Unbiased ByteFence

Unbiased ByteFence Review

ByteFence is an anti-malware application that detects and eliminates malware. Some people are shocked to see it on their PCs because it is frequently packed with other applications.

Is it worthwhile to purchase ByteFence? Is it secure? This ByteFence review will go over everything you need to know about ByteFence and whether or not you should buy it.

ByteFence is a security application that guards against crapware, spyware, and malware on Windows systems. It isn’t harmful software in the traditional sense. However, how they distributed it in the past seemed a little questionable. Security experts classified it as an unwelcome application due to its shady access to systems. It has recently gained considerable credibility by correcting previous bundling difficulties.

In this review, we’ll go through the capabilities, strengths, and shortcomings of ByteFence so you can decide if it’s worth it.

Review Of ByteFence

Review Of ByteFence

If you come across ByteFence on your computer and have no idea what it is, you will be understandably concerned. That’s understandable because anything that happens on your computer without your permission is a reason for alarm.

But, because it’s an anti-malware tool, let’s take a look at its features and capabilities, as well as its strengths and flaws, to determine whether it’s safe and worthwhile to use.

What Is ByteFence And How Does It Work?

ByteFence is an anti-malware application created by Byte Technologies LLC, founded in 2004 in the United States. It’s an anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-crapware program for Windows systems. In that regard, it is secure.

However, it has a tarnished reputation due to its dubious distribution tactics in the past. According to one ByteFence anti-malware review, the firm has recently addressed this issue, discouraged such behavior, and gained some “legitimacy.”

Byte Technologies LLC focuses on creating anti-adware, antivirus, and anti-malware software. They ensure that consumers’ computers are free of malware. The business claims that its security products have protected over 59 million systems globally and stopped around 66 million malware samples.

This antivirus program’s free version can only scan PCs for malware and junkware. Only the premium version of the application can eliminate threats if they are detected. It’s more of a backup security tool for detecting less dangerous threats like adware, worms, and Trojans.

The good news is that ByteFence is now a virus-free application. It was once thought to be a virus, but makers sought to improve its reputation using an anti-malware application. ByteFence is currently absent from most viral listings.

ByteFence will check a machine for malware after it has been installed. After the scan, it will display a warning message with a list of all risks found. On the other hand, free applications will not eliminate the dangers if installed. You must obtain the Pro version, which means you must purchase it. After acquiring the license, you may install it on your PC and eliminate the threats.

How Does ByteFence Gain Access To My Computer?

ByteFence was created with Windows PCs in mind. However, there are ways to get it on a Mac OS. You may get it through programs that come with bundled software, such as PDF Mac Master. You may download this software from the company’s website if you use a PC or Boot Camp to run Windows on a Mac.

However, it may get access to your computer without your consent. ByteFence may infiltrate your computer in a variety of methods, including:

1. By clicking on advertisements: These adverts frequently lead to illicit websites with dubious material, such as pornographic websites.

Not reviewing the terms and conditions of other software before installing it.

2. Obtaining free software:  Although most free software products are legitimate, they are frequently packaged with additional freebies. Some of the installers included in the package are not genuine. You are more likely to install other undesirable apps if you install this type of software.

3. Surfing and browsing the internet: You can install this tool on your PC if you have visited websites and accessed shared files via pornographic sites or other networking settings.

4. Clicking on unsecure link: If you’re not careful, you could open files that contain viruses or other malware. For example, the files you’ve opened may contain.exe data, which immediately installs the software on your computer.

5. By opening.exe attachments exchanged via emails: This method is an outdated trick that cybercriminals have improved ever since. You can protect your laptop by not opening .exe files shared via emails.

6. Downloading torrent files: This online activity is hazardous. There are times when an item you want to download contains malware or is malware.

Specific unethical organizations use opening unsolicited email Spam emails to steal information. They also send out malicious installation packages via spam emails. You run the risk of installing suspicious files and applications if you click on these spam files.

Is It Worth It To Use ByteFence?

ByteFence Anti-Malware is a competent anti-malware application. There are several advantages to adopting ByteFence. Here are a few of its benefits.

