Romantic Hollywood Movies

Top 50 Romantic Movies Of Hollywood 

Romantic movies have always offered great escapes and fantasies for viewers. We have made a list of the most romantic movies of Hollywood of all time that you should watch because they will refresh your mind and heart. You can feel the ice melting, especially when the two people overcoming their financial, discriminatory difficulties and all sorts of restraints to experience life “happily ever after”.

Since the beginning of visual cinematography, we have seen movies with romantic stories set on historical background, dramas, comedies, fantasies, etc. Throughout history, Hollywood offered romantic movies that reached the romantic capstone but do not always end up happily.

Some movies espouse the ideals of myth and fairy tales, reaching into the abstruse imaginative extents of high romanticism. Others are formed on romantic novels, combining adventure, societal restraints, and courtly love. These tales introduce us to desire colliding with duty and love altering destiny.

Anyways, I curated and compiled several movies that set the bar higher for romantic movies’ standards and fixated viewers to the screen till the end. Let’s explore the list and don’t forget to keep a box of Kleenex while reading.

Romantic Movies Of Hollywood

1. Titanic

James Cameron’s masterpiece that hypnotized billions for decades. The movie changed film history in every way. The movie catered to people of all ages and made them emit “wow” at the end of the movie. Nobody cares how much you criticize this movie because it transcends censure. I tried avoiding watching this movie for a long time even after it had been released. I used to dismiss it as “over-hyped”. But, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of getting aboard the most featured ship in the world. James Cameron’s works expertly create “you are there” type of climate. So, when it comes to watching Titanic, you not just see it, you feel it. This movie does an excellent job at displaying the emotional moments accurately as the ship was sinking. Like you are there, sharing their fear, agony, and the feeling of watching the death right before you and yielding to death yourself. Most of us couldn’t hold tears as Jack sacrificed his life to keep Rose alive. Nothing stood between them expressing their unconditional love for each other. This movie is the best romantic Hollywood movie of all time.

2.City Of Angels  

Many people who have watched this movie can’t stop watching it multiple times. The movie never ceases to bring many people to tears. Nicholas Cage (Seth), an angel, who falls in love with a workaholic doctor. The movie portrays the lengths the angel goes to be with the woman he loves that he even sacrifices his angel-hood. The ending of the movie testifies to the strength of love and life.

3. Pretty Woman 

I enjoyed every bit of this movie while watching it. Pretty Woman centers around the chemistry between Richard Gere (Edwards Lewis) and Julia Roberts (Vivian Ward). The movie’s plot focuses on Edward hiring an escort for some social events but then falling in love with the escort (Ward). This is the movie that creates a great story of hope and purity of falling in love.

4. Notting Hill 

Another movie featuring a conflict between social status that love trumps and another movie of Julia Roberts. Although Anna is played by Julia Roberts who is a full-fledged Hollywood superstar, the movie is very conventionally British. The humor of the movie is set by the dinner-party banter between William and his friends. Notting Hill instantly becomes a mesmerizing fairy tale — an enchanting and friendly love story.

5. Avatar 

Another James Cameron masterpiece holds the title of being the most successful movie of all time. The 3D hit movie took over Titanic as the highest-grossing movie of all time. The movie really sets the standard for how a 3D movie should be. You may have seen the love story the movie was set on, but never like this. This movie offers a deep understanding of the ecosystem and why we should have a deeper connection with nature and not give in to our greed and supremacy. In between, the movie displays the innate romance that appeals to two people.

6. The Notebook 

I first thought that the movie would be just another typical romantic movie. But, my conception started dwindling as I started watching the movie. The themes the movie portrayed can truly impress any movie genre fan. The movie will keep you interested and happy all the time as you will follow the love story of Noah and Allie. The best feature that differentiates the movie from others is the depth of the plot.

7. Mr & Mrs Smith 

This movie really has attracted lots of critics. Some may be surprised how can a movie like Mr & Mrs made it to the top of the list. Well, the movie has a lot of unrealistic, over-dramatized scenes, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have incredible chemistry. Even when the movie couple, John and Jane were directed to kill each other, you could feel something between the two.

8. You’ve Got Mail

 The chemistry that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan displayed in the movie is more potent than an exothermic, explosive reaction. Tom’s and Meg’s performance in the movie was powerful and vibrant. Both of them really sparkled the screen and transfixed the audience to it.

9. A Walk To Remember

This movie created a story of faith — something to believe in. Most of the people who watched the movie could hardly hold back their tears. Landon got close to Jamie due to the community services he had to perform due to his misdemeanor. Landon used to ignore her in the public to display his attitude as a cool kid. However, he starts developing faith in her and vice versa. Love, romance, action, sorrow — everything is stuffed in that movie.

