Physxloader. dll Is Missing | How To Fix This?

If your computer has dll misplaced or deleted somehow or corrupted by malicious software then you will see an error message “The program can’t start because of physxloader. dll is missing from your computer.” You will see this type of error message only if your computer’s dll file has any issues. This type of file is required to play games on a Windows computer. The “PhysX” is a component of the NVIDIA video card and if this file is missing from your computer you will see the error message. There is a different variants of this error message and you might see:

1. The file Physxloader.dll is missing

2. Cannot start the (Name of the Game). A required component is missing: physxloader.dll. Please install (Name of the Game) again.

3. This program can’t continue because Physxloader.dll is missing from your computer

4. Physxloader.dll Not Found

5. This application failed to start because Physxloader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem

The only way to overcome this problem is to fix the error. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process but as long as you follow the instructions accordingly you are safe. There are a few proven methods available to resolve this error. Read this article to know the details!

How To Fix “Physxloader. dll Is Missing” Error

Many people try to download and install the Physxloader.dll file from the internet. Don’t make this mistake because this is not the right solution to this problem. You might cause a bigger problem by installing malware on your computer instead of the Physxloader.dll file. So make sure you stick to the expert guidelines.

Method 1 – Install NVIDIA PhysX

When your computer misses the NVIDIA PhysX it shows the Physxloader.dll is missing error. So when your computer shows this error message, you should realize that you have to download NVIDIA PhysX system software again. But, while downloading the software make sure you download it from the official website. Once the process is completed restart your computer and see if the game runs on your computer. IF you are still facing the same problem then opt for the second method.

Method 2 – Run The PhysX Software Manually

If the first method fails to solve the problem then try to run the PhysX Manually. Follow these simple steps:

1. First, open the File Explorer of your computer. You can do this by pressing the Windows Key and E together

2. Now, in the address bar, enter the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

3. Once you are inside the folder locate the affected game’s folder

4. Now open the folder and then double click the redist folder

5. Then locate the PhysX EXE file and double-click it

6. Finally, try to launch the game and see if it starts

Method 3 – Update Video Driver

If your video driver becomes outdated then you may encounter this problem. So updating the video driver can fix this error. Now follow these instructions accordingly:

1. First, go to the search bar of your computer and type Device Manager

2. From the result click on the Device Manager

3. Then from the available options find “Display Adapter Drivers” and expand it

4. Right-click your video driver and choose the “Update Driver” option

5. Now from the appeared window click on the “Search automatically for updated driver software”

6. Wait for few minutes until Windows find available updates and install them on your computer

7. If windows don’t find any available updates; you have to access the manufacturer’s website and install updates from their website manually

Method 4 – Copy The Physxloader.dll File From A Working PC

This is a very simple yet effective way to solve this error. You can copy the Physxloader.dll file from a computer that runs your game and then paste the file on your computer. Now follow these steps:

1. First, open the File Explorer of the working computer. You can do this by pressing the Windows Key and E together

2. Now, in the address bar, enter the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common

3. Once you are inside the folder locate the affected game’s folder

4. Now open the folder and then double click the redist folder

5. Then locate the PhysX EXE file and copy it

6. Now go to your computer and then paste the file in the same location where you copied the file from

Final Thought

I hope you have found the information that you were looking for. Let us know if you have any further queries about the physxloader. Dll error. Leave your question in the comment section. Our expert will answer the questions. Finally, if you think this article can be handy for your friends and family, then feel free to share it with them.


What Is Physxloader

The Physxloader application is a free, open-source application that allows people to select Physx hardware in order to run Physx capable applications on their computers. It helps with transitioning from the use of an old computer to a new one or helps with upgrading your current computer’s hardware. Once installed, your operating system will detect the changes you’ve made and will automatically replace certain software components.

What Is The Purpose Of Physxloader

Physxloader is a tool for adding physics-based effects to games, designed for the Unreal Engine. This tool has the ability to simulate interactions between physical objects with real-time physics. It can be used to create debris, visual effects (e.g. blasts), and everything in between 

The purpose of Physxloader is to allow game developers to add interactive physics-based effects, such as debris and explosions, into their games.

How Do I Fix Physxloader

There are many problems that can arise with Physxloader, for this particular issue, the fix is very simple. If you have had trouble with Physxloader before, there is a high chance of an update being available which will allow you to fix your problem. However, if you are using an older version of Windows 10 (version 1709), the issue might be remedied by disabling Hyper-V and then re-enabling it.

What Causes Physxloader

Physxloader is a 3rd party program that allows players to experience the PhysX-game with their Nvidia graphics cards. This program was developed by Nvidia to allow PC gamers with AMD-based graphics cards to enjoy this latest graphic enhancement. This software can be downloaded for free and does not even use up any resources of your computer’s memory or processor.

The software is generally not advertised by Nvidia and can only be found online on sites such as Gearbox Forums.