Minecrafts Alex

Minecraft’s Alex – Who Is The Character?

Alex is a protagonist in Minecraft and one of the two default skins given to players after creating a Minecraft account. The other protagonist is Steve. However, unlike Steve, Alex has a different body model with thinner arms, giving the player’s skin a slimmer appearance than they would have when using the Steve model. 

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Alex Physical Appearance

Alex’s design has much clearer skin and a unique character design than Steve’s. Therefore, she is a recognizable avatar compared to Steve, her counterpart, who has a more generic outlook. When Alex is in her default design, she has long orange hair, which falls down her left shoulder down her green t-shirt featuring darker green accents and cuffs. 

Alex wears brown pants, and her boots are greyish brownish. She has an angular appearance just like Steve, matching Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic. Her 2-eye pixel wide green eyes make her look cross-eyed.

Alex Game Appearances                  

Alex is featured in Jake’s Super Smash Bros. as a playable character. She shares her move set with Steve while taking up half of his alternate costumes. Although these two characters play precisely the same, Alex is recognized by the in-game announcer as a separate character from Steve.

Alex is also a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars: Ultimate Battle and is Steve’s echo fighter with eight palette swaps.

Who Is Minecraft Alex Based Off?

Who Is Minecraft Alex Based Off

The Alex character on Minecraft is based on Jens Bergensten (nicknamed Jeb). In Swedish, Jeb is a video game designer and the lead designer for Minecraft. Alex was added to the game to represent the player base’s diversity better. 

Alex was released in 2014 and has existed since then. Various websites refer to her as the “slim” or “3px” skin. Alex and Steve’s skins are intended to be a genderless representation of human beings, but players can change their skin. Steve represents classic skin, while Alex represents thin skin. If you have come across Giant Alex, she is a structure with a height of 12 blocks. The creature is much higher than the trees and the players’ houses. Every Minecraft player has the opportunity to play with an Alex skin.

Differences In Editions Of Minecraft Games

Java Edition

In Java Edition, players can choose from either Steve or Alex. You can customize the two models by downloading free skins from credible websites or using an editing program. However, in the demo or offline, the game will randomly choose either Steve or Alex as their current skin.

Bedrock Edition

In this edition, players get to choose between Alex and Steve in-game. This sets the skin and the model for personalized skins. If you use Windows and Mobile Devices, you can import skins from a PNG file. In addition, some players purchase skins as DLC. Bedrock Edition also allows purchasable attire and features through a skin creation system.

You can get Java Edition versions of Steve and Alex skins without paying in Bedrock Edition. In addition, the Bedrock Edition Steve and Alex have an updated texture, and their models can blink. Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t apply to custom skin models.

Minecraft Customization

In Java Edition, a player can change skins on the minecraft.net preference page. They can also do it in the launcher when they upload a PNG file that replaces your default skin. A player also can have multiple pixels wide arms on their character model.

In Bedrock Edition, the player can change the appearance of their character from the Main Menu or Pause Menu where they should click on the character, the place where 5-character slots are displayed. The edit character opens the character creator where you can create the skin synchronizes in any signed-in devices by choosing pre-made components, altering their height, and choosing a slim or wide arm width.

Alternatively, a player can select from classic skins in skin packs found in the Marketplace or, for the Windows 10, iOS/iPadOS, and Android versions of Minecraft, and import their PNG image file. Unfortunately, classic skins cannot synchronize between signed-in devices. A player can also choose 6 Emotes for every character and pick or remove a cape.

Minecraft Experience

You can gain experience points through experience orbs when you kill mobs or mine certain minerals. A green number indicates the current level above the HUD, and you can use the experience points to enchant weapons, tools, and armor with different compelling features and skills. Anvils need experience to be utilized. When you obtain enough experience, the level increases. You lose all levels and experience when you die. Still, you can partially restore by taking the experience orbs at the death location.

Another way you can obtain experience is through activities like mining, fishing, and killing some mobs.

Sneaking And Other Movements

You can activate this feature when you press and hold the sneak key. Sneaking will prevent you from falling off the block. Moreover, you can still dismount blocks after sneaking by jumping over the edge of the block. In Multiplay Mode, your name tag will be greyish in Java Edition or will completely disappear in Bedrock Edition after sneaking, relating to the fact that sneaking will make you partially invincible.

Swimming happens when players sprint by double-clicking W or Ctrl/Cmd as they are submerged in water. Swimming and crawling have the same animation. Crawling happens when players are in a location less than 1.5 blocks high and helps to prevent suffocation. Crawling is also applicable in bedrock edition when players go into a one-block-high area after swimming and exiting the water.


 Alex is a default player skin in Minecraft. According to your account ID, Alex is assigned to you if a custom skin is not used. She has long, bright orange hair hanging down her left shoulder and pale, fair skin. Alex has white eyes with dark green pupils and pink lips. Alex is intended to be a generic representation of a human being, but you can change your skin. Alex is the shape of thin skin.