10. Pearl Harbor

This movie truly streamlined the action sequence, plot, music in a way that you feel for every man and woman who died on that fateful day in December 1941. Yes, the movie had historical inaccuracies. However, love, the drama really sprouted from this movie.

11. Sleepless In Seattle

Another magnificent movie from Nora Ephron displaying excellent performances of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The movie will glue you to the screen till the end. The movie centers around two people falling in love, yet they do not meet until the final scene of the movie. Sleepless in Seattle is an excellent romantic comedy to watch while snuggling in bed.

12. If Only 

The movie is hugely emotive. It even becomes more moving when you are a sensitive person. This movie is tremendously educational and contains vital messages be it in scenes or in the script that could change perception toward life. Everybody who wants to receive pointers on how to love or to love even more must watch this movie.

13.  Just Like Heaven 

If you want to break away from typical romantic movies, then this movie will offer you more than what you expected. And, you cannot but fall in love with Reese. She’s an excellent actor who as usual retained her originality in moulding into romantic movies. The acting is very well performed along with the storyline.

14.The Lake House 

This movie depicts establishing connection with your true soulmate when you feel secluded. The movie was fueled by the natural and solid performances by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The chemistry created by the duo defines the love story perfectly. They portrayed real human feelings in their characters, that’s why it’s a character-driven movie.

15. Flipped 

This is a coming of age movie, set in the late 1950’s. The movie follows the story of two eighth-graders; Bryce and Juli. Bryce, the boy, captivates Juli with his eyes. The movie was played from two different synopsis. Bryce and Juli, both get to tell their stories. So, you get to watch the movie from two different viewpoints.

16. Serendipity

 As soon as you will start watching this movie, you’ll realize you’re watching something special. The movie centers around a couple reuniting years after the first time they met. But, they were later separated and convinced that they would meet again one day. If you want to watch a hypnotic, splendid romantic movie, then I recommend Serendipity.

17. Forces Of Nature

Forces of Nature focuses on two young people who find strength from each other, atone for each other’s weakness and who prove effective in offering valuable life lessons to each other. Forces of Nature can really grab your attention from the start and won’t frustrate you till the end. Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock were perfect in their roles as Ben and Sarah.

18. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock (Lucy) saves her secret crush Peter Gallagher (Peter) from an approaching train. Lucy muses over turning things around while working at a ticket booth and she develops a secret crush over a local commuter (Peter). While You Were Sleeping is beautiful and pleasing in so many ways. You get to take a trip down the old-school romantic movies of the 40’s and 50’s.

19. Runaway Bride 

Fans of Pretty Woman will enjoy this movie exclusively. Julia Roberts presented a comfortable, natural and highly realistic performance in this movie. You may have a feeling that you can predict the plot when watching the movie. However, the first act is very fast-relaying and climax was well-presented. The movie is a pleasant watch.

20. Keith 

The movie captivated my attention and it’s so mesmerizing that I let out “wow” as the movie finished. I have to admit I didn’t expect much from this movie as I decided to watch it. But, it got me gobsmacked. If you are a fun-loving person who prefers a bit of drama, then you’ll love this movie. The way the storyline is presented and told makes it appealing. The movie is heart-wrenching to be honest, you get the desire to watch it all over again.

21. 50 First Dates

This is quite simply an amazing movie. This movie has fun elements in it and can make you sate with pleasant content. This movie revolves around around a man (Henry) who is afraid of commitment, yet falls in love with Lucy who has short-term memory loss and tends to forget him the very following day. 50 First Dates is really a funny movie. But, underneath the humor lies the true beauty of this movie.

22. Meet Joe Black

 Meet Joe Black is a purely captivating movie with powerful messages about not taking life for granted. Everyone can find something to depressed about in life. We all have our flaws and shortcomings. But, what can we do to rectify our situation? How can we make our life better? Meet Joe Black who tells us to look at ourselves and appreciate our life as a gift. The movie offers a unique plot and is pretty lengthy. However, you will enjoy the romantic elements in it.

23. Moulin Rouge

You won’t stop falling in love with the movie if you ever watch this movie. This movie will change your cinematic experience like forever. It is undeniably one of the most beautiful cinematic arts you will ever see. Every scene is breathtaking, every piece of music is crafted with modern and popular songs. And, the performances? You can truly feel that Satine and Christian are in love.

24. Letters To Juliet

The message of romance is perpetual. And, love itself can cross boundaries, many generations and be felt and experienced. This movie uniquely portrays love in a way that you yourself can’t stop experiencing it. The movie was shot in Italy. Breathtaking sceneries and mesmerizing performances will make you want to visit Italy. This movie is for people of all ages. You can watch this movie with your teens easily without feeling nauseating about what’s coming next.

