Power Button On A Samsung Tv

Where Is The Power Button On A Samsung Tv?

Every year when Samsung releases a new television, they tend to move the power button to a different location. You’re not alone if you’re having trouble finding the power button on your Samsung TV. It may be pretty perplexing! Samsung televisions often include a power button in the remote control’s upper right or left corner. 

How Do You Identify A Power Button on Your Samsung TV Set?

A control button is at the bottom area of every Samsung television. However, the placement varies per model. Many televisions feature power buttons on the top, side (left or right), bottom, or back of the unit; some manufacturers even integrate their emblem into a power button.

If you acquired a Samsung TV and didn’t know how to use it, read the directions in the handbook or the reference book that came with it.

If your TV remote isn’t working properly and you can’t find fresh batteries or has gone missing, you can switch it on by pushing the power button. However, the question is where the power button on the Samsung TV is, so keep reading the article for more information on Samsung TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

Possible Placement Locations Of The Power Button On Samsung TVs

1. Middle Underside

The most typical placement for the power button on your Samsung TV is just under the center of the screen.

Depending on your model, the actual power button may be located differently, but you’ll find it here anyway.

Reach down and feel around until you find it.

2. Right Front Underside

The positioning of the power button is annoying!

You should be able to find the receiver at the front right, the underside of your Samsung TV (this is what your remote interacts with).

A little power button is behind the receiver. It’s easy to miss. Move your fingers around until you see the TV turn on and off.

3. Bezel In The Front Left, Or Right (Touch Control)

Many Samsung TVs incorporate touch control power buttons and up and down the volume, channel control.

These touch power buttons are usually at the TV’s front right bezel. It’s easy to overlook, but you’ll see it if you look closely enough. Your TV should switch on by lightly tapping where you see the power button label.

You can find this touch button on a few older Samsung’s front left bezels, so check there.

You’ll usually have to touch the TV, then wait a second for it to respond, so be patient.

4. Right Side At The Back

If you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find the power button on your Samsung, then try your luck at it’s on the back.

Samsung has again positioned the power button in an awkward and inconvenient location.

Please look at your TV’s rear, right side by moving it slightly away from the wall. A little power button should be visible there.

It’s worth getting a flashlight if you don’t see it. If nothing appears on the rear right side, go to the back left side.

How To Turn On A Samsung Television Without Using A Remote

Samsung smart TVs come in a wide range of sizes, picture quality, pricing points, and other features. Samsung provides a remote controller with each purchase, regardless of your Samsung TV model.

You may use the bundled remote control to change channels, modify volume, and adjust controller playback settings, among other things.

Finding a technique to switch on a Samsung TV without using a remote control is the most obvious thing that everyone would look forward to. Like any other television, Samsung televisions allow you to turn it on via the remote control.

Method 1: Use The Control Stick Or The Button On The Jog Controller

To switch on your Samsung TV, you should press the TV Control button, also known as the Control Stick or Jog Controller button.

This button can be on your Samsung television’s back, front, or center.

You can power on your Samsung TV, manage the volume, and access Smart Hub functions like Settings and Menus using the Jog Controller.

The most important step is to locate and identify the Jog Control button.

The location of the TV Control button is indicated by a red light on your television when it is first switched.

The TV Controller button is often on the rear of the Samsung TV, at the bottom right corner of the screen. You may use it to move the pointer left and right and up and down.

You can turn on the Samsung TV without a remote by holding down the center button for a long time. You may make your choice with a single touch of the middle button. Please select one of the alternatives by toggling between them.

After the top of the TV, the middle of the Samsung smart TV is the next highest conceivable spot to seek for the TV remote. The TV Controller on Samsung TVs may sometimes be at the center of the front area of the screen.

1. There will be about five buttons in total.

2. Hold down the center button for a long time to turn on the television.

3. In the center of the front panel is the TV Controller.

A single button controller is in the front bezel’s center on a few 2018 television models. However, this is an uncommon occurrence. Only a few Samsung televisions will include a TV Controller at the bottom of the bezel.

It should be on the right-hand side of the television’s screen when facing the device.

Method 2: Making Use Of The SmartThings App

Samsung has created the SmartThings app, which allows you to control your Samsung TV and other devices easily.

Depending on your mobile device, you can download and install this app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Remember that you can only use this if you’ve already set up the SmartThing app to interact with your TV. If you haven’t already set up this technique, you won’t be able to utilize it once you lose the remote.

The SmartThings app is the most significant advantage. It includes a sleek interface and dashboards, providing an at-a-glance view of your accessories and their state and centralizing control.

Its modern user interface may be a flagrant rip-off of Apple’s Home app, but that’s good. Beginners will find it easy to use, while veterans will be able to create more sophisticated routines.

You may use SmartThings in various ways if you’re a fan of the Samsung ecosystem. Many Samsung phones come preinstalled with the software.

There’s also an official Windows software, which is limited in some ways (you can’t add new devices, scenes, or automation, for example), but it’s still better than Google’s lack of a PC smart home client. As long as you acquire the right items, you can access SmartThings anywhere.

For some users, combining Alexa with Google Assistant voice commands is critical. That makes a wider selection of smart speakers and screens compatible, whereas focusing solely on Alexa excludes Assistant speakers and displays and vice versa.

What To Do If Your Samsung TV Isn’t Turning On

Nothing is more frustrating than getting set for a nice movie night only to discover your television isn’t working. What occurred if it was working fine before and there was no indication of a problem? What should you do?

Troubleshooting The Issue

Modern televisions are far more sophisticated than older models. That suggests that anything from the remote to the wire might be the problem. Before worrying, check whether the remote is functional and if your Samsung TV is connected to a power source. We understand that it may appear absurd, but individuals do forget about such things from time to time.

It’s a positive indication if the standby light is on. If your Samsung TV has a connection to a power source, the standby light should still be on after you switch it off. If your television won’t turn on, the issue is most likely with your remote control.

As a result, try turning on your Samsung TV by pushing the TV’s Power button. Hopefully, it will switch on, indicating that the problem was not with your TV. You may now turn your attention to debugging your remote control.

You may need to reset your remote control. Remove the batteries press and hold the Power button for eight seconds.

After that, put back the batteries and try turning on your TV using the remote. If it’s still not operating, the batteries may need replacement.

However, if you cannot power your Samsung TV by pushing the Power button, you should contact the Samsung Support Center. We recommend that you contact them as soon as possible. If you’re not an expert, attempting to repair it yourself might cause more damage than good.

It might imply two things when the standby light is off. Either your Samsung TV is off, or it doesn’t have power. As you may know, sometimes the standby light on your Samsung TV goes off while you’re watching. As a result, your television may be on, but the screen is black, and you can’t see anything.