ETD Control Center

What Is An ETD Control Center And How Does It Function? / Do You Need It In Your Computer?

Every computer owner undoubtedly goes through their list of installed programs regularly. It’s an essential step if you wish to reduce your storage space to a minimum and make sure you’re just running important and reliable programs on your computer.

You may notice the ETD Control Center while doing so. You could be curious about what it is and whether or not you should keep it once you’ve seen it.

This article explains all you should know if you’re attempting to decide whether to uninstall or keep this program on your computer.

What Is An ETD Control Center?

The ETD control center consists primarily of drivers for touchpads and multi-finger operations. It’s named ETDCtrl.exe and can be found in your taskbar. It is pre-installed on modern devices with touchpads (laptops), so you don’t have to install it manually.

ETDCtrl.exe is in charge of it, and it’s located in C driver’s program files (C:\Program files). You may also adjust the multi-fingerture functions and add new ones to your PC using the ETD Control center (ETDCtrl.exe). Isn’t that incredible?

However, antivirus software can sometimes detect it as a virus and prevent it. Furthermore, it is sometimes blamed for damaging computer files. ETDCtrl.exe is a virus for some users, and they want to get rid of it.

Is ETD Control Center Important? Should I Keep It On My Computer?

The simple answer is yes unless you see a decreased performance, excessive CPU utilization caused by ETD Control Center, or other weird behavior that you suspect is caused by having this software installed on your machine.

ETD Control Center is more valuable than some people believe. However, PC users must understand its function is to prevent premature uninstallation.

ELAN Microelectronic, a firm that makes laptop touchpads, invented this software.

ETD Control Center enables users to get the most out of their computer’s touchpad by allowing the multi-touch functionality, which works similarly to a smartphone’s screen.

However, because the manufacturers do not explicitly explain this when a user discovers the software on their computer, they frequently turn to the internet for more information.

Etd Control Center is a critical driver that allows you to extend the capabilities of your laptop’s touchpad. The user can also use several fingers with the ETD Control Center. On a smartphone, though, you can also utilize multiple fingers. 

Through Task Manager, the ETD control center can run in the background of your computer. In the Task Manager, the application is also known as “etdctrl.exe.”

Some antivirus products flagged this software as a potential danger, a false positive. As a result, some users may seek information on forums and websites dealing with that type of stuff, prompting them to uninstall the software as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the ETD control center creates a variety of faults in your computer, including a not responding issue. So, let’s discuss whether or not it’s safe to remove it.

Is There Any Reason Why I Need To Delete Or Uninstall The ETD Control Center?

It makes no difference if you delete or uninstall the ETD control center. The ETD Control Center has no direct impact on anything. In normal circumstances, you would be completely unaware of the touch panel functionality provided by Windows. Hence, you could uninstall any ETD Control Center-related software. You may choose to turn it off if you wish. Not everything will need to be deleted. Disabling is sufficient.

How can I turn it off without deleting it? You could be wondering. So, instead of deleting anything, we’ll show you how to disable ETD Control Center.

How Do I Disable ETD Control Center?

As we previously stated, you can disable the ETD control center, and nothing will be deleted. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps that we’ll outline below. 

1. First, hit the classic Control + Alt + Del key combo that we always use when our computer crashes. The screen on your Windows computer will now turn blue and display a menu. 

2. Select the task manager option from the drop-down menu. 

3. In the task manager, right-click on the icon or option of the ETD Control Center process that you see active and select the disable option from the drop-down menu. 

4. Restart your computer so that the operating system takes in the modifications.

Just in case, double-check that the process hasn’t started again in the Task Manager. It will not be necessary to delete it entirely owing to further issues because it is not deactivated.

If the first method did not work because you were unable to enter the task manager for some reason, we would describe another, more straightforward process for you to disable it:

1. To begin using this new strategy, hold down the Windows + R buttons without releasing them at any point. 

2. You will now see a window open for you. In the section to fill up, type “taskmgr.”

3. Press the enter key on your keyboard. That will open the Task Manager in the same way that Control + Alt + Delete did in the preceding steps of the other technique; it is simply more straightforward than Control + Alt + Delete.

4. You’ll see multiple tabs at the top part of the task manager after you’ve entered it. Locate the home tab and click it. 

5. Now you’ll see all the active programs; some will be in the background, while others will not. These programs may or may not ring a bell to you. All you have to do is look for the ETD Control Center, which is the activity of the touch panel application and should always be active. 

6. Use the right mouse button and choose to deactivate or disable from the drop-down menu that appears, depending on whether you have it in English or Spanish.

What Happens If ETD Control Center Is Uninstalled/ Disabled?

If you have an Elan Microelectronics touchpad, deleting the ETD Control Center is not advised, although it is still feasible.

Like all programs on your computer, you may remove this one from your control panel. When it comes to releasing apps from your computer, there isn’t a specific procedure that differs from what you’re used to.

However, your trackpad may not operate properly after removing the ETD Control Center. When working on your laptop, you will also lose the ability to use the multi-touch capability.

If you don’t care about this and the ETD Control Center was causing you more harm than benefit, deleting it may be your only alternative.

Known Issues Caused By The ETD Control Center & Fixes

It is safe to have an ETD Control Center on your computer. Every computer is different, and even the most trusted apps can create unusual problems and troubles.

The ETD Control Center trackpad driver is known to cause a few troubles

CPU Use Might Increase By More Than 50%

Solution: Turn off the program and observe whether your CPU utilization remains high. If it isn’t, follow the instructions in the first part of this tutorial to re-enable it and download the most recent version. If the problem remains after installing the newest version, removing the program may help, albeit you will lose some trackpad capability.

ELAN Touchpad And Input Drivers Update

This is the most effective and straightforward method for correcting problems without sacrificing functionality. It would be best to upgrade the touchpad drivers (ELAN input and touchpad drivers) so that they do not cause any future issues.

Since updates include new features and problem fixes, it’s critical to maintain your drivers and device up to date as well. It automatically corrects odd mistakes. So, in device management, let’s update the ELAN touchpad drivers.

To begin, we must first launch the device manager– The start menu includes the following:

1. Open device management by going to your start menu or searching for it.

2. Please search for the device manager in your control panel and click on it to launch it.

3. Look for ELAN input devices in device management (touchpad).

4. You may update it by right-clicking on it.

5. Check to see if your internet connection is turned on.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking next.

7. Your touchpad drivers will be automatically updated after some time.

8. Restart the system.

Finally, remember to restart your computer when the update procedure is complete to achieve the intended outcome.

Antivirus Software Recognizes ETD Control Center As A Danger And Disables It, Causing The Trackpad On The Computer To Malfunction

Solution: Make an exemption in your antivirus program for the ETD Control Center. If your current antivirus program does not include this feature, consider switching to another one.

As Soon As The Computer Boots, ETD Control Center Causes A Blue Screen 

Solution: Start your computer in safe mode and disable the ETD Control Center, or remove it if it doesn’t fix the problem. You can open your laptop and check whether the trackpad device cable is unplugged if you encounter a bluescreen even in safe mode. However, be cautious because doing so will void your computer’s warranty.


You now understand what the ETD Control Center is and why it has been installed on your computer. You can now determine whether or not to retain it on your computer using the information provided in this tutorial.

In brief, unless it is producing issues and rendering your computer useless, we recommend leaving this program installed because it typically enhances the operation of your trackpad.