Samsung Girl Sam

The Samsung Girl Sam: Who is She and Why Has She Taken the Internet by Storm?

The Samsung Girl Sam is an avatar created by Lightfarm Studios for the Samsung Company. Unlike other virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Apple’s Siri, who are distinguished by their unique voices but are faceless, Samsung’s virtual assistant Sam has a face that has made her become the internet sensational.

Is the Samsung Girl Replacing Bixby Virtual Assistant?

Is the Samsung Girl Replacing Bixby Virtual Assistant

It is yet to be seen whether Sam will replace Bixby virtual assistant since the company is silent on that front. Regardless of the storm that the avatar kicked online, it was deleted from the Lightfarm Studio’s website, hopefully for development before we see Sam back.

It is an open secret that immediately Sam was revealed on social media. She created an internet sensation, and the Company went viral, with most people falling in love with the avatar. Many Samsung users don’t still understand why the much-loved Avatar isn’t in use yet. Below is everything you should understand about Sam, the Samsung girl. 

Who Is Sam, a.k.a the Samsung Girl?

The Samsung virtual assistant Sam is a brainchild of talented individuals from the Lighfarm Studio Company. The Company is renowned for crafting VR applications, realistic CGI images, AR filters, and videos. 

Neither the Samsung Company nor Lightfarm Studio has commented about the avatar replacing Bixby virtual assistant. Most people, more so Samsung users, have gone into an online wild frenzy about the avatar.

When Sam was revealed on social media in June 2021, thousands of users on Twitter fell in love with her and posted interesting memes, fan art, and their opinion about the new virtual assistant.

Is the Samsung Girl Real, and Can She Join Bixby?

We know that the Samsung girl was just but a concept. However, the question in everyone’s thoughts is – can this concept see the light of the day? Well, there are no chances of the concept becoming a reality. All that Samsung users will do is imagine what and how Sam could have revolutionized their gadgets.

However, the Lightfarm Studio Company achieved its goal of crafting a perfect and realistic design by incorporating realistic materials, especially the avatar’s clothing and hair; thus, Sam’s aesthetic appearance threw Samsung users into a frenzy. 

The question regarding the possibility of the Samsung girl joining Bixby, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana on the virtual assistant platform is yet to see the light of the day. All that is remaining is for the Samsung users to marvel and be content with the fan frenzy.

What is the Character of the Samsung Girl?

When designing the Samsung girl, the Lightfarm Studio company designers gave the avatar a human touch. As a result, they managed to craft a beautiful girl featuring bright eyes. 

Sam has all the features of a cheerful lady in love with her Samsung mobile phone. Thus, she is seen as falling in love with the tunes on her phone, and she enjoys searching and installing apps on her Samsung Phone.

The Samsung girl’s willingness to text and chat with her friends depicts her as a 21st-century lady ready to explore all stuff on her Samsung gadget.

The Speculation about How Sam Can Be Used

Yes, the Samsung girl is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has already won the award of LIA Grand Prix, but how can she be of use to Samsung gadgets?

The idea of crafting Sam didn’t originate out of the blues. The Samsung Company has figured out how Sam will be of use to them, but the general public is not privy to the happenings behind the scenes; thus, we are only left to speculate.

It is speculated that at some point, the AI can either be integrated with Bixby or replace it altogether. However, Samsung has come out strongly to dispel this notion by confirming that they are in the process of unveiling a new artificial intelligence, but Sam is not in the picture; thus, the Samsung girl can’t be that much-touted AI.

This clarification from Samsung is bad news to most Samsung users who have already fallen in love with the lively and beautiful Samsung girl. Still, it is speculated that Sam is simply Samsung’s chatbox.

How Can the Samsung Girl be utilized?

Have you fallen in love with Sam and fear losing her forever? Have hopes that the avatar might be used as a chatbox; hence there are chances of interacting with her in the future. 

The artificial intelligence will be used as a chatbox of the Samsung Company’s service team. You will interact with her whenever connecting with Samsung via Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform.

Can Samsung Change the Samsung Girl’s Looks in the Future?

The answer as to whether Sam’s looks will receive a facelift is not conclusive. However, based on a few facts on the table, it is safe to speculate that the avatar’s looks will be changed.

The Company stated that the pictures of the Samsung girl were a 3D version of the existing 2D version, thus signaling that if Sam finds her way into use in any Samsung gadget, she will come with a different look.

The Company also indicated that future designs of the Samsung girl will be tailored according to individual markets, an indication that we are yet to see different looks of the Samsung girl.

The Samsung Girl’s Details

Now that we understand who the Samsung girl is, let’s have a sneak peek at the avatar’s details:

  • Name:             Sam
  • Full Name:     Samantha
  • Gender:          Female
  • Release Date:  1st June 2021
  • Age:                 24 years
  • Rule:                Text and voice.

Why Did Samsung Approach Lightfarm Studios to Design the Samsung Girl?

Samsung is a reputable entity in the electronics industry. Thus it has to engage a reputable Company to foresee the design of any app that can be incorporated into any of its gadgets. This reason alone could have prompted them to reach out to Lighfarm Studios for the assignment.

Lightfarm studios are an award-winning entity that has dominated the visual arts production industry. It is not a coincidence that the Company has been recognized by Cannes and is a proud award winner of the LIA Grand Prix.

However, although this is speculative, there is a possibility that Samsung sent technicians to work with the Company to customize the design according to Samsung’s requirements.

Why Did So Many Samsung Users Fall in Love with the Samsung Girl?

The Samsung girl has not been incorporated with Samsung phones or replaced Bixby as artificial intelligence, yet many Samsung users have loved her blindly without knowing what she can do. So, what led to the internet frenzy about Samantha?

Perhaps, people loved the avatar because it is unique. Most virtual assistants, such as Siri, are faceless, but the Lightfarm went the extra mile to design a character with a human face. The beauty associated with the avatar might be why most people fell in love with Samantha immediately she was revealed on social media.The Samsung girl’s bright eyes made her a sensation to most Samsung users. Amazingly, she likes jamming to her Samsung phone’s tunes, browsing apps, and chatting with friends, thus depicting her as a 21st-century girl, which endears her to many internet users.