25. Sweet November

This is a very enjoyable movie to watch because the acting put on display in this movie is too real to ignore. I never knew how skilled Keanu is adapting to a romantic movie until I saw this. I really enjoyed the lengths Sara (Theron) went to, so that Nelson (Keanu) can gain simple pleasures in life.

26. The Time Traveler’s Wife

I was a huge fan of the book and read it a couple of times. I was looking forward into watching the movie and following the production. I was jubilant by how accurate to the book they movie remained. This movie is truly a heart-warming love story and will keep you transfixed to the screen. Actually this movie was not a disappointment to a person who enjoyed the book.

27. Mr Nobody

As I finished watching this movie, I realized not everyone can enjoy this movie. The messages the movie sent require a lifetime of experiences to relate and understand the cycle of birth, love, marriage, separation, death, life, etc. Anyways, the movie makes you deeply ponder your own past decisions and upcoming choices you will have to make.

28. King Kong 

This movie is one of the best remakes I have ever seen. The emotion and setting of this movie keeps the original’s ambience intact. Naomi Watts plays the Ann Darrow character flawlessly. Her emotional connection with Kong is so legit and pristine! Never have I seen a Computer Generated character creating so much emotion on the screen.

29. (500) Days of Summer

Many guys can relate to the Tom character, Joseph Gordon-Levitt played as he meets the girl of his dreams, then is stuck in the friend zone. Director Marc Webb streamlined the innocence, ingenuity of naive love perfectly. The movie offers some wonderful, subtle moments of tenderness as well as some heart-wrenching moments between the chemistry of the two — highly recommended.

30. The Proposal

The Proposal is the kind of movie that may not be going to be your most favorite movie or win any Oscars. But, it efficiently performs its role to entertain you. The movie setting looks magnificent — the beautiful Alaskan background. The visually pleasing interior sets are complemented by the location choices. The movie revolves around a pushy boss forcing her submissive assistant to marry her, so she could avoid deportation to Canada. However, romance ensues and they both fall in love with each other.

31. Definitely, Maybe

This movie is very entertaining and has a romantic comedy backdrop. Definitely, Maybe will reverberate your nostalgic side if you have one. If you are a young adult and has been in and out of a relationship, then this movie will move you. If you are trying to strengthen your relationship, then watch it with your partner by the second or third date to disclose your feelings. And, writer-director, Adam Brooks, portrayed a very romantic tale that many can relate to.

32. 10 Things I Hate About You

Modern-day Shakespeare adaptions can appeal to younger generation and make them fall in love with traditional ways of romance. 10 Things I Hate About You is one such movie that is pretty funny, enjoyable and lively. The comedy grows around the central plot with plenty of nice characters that are funny. You will enjoy the performances the cast displayed. The distinctive performance put out by Heath Ledger (Patrick), the bad-ass, rebellious, frightening guy who wins the heart of Kat. There’s loads of memorable moments, comedy, romance to enjoy when curling up in the couch.

33. Chasing Liberty

Mandy Moore plays the role of Anna Foster. Who is the daughter of the President of the US and dreams of a life, allowing her to enjoy freedom and happiness. It is actually Anna who made the movie more enjoyable. It is the passion between Anna and Ben that will keep attracted till the credits roll.

34. What Women Want

Mel Gibson can insert comedic elements into everything he does. So, a straight comedy that involves portraying a chauvinistic executive didn’t seem like much of a hurdle. Marshall, the main character, tripped and fell into the water, electrocuted, then gaining the ability to hear women’s thoughts. The movie centers around Marshall being with multiple women, then finding the love of his life.

35. Hitch

Would you believe Will Smith is cast in a movie without action? Yes, the movie premise is interesting. The city looked intriguing. Hitch is the kind of romantic movie that will force an intelligent man to have a talk about his love. Any guys who want to improve the ladies in their life are recommended to watch this.

36. There’s Something About Mary

This is like one of the funniest movies to be ever made. The most surprising thing about this movie is it has rather a sweet part. There’s a pure, innocent love story integrated in There’s Something About Mary. The plot could be nothing new to you. You may have seen like a hundred movies with plots similar to this. However, there’s a lot to it. We all know how romcoms end. In this movie, you just know how it’s gonna end, but it’s the actual happenings, events that follow a man’s expedition to achieve his dream girl he has been chasing since high school.

37. The Sound of Music

The movie has fluent, successful triumphs in all sectors. Every department from the cinematography to the acting, the costumes, the music is excellent. Ernest Lehman really showed his skills in crafting the movie with remarkable dialog, wit, romance and melancholy. Every year this timeless classic gains more fans.

