There Was A Problem Starting LogiLDA.dll | How To Fix This Problem?

LogiLDA.dll is a system file and it is part of the Logitech Download Assistant. If you are using any Logitech device on your computer then you will be familiar with this term. When you connect the Logitech device to your computer, the software will automatically install it. Generally, the LogiLDA.dll starts automatically when Windows starts. However, if you upgrade your Windows, or something goes wrong during installation then you will see an error message like “There was a Problem Starting LogiLDA.dll” at the time of starting your desktop or laptop. If you have bumped into this error then there is nothing to worry about because it’s very easy to fix the problem. Let’s check the details!

Cause Of LogiLDA.dll Errors

This type of error can happen on Windows 10 laptops, desktop computers, as well as tablets when the Logitech Download Assistant could not locate the file. Generally, the LogiLDA.dll file is associated with Logitech Download Assistant and it installs on the PC automatically when a new piece of Logitech hardware such as a Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard is installed on your computer. If you are facing the LogiLDA.dll error then it could mean:

1. The LogiLDA.dll file was not installed properly or missing from the program

2. Due to a recent Windows update, the Logitech Download Assistant is searching the file in the wrong location

How To Fix The LogiLDA.dll Errors

If you are a Windows 10 or Windows 8 user then you can try these methods to fix the problem. There are a few methods available. You can try one after another to see which method has worked for you. These procedures are very simple but you have to make sure that you follow the steps accordingly.

Method 1 – Disable LogiLDA.dll From Startup

You can easily disable the logilda.dll from Windows Startup using the Task Manager and fix the logilda.dll error. After that, Logitech Download Assistant won’t run during the startup process to check for the newly released Logitech update and it won’t show any error. Now follow these simple steps:

1. First click on the Start Menu of your computer

2. In the search bar type Task Manager and click on it from the search result

3. Now click on the Run as administrator from the available option

4. Then click on the Startup tab

5. Now locate the Logitech Download Assistant and right-click on it

6. Then from the available options click on the Disable

7. Finally, restart your computer and check if the error has gone or not

Method 2 – Delete Logitech Download Assistant Registry Key

This is another basic solution to this problem. This problem occurs when the Logitech Download Assistant doesn’t find the logilda.dll file. So, if you delete the Logitech Download Assistant Registry Key them this problem won’t occur. Now follow these simple instructions:

1. First, open the Registry Editor as admin

2. Navigate to the final destination by following the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run

3. Now locate the key Logitech Download Assistant and right-click on it

4. Now from the available option click on the Delete and confirm the process by clicking the Ok button

Method 3 – Reinstall Logitech Download Assistant

1. Click this link to visit the Logitech Support website

2. Now choose the operating system and system type, and then click the Download Now button

3. Open the downloaded file and click on the Next button

4. Wait a while for the process to finish

5. Once the installation is completed click on the Finish button and restarts your computer

Method 4 – Reinstall Mouse Device Drivers

Usually, the logilda.dll error is caused by the installed Logitech program on the PC but this problem is actually triggered by the Mouse installation driver. So reinstalling the mouse device drivers can solve this error. Now follow these steps accordingly:

1. First, right-click on the Start button of your computer and then select Device Manager

2. Now from the available options locate the “Mice and other pointing devices”

3. Then double click on the option to expand the menu

4. Now locate your Mouse name and right-click on it

5. From the available options click on the Uninstall Device

6. Finally, reboot your computer and then again go to the “Mice and other pointing devices” option

7. Now double click on the option to expand the menu

8. Then locate your Mouse name and right-click on it

9. From the available options click on the”Update Driver”

10. Then click Next and select the proper driver for your mouse and install it

Final Thoughts

Using the above methods you can easily fix the LogiLDA.dll problem. The methods are very easy and you don’t have to be a computer expert to apply them. However, if you are facing any problems then feel free to ask in the comment section. Our experts will provide you the guidance.


What Is LogiLDA

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What Is The Problem With LogiLDA

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What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With LogiLDA

If you’re having a problem with LogiLDA, the first step is to make sure that your computer isn’t overclocked to the point that it can’t run programs properly. Secondly, download and install the latest drivers for the LogiLDA and see if there’s an improvement to your issue. If your old drivers were causing the problem, the new ones should fix it. Another option is to reinstall Windows and set up LogiLDA from scratch.