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10 Movie Apps For Android Like Showbox | Showbox Alternatives 2021

Enjoy spending free time watching movies and TV?

How did you watch Avengers: Infinity War?

TV shows and movies are the best ways of spending free time. When you can watch those shows and movies on your handheld device, it gets even more exciting. Many Android apps are available that will allow you to watch TV shows and the latest movies online.

When it comes to watching TV Shows and Movies online, Showbox App is the most popular medium. In fact, 7 out of 10 people recommend Showbox App for free TV Shows and Movies. Showbox App offers a unique and easy way to watch TV Shows and Movies online.

However, there aren’t a few people that don’t look for alternatives. Showbox is great, but there are numerous Showbox Alternatives available that are even better than Showbox. Showbox alternative apps deliver a better experience to users.

Why Do You Need Apps Similar To Showbox?

Showbox App is extremely popular! But, for the last couple of days, Showbox started malfunctioning. Whenever I try to watch movies and TV shows through this app, the app loads for quite some time but doesn’t play movies or TV shows.

I don’t know whether it is just me or anybody else who faced this. But, I have tried to sort out this issue with my Internet connection. So, I tried to play a YouTube video with Showbox. And, a video played fine without buffering.

So, it was clear that the Showbox App has some issues with the server. The main reason for this could be the fact that the app is quite popular. Since you have come to this page, you too may be facing the same issue and looking for an alternative.

If you are looking for an alternative, then you have come to the right place. No, this article is not written to malign Showbox App. The app has plenty of good features that contributed to its useful features. However, you may be looking for another app for change. Or, you may be looking for a better one.

For this reason, I decided to write this article. I wanted to let people know there are apps available to make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable.

So, let’s discover the “Apps like Showbox”.

Showbox Alternatives – Apps Like Showbox

1. Playbox HD App – Best Alternative To Showbox

The Playbox HD App is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It allows you to stream and play movies and TV shows on your handheld devices. The Playbox HD App covers a wide range of TV shows and Movies sorted into different categories. These TV shows are viewable in HD format.

The Playbox HD App is the best alternative to Showbox. It looks and feels just like the original app. You can stream and watch TV shows and movies with this app absolutely for free. You can browse through the collection of videos as well.

The Playbox HD App categorized videos into age groups too. There is a category available for kids. You can start Kids’ mode and TV stream through Chromecast. The app allows you to enable parental control, so you can have control over the content and find content that is kid-friendly.

Moreover, you can download videos for offline viewing. People who don’t have a stable Internet connection will definitely benefit from offline viewing.

Just because the app is named HD app, doesn’t mean there are no low-quality videos. People with lower bandwidth can watch low-quality videos.

Main Features Of The Playbox HD App

1. Compatible Versions: Android and iOS

2. Absolutely free of cost

3. No premium version to tempt you with features

4. Superb HD quality videos

2. Crackle


Crackle is one of the best movie, TV online streaming applications. Crackle contains popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. The range of videos on Crackle is outstanding! Watching movies and videos on Crackle come absolutely free of cost!

Crackle is a top app for many reasons. Not only does Crackle cover major mobile platforms, but it also supports desktop, Amazon Kindle, TV, etc. The compatibility of Crackle is amazing!

Crackle covers a wide range of TV Shows and Movies. The app will keep you entertained with comedy, action, and romantic entertainment.

Crackle allows you to watch the original series and programs too. The movie collection of Crackle is up-to-date and complete. Crackle’s wide number of genres include comedy, drama, evergreen movies, and action.

All you have to do is download the app and create a free account to save your favorites. You don’t need to subscribe. The great thing about Crackle is that it saves your viewing. And, you can pause your movie and program and pick it up from right where you left it.

Main Features Of Crackle

1. Compatible Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Windows mobiles, Television, Amazon Kindle, PC / Desktop

2. Free and easy to use

3. A wide range of TV shows and movies

4. Conveniently categorized

3. MegaBox HD For Android

MegaBox HD has everything that a movie lover could ask for. As the name suggests, the app allows you to stream TV shows and movies in excellent quality. What makes the app so different from other apps is its lightweight size.

MegaBox is roughly 2MB in size and definitely works significantly better than Showbox. The app requires a supplementary video player. Therefore, you have to install MV CastPlayer, which is also lightweight (4MB).

