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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives | 2021 Edition

Do You Sometimes Feel Like Smashing Your Buzzing Smartphone On The Floor, Or Throwing Your Computer Away?

Yes, sometimes electronic devices get on our nerves. But, ultimately technology is meant to make our lives easier, and faster. With the blessing of technology, we are able to enjoy endless opportunities, immense potential with technology.

We are now able to transmit information from one corner of the planet to another faster than the Speed of Light. We are now able to travel the furthest distance the voyage that was once deemed impossible. Everything we have achieved so far since the Industrial Revolution can largely be attributed to the dint of technology.

Technology is everywhere!

Technology allows us to enjoy a cup of coffee without going on hunting in the morning. Technology helps us travel miles to reach our destination. Technology snatches us from death when all sources of hope disappear.

How Did Technology Make It All Possible?

How Did Technology Make It All Possible

Technology has changed our lives by making our lifestyle easier. We invented and developed technologies. Developing them isn’t enough, we constantly think of the ways how we can modify them to make our lives much easier.

But, what specific ways have technology changed our lives?

Let’s learn about them:

1. Agriculture Industry: agriculture tasks used to be done by human labor all around. Now, technology has replaced human labor with machines. Now, with machines operated by humans, humans have spared themselves laborious irrigation and farming tasks.

For example, we now have tilling machines, tractors replacing animal-drawn plows.

2. Banking Sector: eCommerce and Electronic banking have made transactions, shopping, and moving money so simple. The development of VISA ELECTRON has made it simple to move money without having the fear of being robbed on the way.

For example, you can shop with your VISA card without moving along with your cash.

3. Control And Tame Natural Forces: natural forces wreak havoc on human territories, disrupt our daily activities, and cost countless lives. With the advent of different technological solutions, we learned how to use the natural forces in favor of us.

For example, we learned how to convert solar energy into electricity. Bushfires that burn our homes, farmland are tamed to heat our homes and facilitate industrial power. Large dams are built to harbor excess water.

4. Technology In Transportation: transportation media have revolutionized our traveling activities. Both businesses and individuals have benefited largely from the transportation industry. As we are becoming more technologically evolved, time became extremely precious.

Therefore, the need for faster transportation means is more serious than ever. Technology continues to develop better and faster cars, trains, airplanes, buses, etc.

5. Technology In Business: businesses can save money and introduce speed to their financial activities and serving with the use of technology.

6. Technology In Communication: technological advances in the communication sector aren’t like anything. We now have smartphones, the Internet, email, a video calling that made communication even faster.

7. Technology In Human Relationships: love connecting with your friends and family on Facebook? As people are getting more carried away with work, technology improves human relationships.

8. Technology In Education: with the advent of various technological means, people now can learn and teach through online media. Students can learn easily through the usage of various apps.

9. Technology In Purchasing: you may have heard of PayPal, SquareWallet. These payment systems make purchasing online easier and more flexible.

10. Technology In Lifestyle: in our lifestyle, technology both has a positive and negative impact on our lives. Online shopping, dating, taking selfies, learning, teaching, and interacting improved due to technology.

11. Telemedicine: using telecommunications has made healthcare affordable and feasible for rural and underprivileged areas. The use of technological means has made diagnostics more accurate.

12. Tablet Devices: tablet devices serve many uses. You can use a tablet device to read books, magazines, newspapers, play games, etc.

13. Augmented Reality: our field of vision has improved and expanded with the advent of technological means. Wearing contacts to navigate and change our eye colors are some of the examples of augmented reality.

14. Smart Cities: technology is giving us hopes for smart water management, smart cars, smart energy system, etc.

15. Product Service Systems: the notion of product-service systems refers to turning a product into a service. With many smart apps and services, you now have effective ways to save money.

16. Websites And Social Media: the expanse of the Internet continues to expand. There aren’t many ways that you can use the Internet to reap benefits.

17. Computer-Based Reading Programs: students who struggle to read can improve their reading skills with programs like Lexile.

18. Computer-Based Standardized Tests: schools and universities now use computer-based programs to grade and determine students’ capabilities.

19. Laptops And Smartphones: these devices make the portability of computerized devices possible. Using these devices, you can have information readily available for your use.

20. Human Resource Management: managing a business successfully depends on the proper utilization of its human resources. Various technological means are making the progress of a business even stronger.

Bottom Line

What we can achieve with the use of technology in the future is beyond our imagination. Technology continues to improve and change our lives.


1. How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Work?

Answer- Employee productivity and efforts have been improved, allowing them to place more emphasis on more important things such as precision and creativity.

2. Is Technology Taking Over Our Lives?

Answer- The internet and computers are daily changing our lives and improving efficiency, almost taking over our lives.

3. What Are The Biggest Problem In Digital Age?

Answer- Therefore, digital media not only impairs cognitive development but also may result in psychological disorders. In teenagers, social media can seriously affect their mental and emotional wellbeing. At this age, mostly all teenagers depend on social media as their source of entertainment or outlet.

4. What Are The Issues With Technology?

1. Need For Strong Digital Conference Platforms.
2. Remote Internet Speed and Connections.
3. Phishing and Data Privacy Issues.
4. Deepfake Content.