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Secret SMS Replicators Apps You Never Knew About In 2021

There are a lot of different companies that offer SMS replicator apps, which are apps that can create text messages with the same content as an already sent text message.

The purpose of these apps is to provide a more personalized approach to marketing and customer service. For example, instead of sending mass texts, these apps allow marketers to send personalized messages to their customers and prospects. Companies use them for customer retention initiatives since they increase customer engagement rates.

There are at least 2 types of SMS Replicators Apps. They are the ones that you carry around with you, and the other is the type that sits on your phone and can be accessed remotely.

This app is becoming more popular among children and teenagers because they can use it to carry out group conversations and relay messages to each other without having to call or text each other.

In today’s day-to-day life, people now spend a lot of time on their phones. With all of this time spent on our phones, we have a tendency to forget about our friends in real life. With technology like these apps helping us stay connected with those we love, we will not only make our lives easier but also happier!

So, where such apps idea came out from?

Most relationships nowadays start from exchanging text messages. It’s likely that an unfaithful partner in a relationship may also start the process of cheating through exchanging text messages.

Your partner may have acted strangely sometimes that you felt reasonably doubtful over their commitment to the relationship. This type of doubt over loyalty isn’t solely distinctive to romantic relationships.

You may have a son/daughter who you are sure isn’t completely honest with you. Your son/daughter may be exchanging text messages with someone you wouldn’t approve of such an exchange. For this reason, you may want to listen in on your loved one’s conversation.

SMS Tracker Apps

SMS Tracker Apps

If you ever wondered whether there is an app that could allow you to track the messages of someone else’s phone, then your wondering will end here. There are plenty of SMS tracker apps that will allow you to remotely read text messages.

Yes, you can spy on the text messages your boyfriend/girlfriend/loved ones are exchanging.

SMS Replicator For Android

With the expansion of Android as an Operating System, there is a multitude of apps available that can handle a range of tasks. These apps are fun to use. However, a few of them are quite controversial. SMS Replicator apps, for example, allow you to listen in on conversations other people are partaking.

Today, I am going to discuss the SMS Replicator Apps for Android devices. These are the best secret SMS apps on Android to spy on text messages someone else is exchanging.

Best SMS Replicator Android Apps

1. Monitor Call SMS Location

GPS To SMS Location Sharing App

This is by far the spy app to track your kids’ SMS chats. Moreover, you can track location with this app as well. So, if you want your SMS app to work as double for location tracking, then you’d better use this app.

The best part of using this app is that you could get an email notification for every tracking activity you do with this app. Therefore, you will be able to keep track of the SMS’s your loved ones sending.

This is the best ultimate SMS tracking app you will use. With the app, you will be able to spy on text messages. Monitor Call SMS Location app isn’t open source. However, it does come with a trial version to test out the app for three days.

2. SMS Tracker

Secret Tracker Apps Secret SMS Replicators Apps You Never Knew About In 2021

SMS Tracker might be the smoothest app of all apps discussed on the list. If you want to spy on someone physically or virtually, you want to keep your spying activity as discreet as possible.

Therefore, the icon installed on the Android device may give it away that you are spying on the person who has the phone. For this reason, you can disguise SMS Tracker with a faux icon.

With the faux icon registered to SMS Tracker, your victim won’t know they are being tracked.

However, the disguised version of SMS Tracker is not available on Google Play Store. You have to download the version from

3. Auto Forward SPY

Auto Forward SMS To Phone Apps

This is the best app for you if you recently switched from iOS to Android. If you are looking for an app to make you feel at home, then Auto Forward SPY is the right one for you. The app is extremely useful in spying on text messages on your child’s phone without making him/her paranoid.

The app is integrated with a browser application. Therefore, you can have access to what is being exchanged from a web browser. Yes, you have to log in to your account with a USER name and password assigned to you when you first signed up with AUTO FORWARD SPY.

Moreover, the app has functionality for you to spy on your child’s social media profiles. If your child or loved one is active on social media, then it’s likely that they are using it to communicate with people known and unknown to them.

Social media profiles are the perfect platforms for sharing and communicating nowadays. For this reason, AUTO FORWARD SPY could be the best app all around.

4. Keepers – Parental Control & Location Tracker App

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Trouble sleeping at night because you keep on worrying about what your child’s doing? Then, Keepers ANDROID will help you sleep better. This app will provide your child with an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, you can disguise the app, so that your child/loved one doesn’t suspect that you have planted a bug in their phone.

In addition to tracking your child or loved one from a special app, you can also track their activities from a Web browser.

5. Chat Message Tracker

Screenshot 2021 06 12 at 16.45.48 Secret SMS Replicators Apps You Never Knew About In 2021

With this special app, you can monitor your child’s online activities easily. The reason why I give this app the props is that it will give your child the best fighting chance against bullying. Cyberbullies seem to dominate even in the virtual world.

If your child is being bullied at school, it is likely that bullies want to bully him/her on social media. Whether your child is being harassed on social media, may be difficult to find out. That’s where you need to utilize an Android app.

MOBISTEALTH ANDROID MONITORING SOFTWARE has stealthy options for you to spy on your child’s online activities.

Privacy Issues While Using Any Of The SMS Replicators or Call/Location/Chat Tracker Apps

For the most part, society has been reluctant to discuss privacy. But in recent years, technology has moved forward and a myriad of smart devices have been introduced to our lives. As this technology continues to advance, people are starting to question what the effects of these technologies will be on their privacy.

1. SMS Replicators App leaves digital footprint behind

2. Texting isn’t safe anymore

3. Some apps aren’t as private as they seem

4. Most call tracker apps use location services which is going to drain your battery life quickly. Evaluate how long you will be using the tracker app each day in order to determine if this will affect your productivity during work hours.

There are a couple of issues we should keep in mind while using those apps.

Bottom Line

In this article, I discussed the best Android apps for tracking text messages on someone else’s phone remotely. Please Google those app names and download those on your phone. 🙂


What Is The Best Free App To Spy On Text Messages?

Answer- Minspy (The Best Text Message Spy App).

What Is SMS Replicator?

Answer- SMS Replicator is a free service that allows you to send SMS messages from your web browser. In other words, you can send text messages from your PC, without having to pay for a text messaging plan. SMS Replicator has been around for a few years now and is a great tool.

3. What Is The Best Hidden Text App

1. Threema.
2. Signal private messenger.
3. Kibo.
4. Silence.
5. Blur Chat.
6. Viber.
7. Telegram.

4. What Is The Best Sms Spy App For Android?

1. TheWiSpy Android Spy App.
2. XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App.
3. FamiSafe Android Monitoring App.
4. FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware.
5. MobiStealth Phone Monitor.