What Happens If You Text A Landline Phone

A text message is consists of alphabetic and numeric characters and it’s a very popular way to communicate with friends and family. A text message can be sent between two or more users of mobile devices, desktops/laptops, or other types of compatible computers. But can you text a landline phone and what happens when you text a landline phone? It’s a very common question that many of my readers have asked so in this article I have discussed this topic. Keep reading the article to know the details.

Can You Text A Landline Phone?

Generally, you can’t text a landline phone but if you somehow texted a landline phone then your message will just disappear into the ether and it won’t be delivered or received. However, nowadays many wireless and landline carriers support text-to-landline messaging and if this applies to the landline where you have sent the text message then your message will be delivered and the receiver can read your message. When you text a landline phone, usually a  digitized voice informed the recipient about the message than read it aloud. In many cases, the receiver can read the message from their land phone display. However, if the recipient doesn’t have the right text messaging and landline telephone systems in place then the text message will disappear. The message will go into a virtual black hole, undelivered, unread, unanswered.

Importance Of Text-Enabled Landlines

1. If you are a seller then it is very important to text your customers or you might lose your customer and huge business opportunity.

2. Nowadays, text message marketing is a very popular way of mobile marketing tactic because people read texts. A Statistic shows about 90% of customers find it more comfortable to text than chat on the phone with business representatives.

3. Text messages have a 98% open rate. Email and voice calls just don’t have the same level of engagement as texting.

4. Text messaging allows a customer to communicate with the business or organization in the way they want.  

5. A recent study shows 94% of businesses using text messaging to connect with their customers have found it to be successful.

6. 71% of consumers have found it very effective to use text messages to connect with their favorite businesses.

7. text-enabled landlines increase customer satisfaction and improve their experience with your business because customers will find it easier to get in contact using the most preferred communication method.

8. You can respond to commonly asked questions in a convenient way and save lots of time. Text-enabled landlines provide self-service with auto-responders and templates so that customers get instant answers to questions.

9. You can centralized text messaging to keep it on-point and consistent for your customers. This way your clients will know how to get in touch with the business and it will increase their trust in your business.

Which Telecom Providers Support Text To Landline?

Nowadays most of the carrier supports text to a landline that includes Verizon, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile. So if you are using any of these carriers then you can send a text message to a landline.


The text-to-landline feature of Verizon supports all the White Pages listed phone numbers in the USA. This feature is only supported in the USA and not all wired phones are included in this service. The landline texting feature works in a simple way. Enter the number where you want to send the message and then write the message and sent it to the respective number. If the recipient responds, you’ll get a text message with a number that you need to call within 120 hours to hear the reply. Here are the charges you should be aware of when using Verizon’s Text to Landline feature:

1. $0.25 for each text you send to a landline

2. $0.25 for each reply message that you listen to

3. You won’t charge if the message fails to send

4. For the message recipient, it’s totally free to accept a text on their landline phone


Sprint also supports text to landlines and the process of sending messages is the same as Verizon. Usually, Sprint charges $0.25 per text message that you successfully send to a landline. When you send a message, you’ll get an opt-in text message that will inform you that your message will be converted into a computerized voice for a landline phone to receive. Once the message is successfully sent you will receive a confirmation text on your phone.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile supports texting to a landline in the United States, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. The cost of sending a text message from Virgin Mobile is the same as the Verizon and Sprint and it will cost you $0.25 for each text. The process of sending text messages is also similar; just enter the 10-digit number and write out the message that you want to send to a landline.

Final Thought

I hope the above information has given you a clear idea about texting a landline and how the process works. If you have any query then leave it in the comment section. I will provide you with information.   


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