Novitec WiFi Booster Reviews

Novitec Wi-Fi Booster Reviews – Are They A Scam?

Getting dependable and speedy Wi-Fi throughout the house might be difficult. Perhaps there is a dead zone in an upstairs bedroom where your kids want to watch a movie, or maybe the signal is weak in the backyard. Wi-Fi has become essential as power in many households, but Wi-Fi service can be fickle. Even the most powerful Wi-Fi router can miss some areas in the house because of all the electronics, metal appliances, and architectural aspects that can cause interference.

Wi-Fi boosters, also known as Wi-Fi network extenders or Wi-Fi range extenders, are a low-cost and easy solution to improve the performance of your network. However, the most critical question is whether Wi-Fi boosters are effective.

If you’re thinking about getting the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster, we strongly encourage you not to do so just yet. A lot of things regarding the product don’t add up.

What Is A Novitec Wi-Fi Booster?

What Is A Novitec WiFi Booster

According to the manufacturer’s note, Novitec Wi-Fi Booster is a Wi-Fi extender device that bypasses internet service speed throttling to ad-lib and reinforces Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. The device is entirely safe, and it provides you with a seamless web browsing experience free of lags and buffering.

The Wi-Fi extender is designed with cutting-edge technology to increase speed and inclusion while obstructing data transmission to the internet provider. It makes it difficult for internet service providers to set data transfer limits.

The plug-and-play Wi-Fi supporter increases the speed and range of your switch’s current Wi-Fi range. Setup is also straightforward; with a single push of a button, the device can be installed and used. 

Its best feature appears to be its cost. It cost roughly $30, which is less than what other manufacturers charge for similar items. It also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, making it even more appealing to first-time consumers.

Novitec Wi-Fi Booster Specifications

1. Type of Device: Wi-Fi Repeater.

2. Installation: Only one WPS button is required.

3. Signal speeds: Speed of up to 1200 Mbps is possible.

4. The number of antennas: Two antennas

5. Security: WLAN security enabled.

6. 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year product warranty from the manufacturer

7. For the first 5000 people, there is a 50% discount

8. Phone, TV, laptop, computer, and other Internet-connected devices are all compatible.

The Review

Novitec is technically a rip-off; there is a discovery that their equipment does not perform as advertised. The company claims that Novitec Wi-Fi Booster is a device that improves your internet speed by boosting your signal strength. This device may be used anywhere globally, even at home or in regions without access to the internet. The Wi-Fi Booster, according to Novitec, is the only device capable of enhancing your broadband speed up to 10x faster than without it! It’s an incredible piece of gear that you’ll be happy to own.

What Are Amazon Reviews Saying About The Novitec Wi-Fi Booster?

The Novitec Wi-Fi Booster is a device that assists users with slow internet connections. The device has garnered mixed reviews on Amazon, with some calling it a hoax and others praising its performance.

Before purchasing the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster, people should consider alternative methods because it may not always guarantee fast internet speeds. They should also be wary of any nasty remarks claiming that the product is counterfeit.

Many Amazon reviewers are claiming that the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster is a fraud. Some perceive it as nothing but a marketing ploy to bring its wares in front of more people.

On the other hand, others may feel compelled to purchase something that does not work.

With 468 reviews on Amazon, the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster has an average rating of 3 stars out of 5. Many of those reviews are from clients who believe they got duped into purchasing the goods and are unsure how to get their money back. Amazon eventually removed the listing from their website.

What Are Walmart Customers Saying About Novitec Wi-Fi Booster Reviews?

On the Walmart website, scam critics allege that businesses like Novitec are just taking advantage of the fact that most internet users don’t know how to evaluate Wi-Fi boosters properly. Many customers who have had a good experience with the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster have also mentioned it on social media.

Consumers have given Novitec’s Wi-Fi Booster both favorable and unfavorable feedback since it delivers on its claims and is a low-cost alternative to other devices on the market.

