the phone, it is essential to consider a few things before moving for your phones’ solution or troubleshooting. Let’s know some of them:

1. Ensure that your phone is charged at least 80 to 90% because it might take time for the issue to get resolved.

2. You should recover all the vital data on an SD card, or you can upload data on the cloud so that you won’t lose it.

3. Restarting the phone is always recommended before going for any technical or software-related solution because restarting the phone solves many issues of the phones.

4. In case you receive many calls, then it is important to put your SIM card off the phone in which you’re getting error and use it on another phone because it may take a long time to resolve the errors of the phone.

5. If you receive many calls, it is essential to put your SIM card off the phone in which you’re getting error and use it on another phone because it may take a long time to resolve the phone’s errors.

Now let’s move forward to fix the issue.

How To Fix The Error Of Com.Android.Vending?

The error occurs when the Play Store data is accidentally removed or removed if you have a non-rooted phone. The message will appear that the “App has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” It is com. android. vending error. You will repeatedly see this message as long as you try to download any game or application from the Play Store.

But in case your phone is the rooted one, the problem may be because of the Google Applications package installed on your device.

Here Are The Steps To Resolve This Error On A Rooted Phone:

Uninstall Updated Version Of Play Store: Uninstalling the Play Store app might resolve the issue. You can look at your phone’s Settings, head to App Manager, or App and Notifications. Tap on Show System or Show All Apps and look for Play Store. Click on Uninstall Latest Version.

Now you can restart your phone. It will take around 10-15 minutes to get the Play Store updated. This step should solve the problem of the error.

Factory Reset: If the error persists, then you can try to resolve it through a factory reset of the phone. For this, head to the Settings of your phone and then the Backup or Backup and Restore button. After you open this option, then you look for Factory data reset and click on this button.

Factory reset will erase all important data, so; make sure that you already have its backup. The phone will come in recovery mode by simultaneously pressing Power Button and Volume Up buttons. Restart the phone, and the problem should get resolved.

Let’s See The Steps For The Rooted Phones To Resolve The Error:

Flashing Google Apps: The steps for this are very simple, and it starts with turning off your device and then putting it in the recovery mode.

After this, you can flash the Google apps in the zip file again, and once the process is successful, then the error of com.android.vending should get fixed.

Root Explorer: The root explorer application will help gain access to the folder of com.android.vending. After finding the folder, you need to delete it. Then you can open the Play Store and try to download any game or app. It should work.

Let’s Understand Some Of The Terminologies Used In This Article.

Sl. No.TerminologiesMeaning
1Root ExplorerIt is a File Manager for mobile users.
2Factory ResetIt erases all the data from your phone completely.
3Rooted PhonesThese are the devices where the user has control over the data.
4Unrooted phonesUsers will not have the option to update software unless it comes from the manufacturer.


Q1. Is It Possible To Resolve The Error Of Com.Android.Vending?

Ans: Yes, it is certainly possible to resolve com. android.a vending error by using some methods on your phone’s software.

Q2.  Is The Error Of Com.Android.Vending Is Frequent On Smartphones?

Ans:  No, it is not very frequent to have such an error, and only a few users might get it.

Q3.  Can Com.Android.Vending Destroy All The Data On The Phone?

Ans:   This kind of error does not affect the entire phone, but it only affects the app’s downloading process.

Q4.  Can Com.Android.Vending Occur Again After Resolving?

Ans:  Yes, a user can get the error again after resolving it.

5. What Is The Difference Between Com Android Vending And Other App Stores?

Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows Phone Marketplace are some of the most popular app stores in the world. Android Vending is also worth mentioning as it has become one of the three largest app stores in China. What makes these different from other app stores is that they are not open for any company to join like Google Play Store. They have a policy that only certain companies can have their apps listed in their store.

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