Does My Phone Have A Virus – How To Check it?

Our computer can get affected by viruses and it’s a common problem for us but how many of us are familiar with the mobile phone virus. Nowadays our smartphones and tablets are just as vulnerable to being affected by a virus as a computer. Like a computer, a phone can get a virus through links, emails, any third-party apps, and other various ways. So it is very important to check our mobile phone every now and then to see if our device becomes infected or not. There are a few symptoms that indicate whether a phone has a virus on it or not. Read this article to know all the details about the mobile phone virus.

How Did Phone Get A Virus?

A phone can get a virus the same way a computer does. Generally, a computer gets a virus from codes sent through apps, email, or even text messages. A computer virus, generally self-duplicates after infecting the device and then tries to destroy data or tries to send itself to another device. But for smartphones, the virus causes different types of problems and they are mostly affected for downloading third-party apps from untrusted sources. Smartphones also get a virus through attachments via email, text messages, and even nefarious websites.

What Kinds Of Viruses Do Phones Get?

There are various types of viruses that can affect a smartphone. Some of these viruses are very dangerous and can cause great harm to your phone while others might slow down your phone and limits your phone’s functionality. Viruses can cause more damage to you by deleting data, gathering private information, or making unauthorized purchases. Here is a list of some common mobile phone viruses:

1. Adware: This type of virus creates ads with links to web pages or apps that can cause damage or security breaches to your phone

2. Malware: This type of virus is quite harmful as it can take over certain phone functions to steal personal information, send text messages, or perform other problematic actions

3. Ransomware: Very dangerous for mobile phones as it locks files or apps, then demands money from the user in exchange for unlocking them

4. Spyware: This type of virus monitors the user’s phone activity for malicious purposes

5. Trojan Horse: It’s a very annoying virus and it can attach itself to a legitimate app, then interferes with the phone’s operation

Symptoms That Suggest A Phone Has Virus

Some symptoms can indicate whether your phone has a virus or not. These symptoms are very common with a virus-affected phone. So let’s take a look at them:

1. Excessive Data Usage

If a phone is infected by a virus then some apps are running in the background may cause excessive usage of data. This is because viruses make the phone run many tasks in the background and therefore, the internet data is consumed at a faster rate.

2. Unusual App Crashing

If you are experiencing unusual app crashing or application getting stuck in the middle of a process whenever you are using the apps then it is likely your phone is infected by a virus. You might find many unknown apps installed on your mobile that you are not aware of. This is also one of the symptoms when the virus enters your phone and installed these apps. It also suggests that the infection has been increased.

3. Pop-up Ads

These types of ads are very common on websites though nobody likes pop-up ads. It is normal to see pop-up ads when you are using the browser. However, if you are seeing pop-up ads when you are not using the browser then there are chances your phone has a virus. Some adware virus displays the link on the screen and when you click on them your phone becomes infected with those viruses.

4. Increment In Bills

There are a few malware that knows how to call and send premium-rate SMS messages from your phone. So if your phone is infected by these types of viruses then you can see an unexpected increment in your phone bill because of the premium message rates. Moreover, this type of virus can delete incoming messages. So make sure you regularly check the outgoing text messages/SMS and calls to protect yourself from this type of virus.

5. Battery Drainage Problems

This is a very common problem for virus-infected mobile phones. This is because the virus consumes a lot of energy from the mobile so the battery drains very quickly compared to normal time. If you see your mobile’s battery is draining very quickly even after coming off the charger then you may have a virus on your phone. Go to the settings option and look for the apps that are consuming the battery. Here you will find all the data related to the apps and batteries.

Final Thought

Well, there are other explanations of the above symptoms so scanning the mobile phone is an excellent process to determine whether your phone has a virus or not. There are various anti-virus applications available that you can use to scan your mobile as well as protect your mobile phone from these viruses. So don’t be panic if your mobile is infected with a virus, keep calm, and take proper steps to secure your phone from the virus.


What Is A Virus?

A virus is a piece of content that can infect and replicate with other content. Viruses usually consist of some type of programming code that is designed to spread quickly and often maliciously across the internet. A virus is often identified as a file, such as one found in an email attachment or on a website, but it can also be executable code such as JavaScript or Visual Basic Scripting Language (VBS).

How Do I Know If My Phone Has A Virus?

Is your phone acting funny? Maybe it’s infected with a virus. Here are some ways to know if so, and what you can do to fix the problem. 

– Make sure you have an antivirus app installed.

– Go to your settings icon and look for an icon that says security. If there isn’t one then there is no virus on your phone. 

– Keep track of how often your phone freezes or shuts down.

What Should I Do If My Phone Has A Virus?

If you have a virus on your phone, the first step is to reset it. This means that you should look for the button that says “reset” and hold it down until all the built-up data and programs are erased. Once this is done, you can restart your phone and use it as you would normally.

Why Is My Phone So Slow?

Phones have been getting smarter and faster since they were first invented, but some people complain that their phones are slowing down. Is this a common problem? Can anything be done to fix it?

There are a number of factors that can affect how fast your phone runs. There may be less available space on the phone, more apps running at the same time, or too many background processes.

Can I Check If My Phone Has A Virus?

A virus is a malicious program that can harm your phone. Some people think they have a virus when in reality it’s just a glitch, but if you want to be sure, the site has a quick and easy way to check your phone for malware or viruses. You simply plug in your phone and the website will tell you what kind of program is on there and what it could do to your device.