Pokemon Natures

Pokemon Natures And How It Affects The Game

The natures of a Pokemon affect how the battle trainer will approach the game – either they will have an aggressive nature or a defensive nature.

With the help of a pokemon nature chart, trainers can predict and prepare for the strengths and weaknesses of their pokemon.

Pokemon Natures Chart:

Pokemon natures are specific kinds of pokemon that are tied to a specific stat. These natures could come up with an increase or decrease in attack, defense, speed, and other stats.

AdamantAttackSp. Attack
NaughtyAttackSp. Defense
ImpishDefenseSp. Attack
LaxDefenseSp. Defense
JollySpeedSp. Attack
NaiveSpeedSp. Defense
ModestSp. AttackAttack
MildSp. AttackDefense
QuietSp. AttackSpeed
RashSp. AttackSp. Defense
CalmSp. DefenseAttack
GentleSp. DefenseDefense
SassySp. DefenseSpeed
CarefulSp. DefenseSp. Attack

What Are Natures In Pokemon?

What Are Natures In Pokemon

Natures are a set of personality traits that an individual Pokemon can have. This is typically depicted through the use of phrases like “harsh nature” or “gentle nature.”

There are five natures, namely Hardy, Serious, Jolly, Bold, and Docile. These traits determine how a Pokemon behaves in battle and how it interacts with other Pokemon in the game.

Different pokemon natures affect how a pokemon behaves on the battlefield. Natures are an easy way to alter a pokemon’s stats and make it better suited for a battle environment.

Some natures, like Docile, can boost the power of moves like Charm and Growl by 10%. Bold natures boost physical attacks by 10% and reduce the power of physical moves used against them by 10%.

Natures can also change how often or if at all a pokemon will evolve. For example, when you have an Oddish in your party it will always evolve into Gloom with Rash or Calm nature; but if you have an Oddish with Modest nature in your party, then it may evolve into Gloom with Calm nature instead.

The nature of a Pokémon is a small modifier to its stats, usually affecting its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed. Nature does not affect the Pokémon’s accuracy; instead, it affects whether an attack is physical or special.

For example, A Timid nature means that the Pokémon will have a higher Speed stat than usual but will have a lower Attack stat than usual. A Rash nature means that the Pokémon will have a higher Sp. Atk stat than usual but will have lower Sp. Def stat than usual.

Nature Types & Their Effects On Stats

1. Calm (specialists)

2. Hardy

3. Jolly (fast)

4. Naughty (power)

5. Quirky (differentiate)

6. Relaxed (steady and balanced)

7. Sassy

8. Serious

9. Timid

10. Other Types of Natures


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Nature is one of the most important aspects of a Pokémon. It affects both how your Pokémon will grow and the team it will be placed on.

It’s difficult to remember all of these natures that are available, so thankfully there are websites out there that break them down into lists.