1. Your PC Gets Protected In Real-Time

ByteFence’s scanning is real-time, which means that if this anti-malware is operating on your computer, it will identify any threat attempting to access your machine. The scans are mainly used to find adware and malware.

However, this security tool is unable to safeguard your computer against ransomware. Even though this threat is not well acknowledged, it poses a significant risk while using the internet.

For this reason, you should not solely depend on ByteFence, as it is incapable of providing complete real-time security. On the internet, there are several threats to be found. To prevent ransomware and other more serious dangers from infecting your computer, you need to install extra protection software.

2. It Has A Well-structured User Interface

The UI of ByteFence is one of its most vital features. It’s pretty well-designed, simple to grasp and navigate. Its UI does not have any confusing settings, but you can still use all of the essential features that other famous security software provides. Its user interface is likewise devoid of advertisements.

3. It Has Good Browser Security Features

ByteFence specializes in programs like browser hijackers, adware, and other typical software threats targeting internet users’ web browsers.

ByteFence does a fantastic job of dealing with these threats. This security tool, located in the browser area, performs a practical and functional examination of the web browser components installed on your computer.

4. It Has An Automatic Virus Scanner.

ByteFence will automatically do a brief scan of your complete computer when you install and use it. Depending on the size of your computer and its contents, the scan might take 20 to 30 minutes. You will also be notified about the various dangers that your computer may face.

Unfortunately, the malware detection rate of this anti-malware is below average. Specific files and.exe files may be flagged as suspicious, yet they are not malicious. Its fast scan consumes a significant amount of RAM while it is operating. A PC with 4 GB RAM will require around 1.5 GB. However, it does not use nearly as much RAM compared to other apps.

At this moment, leading independent testing laboratories such as AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST have not tested ByteFence. As a result, no comparison test results are currently available.

5. Excellent Customer Services

The organization has offices and partners worldwide and offers specialized services to its consumers. Users can request customer care assistance by filling out a support form. On the official website of ByteFence, there is also a help page with a comprehensive FAQ section.

Is ByteFence A Safe Program?

Yes, it is currently safe software. However, several people said it was a virus a while ago. Because of this reputation, ByteFence’s engineers conducted their due diligence and enhanced the software. As a result, its standing has improved as well. ByteFence is no longer included in most viral databases.

Even now, it is not the most incredible anti-malware application on the market because there are many more trustworthy and recognized antivirus and anti-malware solutions. Your computer will not get complete protection if you solely use ByteFence to protect it from dangerous malware.

Is ByteFence A Free Program?

ByteFence is available in both free and paid editions. ByteFence sports is the name of the free version. It’s a capable version with a reasonably priced premium upgrade. It is, however, incapable of eradicating the hazards it has identified.

During the 14-day trial period, the premium version, on the other hand, allows you to delete discovered threats for free. You will be prompted to purchase the full version if you wish to continue using the application after the trial time has ended.

The premium version, ByteFence Pro, has three different payment options. A three-year license will set you back $59.95. That works out to around $1.67 each month. 

A one-year license is also available for $29.95. That works out to about $2.50 each month. The lowest of the three is $19.95 (around $3.33 each month.)

Is There A Drawback To Using ByteFence?

According to a ByteFence anti-malware review, ByteFence offers a lot of valuable capabilities, but it falls short in a few critical areas in security protocols. The following are some of them:

1. While the software is running, it may cause your system to slow down. That is especially true with older devices with insufficient RAM.

2. As of yet, there is no independent testing for this software.

3. It can flag files that are not dangerous to your computer.

4. Virus detection rates are below average.

There’s a chance that this application won’t detect all of the browsers on a machine. They won’t even appear on the program’s interface.


ByteFence is a security tool that protects Windows systems from crapware, spyware, and malware, according to our ByteFence review. It isn’t harmful software in the traditional sense.

ByteFence was formerly integrated with other applications, infiltrating unwary systems. As a result, it was classified as potentially unwanted software. It has recently gained considerable credibility by correcting previous bundling difficulties.

Although ByteFence is not the finest anti-malware tool available, it might be helpful for those who want added layer of protection on their machines. It’s a legitimate anti-malware tool, but it’s no Malwarebytes or Norton.