Minecraft Mods Site List

Minecraft Mods Site List With Details [Various Minecraft Mods And How To Install Them]

Modding (adding modification) to the game is a perfect way to customize a player’s experience in Minecraft. Players can instill their creativity into their open Minecraft worlds. The good thing about modding is that every player can add their turn-on stuff. You are capable of creating your mods, sharing them with others, and creating attention for creating some incredible in-game ideas. Players have been playing Minecraft for over a decade, and up to date, the game is extremely open-ended, so players have been able to experiment and sacrifice a lot of time in Minecraft. 

However, modding has always been a vital aspect of Minecraft. That is why there are infinite mods for players to explore.

A List Of Common Minecraft Mods And How To Install Them

List Of Common Minecraft Mods And How To Install Them

The biggest challenge that players will undergo is that some game versions do not support some mods. This means that players have to find a way to get them running appropriately. Fortunately, most of the mods have instructions on how players can get them to run. In this guide, we shall discuss several mods and how to install them. 

Collectibles Mod

The Collectibles mod is a fan inclusion in your Minecraft experience. You include very rare items that can be found by particular mining blocks. Some of the items that can be found include; coins, gems, or books. However, it depends on the specific place you went to find it.

The items found can be transformed into collectible loot bags for another unusual surprise. Note that we have nine various types of coin that can be found by digging blocks with a shovel-like; dirty, sand, and gravel. Each coin ranges in various types of metal and stone.

Collecting all the nine coins isn’t that easy since they are very rare to find, and you could take a long time to collect all of them. This makes Collectables mod more interesting and fun. Finding a coin is an added surprise to everyday mining.

Additionally, all nine coins are required each time you craft a loot bag. The collecting method of gems is similar to collecting coins, but in this case, you will have to find them in the harder block types. There are nine books, and they can be found distributed worldwide with several chests. 

Once you have found all the nine gems, all nine coins, or all nine books, put them together in a crafting table, and you can now make a loot bag. The loot bag is used only once, and when you right-click to open them, you will be awarded a unique and precious item. These items may be; nephrite ingots, Crystals, or totems.

Gardening Tools Mod

The Gardening Tools mod adds new items for fast and easy farming in Minecraft. The base tool is the irrigation core. It enables you to cover massive areas of soil that are farmable with fewer blocks of water. In addition, it can also be used above the ground and below. 

The cultivation enables you to prepare the soil just within the range of the irrigation core. Right-click the grass by the core, and a soil line will till itself. 

It is necessary to clear any grass on the way as it will hinder the cultivator from working on that grass. Right-click on the freshly tilted soil with the planter, and the seeds will start to grow. The planter and seeds can be found in your inventory.

Easy Villagers Mod

The Easy Villagers mod allows you to manage villagers much more easily and concisely. You can pick up and place villagers by clicking “V” while striving or sneaking and right-click them. Afterward, you can place them anywhere you want by right-clicking the ground. 

Easy Villagers mod adds worthwhile containers to house villagers without necessarily having to search for them. In this way, they can be sheltered anywhere. Just right-click after placing the block with a village to add them. The role of the trader block is to enable you to trade with the villagers at any time, and they can restock the time they are not working.

Vanilla Hammers Mod

Vanilla Hammers adds plenty of new hammers to the game to make your mining experience very quick. 

Each hammer varies in durability and speed depending on its material. They will all clear a 3 by 3 stone block route with only one break. The slowest hammer among all the hammers is the base hammer, which is made of wood. However, common ore like iron or diamond can craft a much stronger hammer. 

Note that obsidian, quartz, prismarine, and many others can also be used. The hammers will only be able to break stone and ore blocks meaning dirt or gravel can easily get in the way of a quick mine vein. 

Although clearing ore is a breeze with the hammers since you can tear away the whole vein in less than a minute. Hammers are essential weapons for attacking antagonists. We can say that each type of hammer is best at performing a particular task based on the type of material used to make them.

MineColonies Mod

MineColonies is an awesome mod to customize and maximize your villages in Minecraft. 

You will assign duties and ranks within the village to make it a fully active society. The builder is the beginner that starts everything. He will begin by building different structures like the Town Center. Sometimes, he will inquire about tools and supplies. 

It is advisable to keep foraging as he builds. Next will be the mining farm, bakery, sawmill, and any other structure that you think will make your MineColony super active. 

All of these buildings will be managed by workers. The structures can be heightened as time goes and the workers will gradually increase in skill depending on the more they work. If the buildings are damaged, you can rebuild them to their initial state. Note that the builder should commence repairing after he is available. 

Another important structure is the house for the residents to protect them. Gradually, your town will then be blossoming with dwellers working jointly and bringing you items, harvested food, and overall function as a self-sufficient village, as long as you keep bringing in tools and basic materials.

Everlasting Abilities Mod 

Everlasting Abilities grants a player the ability to maintain several buffs without carrying around bottles of portions every time. The abilities are from random totems found globally and are loaded up to the player through an Ability Bottle. 

The bottle must show up when you load the game for the first time with the mod installed. However, it may also be formulated. Whenever you come across a totem, all you have to do is just right-clicking with it in your hand and shift it over in the ability bottle GUI. You can now add items like fire resistance, strength, and flight. Adding abilities requires a considerable amount of XP that will return to you if removed. Others have many levels making the lasting buffs more remarkable.

How To Install Mods In Minecraft

 Install Mods In Minecraft

Different methods are used to install mods in Minecraft; however, Forge the mod manager is the simplest. It will automatically link up to Minecraft once it is installed. Players should pay careful attention when downloading the version of Forge; they should ensure that it is recommended for their hardware since it will run smoothly while playing. 

Following, start star downloading mods. The downloaded mods should only be from a valid and official source that they trust. If not, they could risk downloading something that may end up being destructive to your system. 

One of the best and most reliable sources to find mods is the Curse Forge Website. On this website, players will acquire several mods to download and experiment with. Once a mod is downloaded, please take it in your file explorer and move it to the Minecraft folder.

 Note that it is not all mods that are compatible with the current version of Minecraft. Therefore, each mod should be researched and ensure that it runs properly with the game’s version.


Well done; you have just learned some types of mods available in Minecraft and how to install them. More importantly, you’ve learned what is necessary when installing and using a particular mod. Have fun while using the mods in Minecraft.