The ads are a problem for many Android users. Ads too with MegaBox will annoy you. But, you can skip them. The only gripe I have about MegaBox is its lack of video viewing options. The app has only 720p video quality available.

The user interface of this app is quite extraordinary! In the user menu, you can switch between the TV Show section and Movies. Like Crackle, MegaBox also allows you to pick your favorites. MegaBox App has a download section for offline viewing.

Main Features Of MegaBox HD

1. Options to choose between 360p and 720p content

2. A powerful and reliable server that eliminates any chance of lag or slowdowns during streaming

3. Allows you to favorite movies endlessly

4. Movie Box

Movie Box is a great alternative for Showbox. It contains features that are very similar in nature to Showbox. Movie Box contains movies from evergreen movies to the newest blockbusters. The tools provided by Movie Box are very convenient to use.

Movie Box supports only two languages. The two languages are English and Russian. Therefore, understanding the app may be a bit of an issue. The annoying part of the app is that you have to watch a trailer once you have begun to stream content.

Main Features Of Movie Box

1. Movie Box features the newest lineup of movies

2. Features very simple to use tools

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the most popular apps for watching movies and TV shows. Popcorn Time cemented its position as a go-to app for watching movies. The application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Popcorn Time starts up very quickly from your tablet or smartphone. The app allows you to seamlessly change its interface and language at the drop of a hat. Popcorn Time without a doubt is one of the best apps for watching movies of our time.

Main Features Of Popcorn Time

1. Compatible with Android, Linux, and iOS platforms

2. Allows the use of subtitles if you don’t understand the verbal parts of a movie

3. Allows the connection of smart TV

4. Allows you to change the interface and language

6. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming offers a range of choices in terms of streaming content. You will have plenty of movies to select from. If the collection isn’t enough for you, you can download your choice of movies of your own accord.

Hub Streaming only supports Android platforms. Therefore, if you are an iOS user, you are out of luck. These days, people have multiple smartphones. So, collecting an Android shouldn’t be a problem if you want to enjoy an entire barrage of movies.

7. Sky HD

Well, many people tend to confuse this app with the British TV channel. However, Sky HD in this context is a Showbox alternative. Sky HD considerably delivers better quality movies and TV shows than most applications listed here.

Sky HD doesn’t come free. It comes with a price tag. Most streamers may not be willing to pay for streaming, as plenty of services out there offer free services.

Main Features Of Sky HD

1. Better picture quality than its most competitors

2. A wide range of TV shows and movies

3. Not free to use

8. Hulu


Hulu is an application that is widely known for its constantly updated content. Hulu updates its content regularly without delay. Just with a simple click, you can start binging on movie streaming.

Main Features Of Hulu

1. Wide selection of TV shows and movies

2. Compatible with Chromecast

9. Viewster

Viewster is an application that allows you to watch movies and TV shows. You have to have an online connection. Once the app is installed on the device, you can start right away with a single click.

Main Features Of Viewster

1. Supports Android, iOS, ad PC/Desktop

10. TubiTV


TubiTV is popular because it has the shortest length of advertisements in it. TubiTV has all the features required for a free online streaming application. Various categorizations, constant upgrading of the system make the app quite convenient.

Another one is You TV Player which I reviewed and wrote a guide here about how to use on PC and Mac.

Bottom Line

Movies and TV shows have always been significant sources of entertainment for anyone. Since people are becoming incredibly hooked to mobile devices, apps for movies and TV shows are becoming popular. In this article, I discussed the best apps for watching movies and TV shows that are also Showbox alternatives.


1. What’s The Best Showbox Alternative?

1. Titanium TV.
2. CatMouse APK.
3. UnlockMyTV.
4. Kodi.
5. TeaTV.
6. CyberFlix TV.

2. What Is The Top 5 Free Movie Apps?

1. Tubi TV.
2. Popcornflix.
3. Disney+.
4. Sony Crackle.
5. Crunchyro.

3. What App Allows You To Watch Movies That Are In Theaters?

Answer- Tubi TV is a theater movie streaming website that allows users access to free movies and TV series and shows. It has thousands of programs up for viewing from any device as long as it has internet connections.

4. What Is The Best APK For Movies?

1. Kodi.
2. Tubi TV.
3. MediaBox HD.
4. Stremio.
5. Popcorn Time.
6. Nova TV.