Play Minecraft For Free On Windows macOS Linux Android

Can I Play Minecraft For Free On Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, And Other Operating Systems?

Are you just chilling at home, bored, scribbling your chin, and having thoughts of how to play Minecraft for free? If your answer is yes, then it’s is indeed a good thing because here is an article for you. Minecraft is the most famous and prominent game in the world. 

It is widely accepted when you have thoughts about whether it is paid or freely available. Minecraft has a paid version, but you can also play it for free if you desire.

At least there’s one way to play Minecraft exclusively for free, and there are several strategies used to play the game at a fairer price, and the methods are very cheap.

If you desire to play Minecraft for free on your iPhone, Windows, macOS, Android, or any OS, read this article to the end to enrich yourself with valuable tricks to enable you to achieve your goals.

How Do I Play Minecraft For Free?

Play Minecraft For Free

Have you ever wondered how to play Minecraft for free without necessarily having to buy it? Or rather have you ever wondered how you could exactly play Minecraft for free without having to download it? 

Well, here is everything you should know and the answers you are seeking are all here in handy. Keep reading to understand the content better. Minecraft can be played exclusively on your web browser. All you need to do is head to Classic. Mine craft. Net without necessarily having to download or even install the game. 

This particular free version is the initial Minecraft creative mode from 2009. It was initially available as part and parcel of the 10th anniversary, but it is still entirely playable. As a bonus, you will play the actual creative mode, complete with thirty-two blocks and all other loveable bugs. 

You may also wonder if there is free Minecraft on the play store. Well, yes, all you need to do, is click the google play store app on your Android phone and download Minecraft free version.

The Durability Of Minecraft Free Trial

Users can play Minecraft online with at least 10 individuals on their servers. If you get to select a 10 user subscription by any chance, you will automatically access the 30-day or one-month free trial of Minecraft Realms. 

To prevent the free trial from automatically renewing into a paid subscription, you have a choice of canceling it before everything goes wrong. 

You may also be wondering whether there’s a monthly fee for Minecraft. To quell your worries, it should be music to your ears to hear that Minecraft doesn’t have monthly subscriptions. Once you acquire it, you can access it forever.

 Is Minecraft Free Trial Available? 

You might be wondering if there is any way to obtain Minecraft’s free trial. This will be if you want to play a wide range of Minecraft games. Luckily, we are delighted to inform you that you should not worry since everything is sorted. There are several ways to obtain Minecraft free trial. 

All you need to do is click over to the free trial page on the Minecraft web. On the website, you will access your options. There is some further explanation by the creators at the top of the page. 

Windows 10, PS4, PS3, Android, and the PS Vita now have Bedrock free trial. This is the major Minecraft version. In addition, some more links are accessible on that page, enabling you to go to the storefront in question. 

When you scroll a bit downwards in the page, you will see that there Is also Java free trial. This is an essentially simpler version of Minecraft. Java is available in Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. It can also be used to install the launcher on Mac.

How To Download Minecraft For Free

Download Minecraft For Free

It is indeed vital to know how to download Minecraft for free. As you already know, players can build, demolish, fight, and explore in an Open World. However, to play and enjoy all this, there are some ways that you can use to play Minecraft for free. They include:

1. Unauthorized launcher. 

2. The demo- This is a more legitimate path that gives you 100 minutes of free gameplay.

3. Minecraft Classic- You play for free within the web browser.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Downloading Minecraft For Free

1. Acquire The General Knowledge On The Risks Involved And Legitimacy

There is a Tlauncher which is an unofficial Minecraft launcher. If you use it, you should know that it is against “Mojang’s End-user License Agreement.” In addition, the launcher may have viruses and malware that may cause harm to the computer. It would be ideal if you use a VPN while using TLauncher, and you can scan the already downloaded file for viruses before use.

2. Go To https://mc Minecraft

This is a website that is usually used to download the TLauncher. Follow the three easy steps:

A. Tap on “START”

B. Account activation 

3. Scroll Downwards And Click “Direct Download”

At the bottom of the page, Direct Download is just below “ Get it now.” By clicking on the button, it will take you to a page that contains Direct Download for TLauncher.

A blue button symbolizes it on the left side. Download the site and wait for 7 seconds before the download is complete.

5. Tap The Downloaded File For The Operating System 

An icon with the windows logo will download an exe file for windows, while the blue button with the Apple logo will download a jar ( for java) file.

6. Open The File ( TLauncher MCL)

If you have set default, the downloaded files will be saved and stored in your Downloads folder.

7. Tap The Drop-Down Button 

This is just a menu that allows you to create one account. It will then display a drop-down menu.

8. Create And Manage Accounts 

It is the central option in the drop-down menu. It is just next to an icon that looks like a gear.

9. Tap The Green Icon

It is the first option below the box on the left side. It enables you to know how to create an account.

10. Free Password 

It appears as a second option in the box on the right side. The choice will allow you to create a free account. If you already have the Minecraft account, you may tap “ account”

11. Enter Your Preferred Username

Go to add an account, then enter your preferred game in username. The space for the username has been provided.

How Can I Upgrade To Windows 10 Exclusively For Free?

Below are some of the things you need to do to get the windows 10 upgrade for free:

1. Download the page link on windows 10.

2. Press “ Download the Tool now”- it downloads the windows 10 creation.

3. When the download is complete, click open the download, you will see the license terms. Click “ accept.”

4. Click next after you have chosen “ Upgrade this PC now.”


When you have every bit of information about Minecraft at your fingertips, the game will be enjoyable. Kids will love it and may nurture their talents as well. Since you know how to download and play the Minecraft game in your windows 10, iPhone, macOS and other Operating systems, why don’t you have fun in the meantime?