Playing Pokémon Go Without Data

A Guide To Playing Pokémon Go Without Data

Pokemon GO is a smartphone software that allows you to catch, battle, and train virtual monsters known as Pokemon. It utilizes your phone’s GPS function to display a nearby Pokemon map that appears to be in the real world.

The primary issue with this game is that you must be connected to a Wi-Fi or data network to operate correctly. But what if you don’t have access to the internet? You are unable to participate!

This article will explain why Pokemon Go requires a data connection and teach you how to play without one by manipulating your smartphone into believing it has one.

Why Does Pokemon Go Require Internet Data Connection?

Pokémon GO is viewed as augmented reality game where users search real-world locales for virtual monsters hidden across their city.

The game, released in 2016, employs GPS tracking on your mobile device to track your location and speed. It also provides directional clues like North or South to assist the player in finding Pokémon (or Poké Stops).

Pokémon GO was created by Niantic, Inc., a Google subsidiary founded by John Hanke, who also worked on Google Maps and Google Earth. Given this context, it should come as no surprise that the game needs players to be online at all times while playing.

Is Pokémon Go A Data-Hungry Game?

1. 1st level

Many reports claim that the Pokémon Go data use isn’t as high as one may think.

The game’s maps are downloaded from Google Maps, and the GPS is utilized to monitor your movements while you play, so these features do not require any data.

Assuming you don’t use the app every waking minute of every day (though we wouldn’t condemn you if you did), your data use should be pretty inexpensive, or at the very least well within your existing data plans.

2. Level 10

The reasoning for ingesting data is relatively straightforward. You will consume more data the more you play.

Pokémon Go consumes up roughly 25 gigabytes in eight hours, according to Business Insider. That equates to around 3 megabytes every hour.

Given that 1 GB contains 1000 MB and that the typical data plan for most people is between 2 and 4 GB per month, we believe your Pokémon Go obsession is more than manageable in terms of data usage (though perhaps not in terms of maintaining a social life).

Go to settings -> Cellular Data Usage -> Pokemon GO -> Data Usage to see how much data you’ve used. At the top of the website, you’ll see Pokemon GO under the ‘Top Apps’ area.

You may establish a cellular data restriction and receive warnings when your data use crosses specified thresholds.

To measure distance toward hatching eggs and getting prizes from Pokestops, Pokémon GO also requires an active internet connection.

Pokémon GO may be unable to get GPS updates if you do not have a strong enough mobile signal, which may cause the Pokestop or Pokémon you recently caught to ‘flee.’

How To Play Pokemon Go Without Data

All gamers can’t have a high-speed internet connection. In underdeveloped countries, having a high-speed 3G or 4G connection may become particularly difficult. Should this, however, deter you from having fun with the game? NO! strategies for playing Pokemon Go without data or Wi-Fi are described below.

Method 1: Play Pokemon Go Without Data Using Google Maps

To learn how to play Pokemon Navigate without using Wi-Fi or data, go to the offline area and download the map location you wish. You will play the game without using any data once you have downloaded the location. The following are the steps for playing Pokemon Go without data using Google Maps:

1. Connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

2. Launch Google Maps and select the ‘Menu’ option from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the offline area by clicking on it.

4. Tap on the + sign displayed at your screen’s bottom part.

5. To choose your location, use the zoom in and zoom out functions.

6. Select the ‘Download’ option and give your chosen area a name.

7. To save the location offline, select the ‘Save’ option.

You may now play Pokémon Go without needing to use any data. The best aspect is that you can play it quicker than you could over the internet. The game has its basis on your GPS location and time. All of your Pokémon is saved in your smartphone’s maps. You have the GPS position since you downloaded the map to your phone.

Note: The saved map is only valid for 30 days from when it was downloaded. When your device establishes an internet connection after 30 days, the map will be automatically updated.

Method 2: Play Pokémon Go Without Data Using iAnyGo

If you’re playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone, Tenorshare iAnyGo is an excellent way to fake your location. Users sometimes want assistance disguising their location when playing games or using entertainment-related apps. Tenorshare iAnygGo comes to the rescue in this situation.

The ways to play Pokemon Go in offline mode by changing your location are listed below:

1. On your PC, run the Tenorshare iAnygGo software. The program’s default mode is ‘Change Location.’

2. Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone to your computer. To begin the procedure, unlock your device and hit the ‘Trust’ button.

3. On the map, find the appropriate place. You have the option of keying in an address or GPS coordinates. The matched results will display on the screen as you type the information into the search field. Select the ‘ Start to Modify ‘ option when you’ve found your preferred place.

Your location will update successfully after the alteration gets done. The most excellent feature of Tenorshare iAnygGo is that it helps you move locations quickly. All other location-based apps on your iPhone will also be updated to the new location.

Method 3: Make Use Of A Remote Map App

Follow these easy instructions to play Pokemon Go offline:

1st step: To begin, go to the Google Play Store, download the Remote Map App, start it, and log in using your Google account.

Step 2: Now go to “Create New Account” and create a new Gmail account, then choose any map of your area.

Step 3: Go to the pokemon map website and choose the region you created an account in the remote map program.

Step 4: Copy the latitude and longitude of the location you’ve chosen and paste them into the “Paste Coordinates” textbox (Right Click on Mouse–>”paste”)

Step 5: Next, select “Generate Code” and reload the page when the code gets generated.

Now, either select “Send Link Via Email” or download the QR code and save it elsewhere, such as in i-nigma format, OR create a home screen bookmark with these coordinates (long press on the link -> add to home screen). When you aim the camera on your screen and choose QR-code, it will open in Pokemon Go.

If you wish to expand the area of your remote map, repeat the procedures above. You may even create many regions and flip back and forth between them as needed.

Method 4: Make Use Of The Wiman App.

The Wiman app is an 802.11 hotspot finder that utilizes your device’s location services to display Wi-Fi hotspots near you and other connected users.

It helps people (individuals traveling overseas) use their connection information while browsing the internet without using mobile data. You can play Pokémon Go fully offline utilizing this app.

Wiman makes it simple to locate and connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots. People who do so are willing to offer their relationships and information on connecting. It’s saved in a database with over 45 million hotspots, making it the world’s largest Wi-Fi database and allowing you to access the web for free everywhere.

Method 5: Open Free Wi-Fi Password

Pokemon Go is a fantastic game, but it might not be enjoyable if you don’t have access to the internet. If you’re attempting to play Pokemon Go in an area without Wi-Fi or any data connection, there are a few options that may let you keep playing this exciting mobile game:

The Open Free Wi-Fi Password app will show you nearby open Wi-Fi networks and, once accessed, whether they have green locks with names on them, suggesting that they are password-protected, hover your mouse over a network’s symbol until access point settings show. These ways grant players Temporary Access as long as their devices support AGPS (meaning 3G/4G), which most current smartphones do these days.

Advantages Of Playing Pokemon Go Without A Data Connection Or Wi-Fi

1. You may be able to extend or boost the life of your phone’s battery. If you’re not used to bringing a charger or power bank on your vacations, this is a huge benefit because you never know when you’ll need it.

2. Your data will be protected. Because most viruses require an Internet connection, playing this game with Wi-Fi switched off or avoiding using any non-official apps or websites.

3. It allows you to travel to wherever you want without worrying about a lack of GPS signal strength. You may play this game, for example, while riding the metro or anywhere else where there is no GPS connectivity.


Pokemon Go is an online game that collects Pokemon using a GPS location. You may, however, play it offline using the methods described earlier in this article. Nonetheless, to play the game offline, you will need to use the internet to download and configure the game. Limited internet connectivity now and then might prepare you to play the game offline for up to 30 days.