38. Jerry Maguire 

This movie is multifaceted and multi-genre. You can get a taste of comedy, drama, romance, monopoly, sports movie, etc. from watching this movie. Renee develops feelings for Tom from afar, then becomes confused and has to work out her abstract feelings. Tom Cruise earned second nomination for Best Actor for the role as Jerry Maguire. Renee decides to follow Tom after he was fired from an international sports agency. The movie is a real treat to watch — not very entertaining but too real.

39. Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle did his wonders with conjuring this interesting movie. He surely defined his bar with the movie. His Slumdog Millionaire truly draws a line between miracle and inspiration and invokes an emotional connection that great movies can establish. This movie will sweep you off your feet with delight, pity, anger and romance that leads to a dramatic conclusion as you will follow the story of two brothers.

40. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This movie is a light romcom. Yes, the movie is unrealistic, but the movie presents nothing more than what it is wanted to be. Andie (Kate Hudson) works for a magazine called Composure and is tasked with writing an article titled How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. On the other hand, Ben (Matthew McConaughey, an advertising executive, wagers with his friends that he can make a woman fall in love with him 10 days. Yes, the duo meets and the game is on!

41. She’s the Man  

This movie is based on solid comedic acting. Viola (Amanda Bynes) heads off her brother’s elite boarding school, disguises herself as him and then fall for one of her teammates. As she starts getting involved in the team, she realizes she’s in the middle of a sequence of intricate romantic affairs.

42. The Fountain 

This movie is a intuitive mixture of beautiful cinematography, amazing music scores, and very surreal acting. This movie really redefined the science fiction genre. This is not totally a science fiction movie, nor is it a love story. The movie combines the elements of both. The story focuses on a man dealing with the idea of mortality. The Fountain tells the story of three different periods. Hugh Jackman and Rachel defines their soulful romantic meaning of desperation and peace.

43. Stardust 

This movie blends action, adventure and love in unique ways that can evoke pleasant surprise to many. It follows Tristan who ventures on a perilous journey to discover a fallen star and gift his beloved lover with it. As a result, he could prove his love for her. If you’d care for a funny, fantasy, romantic movie, then go ahead and watch it.

44. Enchanted 

This is one such movie that combines the elements of modern-day Manhattan and romanticized fairy tale ambience. There’s a prince, a princess, a wicked witch and a lawyer. Gisele (Amy Adams) a princess is teleported to the modern-day world by a wicked witch, so she could prevent anyone from taking over her throne and the marriage.

45. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie has a unique storyline and pretty interesting setting. This movie follows the story of a wrinkled, old man-baby to a mid-40s guy. He finds and reunites with his childhood friend “Daisy” (Cate Blanchett) and becomes her lover. There’s heavy poignancy to this story, especially towards the end.

46. The Break-Up

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston display solid performances that may feel real simultaneously. The Break-Up crafts the story of a failed relationship and attempts to mend it. The movie really does its part in displaying many factors of people dealing with conflict and remorse.

47. The Holiday

The movie follows the stories of two women afflicted with guy-problems who exchange homes in each other’s countries and fall in love. It’s a good date movie that’s entertaining and sweet.

48. Romeo + Juliet

This movie beautifully streamlines Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy in a modern twist while retaining its original dialog. Claire Danes expertly blossom her role as Juliet and made it exquisite with her youthful features. Leo DeCaprio’s Romeo role also retained excellent and enjoyable features. The whole cast portrayed their characters as Shakespeare would have wanted. Romeo’s romance is not fulfilled until he meets Juliet.

49. The Ugly Truth

I wouldn’t call this movie a chick-flick. This is more a battle of the sexes. The whole setting of the movie is something both males and females can relate to. Some scenes are outright hilarious. The cast were great in the movie. This movie swings toward the men in the audience as well as the ladies.

50. A Cinderella Story

This Cinderella story has a modern setting like many other Disney movies. It’s a funny and good movie to watch — centers around a girl losing her father and meeting her wicked step-mother, and two evil step-sisters who marginalize her and feed off of her father’s asset. Then, she meets the Internet beau at the school’s Halloween dance. However, it is the ever-hunky boy that almost every girl at school desire. As the story develops, many want to lay spike strips in their relationship’s path. And, they finally overcome all of the hurdles, and live happily ever after.

Bottom Line – like all other lists, my top 50 romantic Hollywood movies could raise a hue and cry as many could feel that their favorite movies are left. Yes, there are tons of other great movies that could be factored into in equal measures. However, these are the movies that have unique storylines to share, mesmerizing settings to offer, and magnificent love stories to tell that we all can enjoy.