Minecraft Server

What Is A Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is a player-owned business multiplayer game server for the 2009 Mojang Minecraft video game. In this case, the phrase “server” refers to a network of connected servers instead of a single-player machine. Players can connect online or through a local network with other individuals. The game operates a server for single-player games. This was particularly established to make the single-player game experience consistent with the multiplayer experience. 

It was also done to ensure modifications to the game, such as bug fixes that apply to single-player and multiplayer games. Minecraft players can decide to set servers of their own by setting one up on their computer using software delivered by Mojang or by using a hosting provider to run on dutiful machines with the insured time. 

Server operators regulate Minecraft multiplayer servers. These operators have access to server commands like the time of the day, teleporting players, and setting the world spawns. However, the server owners or users have access to the live files. 

Note that the official server software is only available in the Java Edition in the release state. As for the Bedrock Edition, the server software is currently available in Alpha. This article shall discuss different types of servers and other related information. 

What Are The Different Types Of Minecraft Servers?

Different Types Of Minecraft Servers

Sever predecessors of Minecraft servers exist, distinguished by the unique aspects of the game, rules, and societal structures implemented. Every server is different from the other, and often in line between archetypes is dimmed or distinguishable. Most unique kinds of servers depend on maps and the craftBukkit server software. 

Some servers are more PVP-oriented. Others comprise survival aspects, creative and adventure mode; while others have a built-in economy and contain built-in Minecraft games. There are several servers as listed below:

1. Zero. minr

2. Minescape

3. Among us Performium

4. Pirate Craft

5. Minecraft Middle Earth 

6. The Mining Dead

7. Grand Theft Minecart

8. Westeros Craft

9. HiveMC

10. Fallen Kingdom 

11. Brawl

12. Minewind

13. PixelmonCraft

14. The Archon

15. Manacube

16. Ranch n Craft

However, the main server types are;

1. Hypixel

2. Creative 

3. Minigame

4. Personal/private

5. Survival 

6. Anarchy 

7. Anarchy lite

8. Faction 

9. Roleplay

10. Pay-to-win

11. Hardcore

12. Mineplex


The Hypixel Minecraft server has amazing mini-games like; cops &crims, Duels, and a Murder Mystery. 

Their Skywars game mode is a valuable PVP take on the classic Minecraft Skyblock server. Hypixel has a dazzling variety making it a great place to enjoy with your blocky playmates.


These types of servers use creative mode only. Normally, servers give the players Creativity but limit the items they can access or the size of the plot. This is normally done to stave off grieving to other builds or other players and inhibit excessive lag spikes.


Minigame server hosts multiple mini-games. There are different types of mini-games ranging from Spleef to capture the flag.


In this server, Minecraft players can make their servers. The available link is normally private and is shared with the player’s close friends only.


This type of server uses only survival mode, and they are almost similar to Anarchy servers. The only difference is regulations such as forbidding Grieving and Exploiting.


Anarchy servers do not have rules. This is why players/users misuse the advantage given and cheat, exploit and use vulgar language.

Anarchy Lite

These servers are almost similar to Anarchy servers, except they ban hacking and exploits.


These servers are almost similar to Survival server except that claims are used to tag land as “yours.” Untrustworthy players will not be allowed to build on your world.


In Roleplay serves, players, take the role of performing as their own persona. At times, they are dictated by the role-playing that is happening.

Pay-To Win

Pay-to-win servers can are now becoming uncommon. This is because it violates Minecraft’s EVLA. The servers are designed around enabling users to acquire advantages, possibly in the form of Ranks for real-world money.


It is almost the same as a Survival server; the only difference is that users/players have one life. That is why it typically ends with a scenario; “last man standing.” The hardcore server is commonly used in Skywars and Survival games.


This type of server has been the largest in Minecraft ever since its existence. It has multiple areas and zones for a lefty number of different game types. Anytime you will find Mineplex populated with very many players.

How To Join Minecraft Servers 

Join Minecraft Servers

If you crave joining the Minecraft server, follow the guideline outlined below;

1. Find a server that interests you.

2. Find the IP address.

3. Start the game.

4. Click multiplayer, then add a server.

5. Enter the IP address and name the server.

6. Check “done” before heading back to your newly created server list and find a server you want. 

7. Check the “join” server button.

8. You have now joined a server whereby you’ll find yourself in a unique, terrific world of blocks.

Server History

Multiplayer was added to Minecraft on May 31, 2009, during the classic phase of the Minecraft game. The obsolete server map is known as Freedonia in the Minecraft online server. 

After Minecraft multiplayer was released, Freedonia was created on August 4, 2010. In 2013, an announcement was made by Mojang about Minecraft Realms. Realms are server hosting services intended to allow players to run multiplayer server games easily and securely without necessarily setting up their own. 

Unlike a standard server, only invited players are the ones that can join Realms servers. Note that these servers do not use IP addresses. During Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2016, an announcement was made that Realms would allow Minecraft to fully support cross-platform play between Windows 10, iOS and Android platforms releasing in about 2 years to come. 

In June 2014, Mojang started to implement the EULA of the game’s computer versions to prevent servers from selling microtransactions that negatively affect gameplay. For instance, the pay-to-win items enable servers to sell cosmetics, leading to many servers closing down.

Server Management 

Managing a Minecraft server means that you have to be fully committed and dedicated. You also have to invest a lot of time as well. Some servers hire a staff of developers, managers, and artists. In 2014, the Shotbow server hired three full-time and part-time workers. According to the server owner, Matt Sundberg, “Large server networks are incredibly expensive to run, and they are also very time-consuming.” 

According to Chad Dunbar, the founder of MCGamer, “it cost a lot to run networks above 1000 concurrent players.” This includes incomes, hardware, bandwidth, and DDoS operation. 

This means that when all these calculations are added up for 30 days, the total amount will be huge sums of money. Dunbar stated that MCGamer, which has over 50,000 players, probably has huge expenses in a month. According to 2016, the expenses of Hypixel, which is the largest server, are nearly $100,000 monthly. Alternatively, many sever sale in-game ranks and cosmetics to raise and meet the expenditures.

The Final Verdict

Now you can run a Minecraft Multiplayer Server on your own, can you? Since Minecraft allows you to do so, it will not be that difficult to handle even if you do not have a Minecraft account. Did you know that setting up servers for your kin is an amazing experience? Alternatively, it can also be very educational in areas far beyond Minecraft. Good luck!