What Does Restore iPhone Mean And How To Restore an iPhone?

Technology isn’t flawless and the iPhone is not an exception. So while using your iPhone, it may become slow, network settings might be messed up, or something becomes wrong and it requires fixing. Restoring is a great way of fixing the iPhone and you can solve any type of problem with this method. Restoring requires a backup of your iPhone and if you have one then there are many ways you can restore your iPhone. Here’s how to restore iPhone!

What Does Restore iPhone Mean?

Restoring iPhone is a method of turning your iPhone to its original factory settings to repair any damages that might happen to your phone. When you restore the iPhone it will wipe all the data of your device and will reset your phone to factory settings. It means your device will lose all the data so it is best you backup your data for later use. If you’re having issues with your iPhone then restoring the phone is the safest option to solve the problem.

How To Restore An iPhone?

There are a few options available to restore the iPhone. All these methods are very simple and easy and you don’t have to be an expert to perform these methods. However, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and accordingly to avoid any mistakes.

Method 1 – Restore iPhone Using iCloud

1. After resetting the iPhone when you see the “Hello” screen, press the Home button

2. Then select a language and a country or region from the available option

3. After that choose a Wi-Fi network and sign into it

4. Then you can enable or disable Location Services

5. Now set up Touch ID

6. Then from the “Apps and Data” screen, select Restore from iCloud Backup

7. Now enter the Apple ID and password

8. Click on the Agree to the Terms and Conditions

9. Then Tap Show all backups to view all the backups stored in iCloud

10. Now from the available backup select the backup you want to use

11. It will take a few times to restore the backup from iCloud

Method 2 – Restore iPhone Using iTunes

You can easily restore the iPhone with iTunes. Follow these simple steps:

1. First, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cables

2. Now open the iTunes app on your computer

3. Then click on the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes window

4. From the available option select the Device Summary

5. Then click on the Restore Backup

6. Now from the available option select your device and click Restore

7. You will require entering the Apple ID and password to unlock your iPhone backups

8. Now from the available backup select the backup you want to use

9. It will take a while to restore the backup from iTunes

Method 3 – Restore iPhone Using MacOS Catalina

1. First, turn off the Find My feature on your iPhone

2. Now connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cables

3. Then launch the Finder application on your computer

4. Now from the sidebar click on your device name

5. From the available options select Restore iPhone

6. If you want to create a backup of your phone then click on the Backup option

7. Then select the restore button

8. It will delete all the data of your iPhone and reset your iPhone to factory settings

Method 4–Restore iPhone Using Dr.fone App

Dr.fone is a very popular and widely used data recovery app for iPhones. This app is compatible with most of the iPhone models and you can download the app completely free. With this app, you can restore the iPhone as well as recover other major data types like messages, videos, contacts, etc. Now follow these steps to restore your iPhone:

1. First, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cables

2. Now, download and install the Dr. fone on your computer

3. Now launch the app on your computer and from the sidebar click on your device name

4. Now from the home screen of the app tap on the “Restore” option

5. Then the app will start scanning your Phone for Backup

6. Once the scan is completed you will see the available Backups of your iPhone

7. Select the backup that you want to restore and click “Restore iPhone”

8. It will take a while to restore the backup

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can restore your iPhone. But the methods that I have discussed above are the easiest of all and they are most effective. Let us know which method you have applied to restore your iPhone so our readers can find an overview of that method. If you have any questions, then ask in the comment section. Our expert will provide solutions.


What Does Restore iPhone Mean?

Many people are unaware that they can restore their iPhones. This is good to know in case you didn’t back up your phone or want to erase it before giving it away. A restore requires the use of iTunes, but it’s much quicker than doing a factory reset.

Why Would I Want To Restore My iPhone?

One of the most common reasons people would want to restore their iPhones is to fix a major bug that prevents them from using their phones. If a software update has just been released and you notice that your phone is having issues after installing it, then restoring is usually the best option. Restoring will reset the phone’s settings and remove any corrupt files that were causing the problems. Another reason someone might want to restore their iPhone is if they’ve lost all of their data.