Is Novitec’s Subpar Wi-Fi Booster Worth Purchasing?

In the power industry, Novitec is an innovative corporation. Smart plugs, switches, and even a wireless Wi-Fi booster are among the company’s line of electrical equipment.

Even though the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster appears attractive outside, numerous complaints are on the seller’s website. However, we identified no evidence to support these claims upon further research. There are no additional internet reviews for the product; save those on the seller’s website. In addition, numerous crucial facts are lacking, making it impossible for customers to make an informed decision.

Novitec is one of the well-known brands on the market today. The pricing is also not excessively outrageous compared to the things they provide. However, it appears that their prominence is due to fraudulent reviews. Fake reviews of Novitec products appear to be common, and they’ve been piling up on YouTube videos and websites before we even realized what was going on.

Some Amazon reviews have resulted in misleading many consumers. They may have purchased a few boosters without recognizing what they were getting themselves in. People utilized Novitec wireless boosters to increase their Wi-Fi connection and ensure they could stream material only to end up with interruptions or lags.

After thoroughly evaluating the product, we determined it moderately doubtful for numerous significant reasons. There are no customer reviews, and the seller’s website is missing essential information, such as Wi-Fi availability and ISP compliance. As a result, please study the content thoroughly before making a purchase, and get accurate product information to protect yourself and others before making a purchase.

People’s main complaint about the device is that there is no one to speak to whenever they call the customer care desk. Those who could contact a customer service representative were unhappy to learn that returning the device is quite challenging. Finally, they got stuck with a device that did not perform as they had hoped.

Is Novitec Wi-Fi Extender A Cause For Concern?

Yes, you should be concerned about the efficiency of this product. Although there are several excellent reviews on the website for this item, they do not tell you the whole truth about it.

One of the reasons for the internet’s craze for this device is that it claims to maximize data transfer (up to 300Mbps). In addition, the device sells at a 50% discount. When you buy more, you also receive a better deal.

However, a closer examination of the website’s so-called favorable reviews reveals that they are not genuine product reviews.

When the WIFI booster arrived, those who had purchased it were highly dissatisfied. The buyers received a WIFI extension rather than a WIFI booster. The truth is that Novitec Wi-Fi Booster is marketed as a speed unblocker for ISPs rather than a range extender.

Does Novitec WIFI Booster Work?

NO is the answer to the question. Novitec boost isn’t compatible with 5GHz wireless routers, and the maximum speed is only 30 Mbps.

The false claims made on the website concerning the Wi-Fi Booster speeding up Internet connections; Because it operates at a frequency of 2.4 Hz rather than 5 Hz, such a booster may impair Internet speed. It’s also not a Wi-Fi Booster, but rather a Wi-Fi Repeater or Extender.

It will only make sense if you want to get a device that can assist you in eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones in your home. It’s not a good idea to use it to speed up your Internet connection!

Scams With Wi-Fi Boosters: A Complete Guide To Avoiding Them

1. Always verify the signal strength before purchasing Wi-Fi boosters to avoid getting scammed. 

2. You should also avoid buying Wi-Fi boosters from stores close to your house or office. They’re most likely attempting to deceive you into believing they have a stronger signal than they have.

Internet users want to save money and time by enhancing their signal strength, so Wi-Fi booster scams are rising. However, these boosters cannot increase users’ connections, and getting them to work will cost you more money than you should pay.

3. Don’t make the perennial mistake of buying cheap Wi-Fi boosters to save time or money!

Suppose you are in such a scenario, ensure you remove your router’s antenna first before attempting to utilize these devices because they must not get exposed to any electrical power.


The Novitec Wi-Fi booster requires relevant data, so buyers should thoroughly inspect the device before parting with their money. The Novitec Wi-Fi Booster Reviews are a definite hotspot for vital nuances. Research is essential to determine the item’s validity, and the Novitec Wi-Fi Booster Reviews are a definitive hotspot for necessary details.