RTC Connecting Discord

RTC Connecting Discord | What Does It Mean And Fixing Tips

The “RTC Connecting” error that shows up in Discord is very basic. This is an audio connection problem that will cause problems in communication with your friends and team over one of the popular messaging platforms. It happens when Discord has trouble connecting to the WebRTC protocol because there is a network issue. There might be a connection issue with the server. Check if it is still connected to other parts of the internet and that you have not exceeded your bandwidth usage for the day.

10 Reasons Why RTC Connecting Issues Happen On Discord App

RTC Connecting Issues

Discord is a popular voice and text chat app that gamers use to communicate with other gamers. It is a very powerful app and has changed the way many people game, but it can also have some issues that may or may not be what you would expect.

The following are the five most common reasons for Discord app internet connection issues.

1) Discord App has problems connecting to the internet

2) The system is down because of hardware or software errors

3) Outdated firmware on the router might cause connection issues.

4) Mobile data might be disabled by either turning off the mobile data or switching to WiFi, which can also cause connection issues.

5) The user’s ISP might be blocking access to Discord’s servers, causing connection issues.

6) The server you are trying to connect to is down or has been taken offline.

7) Your ISP is blocking traffic from Discord servers.

8) Your router is blocking discord’s IP addresses or the Discord app can’t match with the ports your router uses to open up connections in a firewall setting for incoming requests from your network device and outbound responses from your network device back to the internet or other devices on your network

9) In some cases, it might be caused due to a virus on Android devices that have a specific hostname for their DNS server set as “discord-servers” (as opposed to a regular DNS server like Google Public DNS). This might cause an app crash when Discord starts and causes the app to close and then reopen.

10) Static IP is the address from which a device may be accessed from the internet. When these static IP addresses are blocked or protected by a firewall or port blockage, it can lead to the low bandwidth of Discord servers.

How To Fix RTC Connecting Problems Of Discord

Fix RTC Connecting Problems Of Discord

The most common problems users have when connecting Discord are when they cannot see their friends online or if they cannot load the app at all. This article will cover how to fix these problems and more in order to get your Discord back up and running smoothly!

1. It’s worth noting that the actual connection might be fine, but due to a misconfiguration in your settings, you’re unable to connect. There are a couple of things you can try to fix. When you are having difficulty connecting to a server, it can be helpful to flush your DNS cache, check the firewall settings and reboot the PC or Mac.

2. Restarting your mobile device, turning off data and Wi-Fi connections, and restarting the game are all ways to fix the RTC connecting issue.

3. Restarting your Computer, Clearing Temporary Files & Browser Cache. RTC Connecting Discord Issue is something that is a very common issue with discord. It can be caused by a variety of different things and it will usually be resolved by restarting the computer.

4. It may be possible that Discord is having trouble establishing a connection to the voice server. If this is the case you can reboot your network hardware. Most Windows operating systems provide a way to turn the network back on. Instructions may vary depending on your operating system.

5. It is a very simple solution. All you need to do is change your browser for the time being. You may want to use Firefox or Chrome for now, until this issue gets fixed.

6. Sometimes, people may face the problem of Discord RTC connecting when they are already connected to a VPN. You can check the VPN connection status by following these steps:

7. Disabling QoS High Packet Priority to fix RTC Connecting Discord Issue. Open Discord and go to User Settings. Select Voice & Video from the left menu. Make sure Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority is set to disable in the QUALITY OF SERVICE SETTING

8. RTC Connecting Discord Issue can be caused by an Anti-Virus or Firewall. If you are getting this error and you have either of these installed, uninstall it and try connecting again.

9. Keep Discord up to date: This is the most common issue with Discord and some users do not even know why they are having connection issues as Discord will notify them on their screen if there is an update available for download.

10. Update your drivers: If you are using your computer’s built-in drivers then they may be outdated which could cause a lot of other problems for you, so make sure to check for updates when one becomes available.

11. Check your firewall: There are many different firewalls out there to help you control access to your computer or network. You can use a firewall for a variety of purposes, such as blocking unauthorized internet connections and controlling file sharing.


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