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What Can You Get From Fishing In Minecraft?

There is much to explore in Minecraft, including fishing. Through fishing, you can get food supply for your character and other unique items. All you need is a fishing rod and a water body which can be a lake, river, or ocean. You also need to fish in ideal light and weather conditions for a fast bite. Once you craft your fishing rod and practice little patience, there is so much more to hunt. Here are some of the items you can get from fishing in Minecraft:


Obviously, fishing is done to get a catch at the end of the day. This is the same case in Minecraft where you can get either codfish or salmon species depending on the water body. Salmon are caught in the lake or river while in the ocean there are codfish with few salmon catches.

Though the fish can be taken raw to deal with small hunger, cooking them is better. The fish is cooked in the furnace, and when ready, it relieves more hunger. Once you craft a fishing rod, it is quite easy to have many catches that when cooked, provide an excellent source of food. You can get dozens of fish within ten minutes, which is impressive.

Pufferfish and tropical fish are other rare species that can be obtained when fishing. Pufferfish is useful in water-breathing portions while Tropical fish can be traded with other village anglers. You can even create a tropical aquarium using water and glass panels.

What Can You Get From Fishing In Minecraft What Can You Get From Fishing In Minecraft?

Fishing Rods

Some tugs are not fish that can be obtained when fishing. You can get an unenchanted and enchanted fishing rod from fishing. Magical rods are more useful and can help get more items through fishing. There is more discussion later in the article on what you can get through it.

Enchanted books

Though rare, you can reel in magical books when fishing. With them you can enchant items without using the enchanting table. The magic books can be used add enchantments to the armor, tools, and weapon if you have an anvil already. If your world is still new or enchanting while on the go when unable to use the enchantment table, then the enchanted books are useful.


There is a chance of landing a bow or enchanted bow while fishing. They make valuable weapons, but, you will need to craft arrows since they cannot be obtained from fishing.

Name tags

You can get name tags while fishing. They can be used in naming pets that include dogs, cats, horses, and birds, among others. The named animals won’t de-spawn, which is a plus for you. If you are passionate about your Minecraft animals, then personalizing them by using a name tag is excellent.


There is a chance of reeling in saddles while fishing.  They come in handy when you want to start taming horses. Note that the saddles cannot be crafted.  Nonetheless, they do not have any other work, especially if you already have enough horses.

Lily pads

If you are far from the nearest swamp then getting a lily pad is exciting. You can use them to make bridges across the water. They are very rare but for those who have a base already in a swamp biome then landing on lily pads is not so exciting.

Nautilus shells

There are hostile ocean mobs that need powerful ocean entities like the conduit to attack them successfully. To craft the conduits, you need the nautilus shells that can be obtained through fishing. Every conduit uses eight nautilus shells when crafting. Thus it is useful if you get it while fishing.

Junk items

When fishing, you can get some junk items such as ink sacs, tripwire hooks, bowls, rotten flesh, string, sticks, leather boots, water bottles and leather. Although they are not useful, some people are thrilled when picking some of these items while fishing.

Fishing Rod Enchantment in Minecraft

As stated above, one of the things you can get when fishing is an enchanted rod. While you can fish with the unenchanted rod, the one which is enchanted is ten times better. While other items used in the Minecraft world require an enchanting table for enchantment, you can easily get enchanted rod through fishing even when new. Though the rod can also be enchanted, it takes time and more resources to do it. The best thing is to fish until you manage to get one.

The enchantments that can be obtained using an enchanted fishing rod

There are four enchantments that you can get as explained below:

  • Lure: With the ordinary rod, you can reel in the fish after every 5-45 seconds randomly. However, with an enchanted rod waiting time is reduced by five-second for every level of the lure. For instance, where you could have waited for twenty seconds when using lure III, you will only do so for five seconds.
  • Luck of the sea: With an enchanted rod, you get the luck of the sea, where there is an increased chance of getting treasure items, and the possibility of getting junk ones is significantly decreased. Treasure items are the ones mentioned above except the junk items.
  • Mending: The experience received when reeling in the fishing may call for fishing rod repairs. With mending enchantment, your rod will be repaired after receiving experience. Essentially the mending on the rod is invincible, unlike when using an anvil.
  • Unbreaking: You get unbreaking enchantment which reduced the chance of the fishing rod breaking when using it. Thus, the rod will be used for a long time before you have to repair it with an anvil.

Final Take

Fishing in Minecraft makes the game so exciting. The experience of hunting for treasures underwater makes it even more thrilling. There is so much you can get as indicated in this guide.

If you happen to land on an enchanted fishing rod there is so much more you can get. With the enchanted lure, mending, unbreaking, and luck of the sea, your fishing experience will never be the same again!