Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft

What Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft?

In real life, thinking about what polar bears eat is the last thing that comes to your mind. However, their presence in Minecraft keeps you on your toes as you avoid being their dinner. A polar bear can only attack you if you pose a threat or attack its young ones. Minecraft is based on intense realism, although in a block form, and showcases the polar bears relatively well. It’s evident in the overall behavior of the polar bears’ mob while keeping to themselves. But what do they consume in Minecraft? Find out more in this article.

What Do Polar Bears In Minecraft Eat?

 Polar Bears In Minecraft

Minecraft bears are the same as those in the real world; however, they have one key difference. In the game, it’s possible to tame these wild animals or domesticate them, unlike in the real world.

To tame them, you must feed them enough food, meaning that you need to have a lot of food supplies. In Minecraft, polar bears eat raw fish. They will eat any raw fish, although they love feeding on raw salmon fish and sometimes raw codfish.

Feeding a polar bear in Minecraft is quite challenging and may even lead to a deadly attack if its young ones are around. However, once you master the art of taming them, you will be able to play at ease. The polar bears are neutral mobs and will only bother you if they feel like you are threatening them.

Can Polar Bears Be Fed In Minecraft

Yes, in Minecraft, you can feed the polar bears. Because salmon fish and codfish are delicious and a favorite to polar bears, they can eat them. Nonetheless, polar bears will eat any fish, although those two types are the best meals to serve. If you want to feed a polar bear with raw fish, click on the mouse’s right button, then release.

Killing a polar bear drops raw codfish or salmon. Baby bears do not drop any items, so the fish in the game will only be dropped by adult bears. An adult bear can only attack you if its young ones are around; otherwise, they stay calm like all other animals. It’s also challenging to run away from the bears in water because they are fast swimmers; hence the player may not get away quickly.

After feeding the polar bears enough food, you can tame them or breed them. Feeding them enough causes a red heart to appear at the top, which means they have had enough, and you can take them home and domesticate them.

How To Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft?

Tame Polar Bears In Minecraft

Fish is an available meal in Minecraft, and because it’s a favorite among bears, it is the best for taming them. You can use salmon and other fish to tame a cat or bribe dolphins to lead you to special underwater hideouts. If you do not want to go through the trouble of fishing for salmon, you can kill polar bears to get raw salmon, which you can use to tame the still alive bears.

You should bring along several fish for every bear you wish to tame. Feed the polar bears the salmon and do that until you see a heart popping up above the head. Every bear will consume several fish so ensure that you have plenty so you don’t run out. Once you see the heart, your bear will be tamed. You can use a polar bear to attack, defend or ride. Because of their usefulness, polar bears are some of the most incredible animals to tame in minecraft.

Where Can I Catch Salmon In Minecraft

The best place to catch salmon for bears is the oceans and rivers. Salmon is an early game food and can be pretty reliable and nutritious if cooked. Specifically, the Java Edition salmon spawn in 1- groups, regardless of whether the water body is cold or freezing. Therefore, spawning only occurs in freezing water and rivers.

If using the Bedrock Edition, salmon spawn between 12 and 32 blocks from you. The fish breed in small groups of 3-5 in any temperature waters, whether frozen, lukewarm, or normal. Salmon come in either small, regular, or large sizes.

Best Place To Get Codfish

The best way to obtain raw codfish is to go fishing. You can reduce the wait time by using the Lure enchantment. You can reduce the chance of getting caught by using the Luck of the Sea enchantment, which increases treasure instead of fish. Codfish get awarded 1-6 experience points, and you can obtain them trading with villagers or killing polar bears, cod mobs, and dolphins.

Codfish can be found in oceans. They spawn in various groups in normal, cold, or lukewarm oceans. They need two water blocks for spawning. 

Codfish cannot survive outside water bodies. They will try to get back in by flipping around on their sides when outside. After being outside water for 10 seconds, they start taking suffocation damage and die like squids. Some editions like the Bedrock Edition codfish will rotate after flipping out of water. 

Codfish cannot swim or breathe in cauldron water because it is too hot for them. However, they can swim in waterlogged blocks. Like other mobs or fish, codfish in Java Edition is vulnerable to weapons.

Can I Breed Polar Bears In Minecraft?

Yes. To breed polar bears in Minecraft, you will also have to tame at least two of them. After that, make a large enclosure with the fence and lure them in. then, make sure you feed them with enough raw fish and leave them. The animals will breed as you go to get polar bear baby crips.


Polar bears eat salmon or codfish. In addition, polar bears become hostile to the player if they get near a cub or attack any aged polar bear. Adult bears are neutral, but their cubs are passive. Players need a lead to get a chance to take the polar bears anywhere. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for these animals when playing this game, as they can become hostile.

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