The Simpsons | Hit And Run Cheat Codes And Tricks For GameCube

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is an action-adventure video game based on the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. This game is developed by Radical Entertainment and it was first released on September 16, 2003. You will find the flavor of the Grand Theft Auto series in this game. You can play this game on GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows computers. If you play the game on GameCube then you can use cheat codes to unlock hidden vehicles and other bonus features. Read the article for details!

Cheat Codes Of The Simpsons: Hit And Run

1. Alternate credits music: Hold L + R and press A, X, X, Y

2. Unlock secret red brick car: Hold L + R and press B, B, Y, X

3. Blow up vehicles on impact: Hold L + R and press Y, Y, X, X

4. Faster cars: Hold L + R and press X, X, X, X

5. Super-fast cars: Hold L + R and press Y, Y, Y, Y

6. Unlock all vehicles: Hold L + R and press A, B, A, B

7. Grid view: Hold L + R and press B, A, B, Y

8. Indestructible car: Hold L + R and press Y, A, Y, A

9. Unlock alternate camera angle: Hold L + R and press B, B, B, A

10. Jump using horn button: Hold L + R and press X, X, X, Y

11. Psychedelic view: Hold L + R and press Y, B, Y, B

12. Display speedometer: Hold L + R and press Y, Y, B, X

13. New Year’s theme: Set the system date to January 1st

14. Halloween theme: Set the system date to October 31st

15. Thanksgiving theme: Set the system date to the last Thursday in November

16. Christmas theme: Set the system date to December 25th

Hidden Vehicle Locations Of The Simpsons: Hit And Run

1. Rocket car: In front of Quimby’s mansion

2. Monorail: Downtown near Itchy & Scratchy balloons

3. Night boat: Inside a crate on the boat

4. Quad bike: Between two trailers in the caravan park

5. Monster truck: At the stadium

6. Pink Caddylic: Crashed into a wall beside Planet Hype

7. RC car: On top of Krusty Burger

Unlock Bonus Mission Vehicles In The Simpsons: Hit And Run

1. Bandit: Complete Milking The Pigs

2. Hover Car: Complete Kinky Frinky

3. Kremlin: Complete Breached Love

4. Mr. Burns’ Limo: Complete Flaming Tires

5. Pickup Truck: Complete This Old Shanty

6. Sedan: Complete Princi-Pal

7. WWII Jeep: Complete Dial B For Blood

Tricks About The Simpsons: Hit And Run

1. You can collect the multiplayer mode by collecting all seven cards at any level. There will be new tracks for multiplayer mode because you have collected all the cards for each level

2. You can set your GameCube system to a certain date and enable secrete holiday themes. There will be a change in various aspects of the game according to the theme

3. You can drive a wrecked car in this game. When a car blows up to jump out of it and then return to the wreck and press Y to drive around in the wreck

4. First, destroy a rocket car and then return to it with a wrench and the rocket car will return. Now smash the car again and again as many times as you want and earn unlimited coin

5. If you want to see a special cartoon then collect every card in the game. Then, go to the Android’s Dungeon shop and purchase the ticket from the Comic Book Guy. Finally, go to the Aztec Theater to view the secret cartoon 

Final Thought

I hope you find the information that you were looking for. If you have any queries about this game or facing any problem using the above cheat codes then feel free to comment below. Our experts will provide you the right solutions. 


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