Top 10 Medical Android Apps For 2021

Well, with the New Year just being around the corner, here we have listed out some of the most widely used healthcare android apps. These can be a great help to you and they range right from meditation to habit trackers. Let us check out how these apps can be beneficial to us. 

Which Are The 10 Top Medical Android Apps For 2021

1mg: this is the perfect solution to all your medical issues. If you are wondering what is so special about this app then let us tell you some of its amazing features. Also, you can view the information about your medicine. All you got to do is browse the medicine that you are looking out for and then you will find other alternative brands with lower prices which helps you save so much of your money. Apart from that, you will find different medicine data like recommendations for usage, side effects, and much more. This is an online pharmacy that will deliver all your medicines right to your doorstep.


MedPlus Mart: this is yet another online pharmacy in India that has so many customers making their purchases every single day. They have a lot of products like nutrition, healthcare, medicines, baby products, personal care and so much more. Also, it has a reward program which lets you save quite a bit. You can locate MedPlus stores around you and see which one is the most convenient one for you to make urgent real-time purchases. Also, you will get all the medicinal information that you require about your medicines and this will also include the precautions, side effects, and other alternatives. 

MedPlus Mart

DocsApp: this is considered to be one of the best doctor’s consultation app online. The best feature offered by it is that you do not require an appointment to get your medical queries answered. Some of the main features offered by this app include the following:


1. You will instantly be appointed to an online doctor who will answer all your queries.

2. Your conversation with the doctor will be private – you can opt to chat or call the doctor. 

3. In your private chat, you can upload all your health reports so that the doctor can analyze them and get back to you as soon as possible.

4. If any tests need to be done, then the samples will be collected from your home and the reports will be put up on the application.

Medlife: are you looking out for a platform where you can order medicines and other healthcare products for you and your family with discounts? What could be a better choice than Medlife? They have a wide range of medicines which will be delivered right to your doorstep. The quality of medicines prescribed to the consumer is checked well before dispensing them. Also, if you require a doctor’s consultation then there is no worry now because the doctor is just a call away! You can recommend people this application and you’ll get a discount on your future orders. 


Practo: you have some health problems and don’t know whom to consult? No worries! Find the perfect doctor for your needs online. But you should know that this application is way more than just finding a doctor for your medical needs. There are other services offered by this application as well. Let us tell you what other wonders it does.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Practo?

1. You can find the right doctor for your health requirements and then take a look at the feedback offered by the doctor.

2. Irrespective of what you are suffering from, you will find the best doctors. Be it gynecologists, oncologists, dermatologists, and even more!

3. You can also buy medicines online from this application and they will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Mfine: all your on-demand healthcare services will be taken care of. These application partners with the best hospitals in the country giving you proper access to the best quality healthcare services. You can get online consultations from the best doctors in India. You can also avail of the free follow-ups which either happen online or at the desired hospital for up to 7 days. Now getting treatment has become easier, with no traveling and getting tired. Just download the app and enjoy a personalized health care service right in your comfort zone. 

AskApollo: with this app all your wellness and healthcare needs are going to be catered to. Right from booking your appointments, ordering medicines, health check-ups, or getting a consultation from a doctor, virtually everything is easily and conveniently available to you right at the touch of your fingers. You can also schedule a home care visit for your ailing loved ones at home.

Blood Pressure Tracker: you can get the log of your pulse and blood pressure reading with the help of this app. Also, you can monitor your blood pressure level right at home without worrying about going and getting it checked at the hospital. On this app, you can also set up reminders to take medication for your blood pressure.

PharmEasy: yet another online pharmacy that is widely used by people in India. You can order all your healthcare products without any hesitation online and they will be delivered to you right at your doorstep. Apart from this, you can also book your diagnostic tests which include full body check-ups, online blood tests, and other healthcare check-ups as well.

Netmeds App: with this application, getting medicines for your needs is easier than before. The app offers an easy, quick, and user-friendly process for ordering medicines. Also, they offer discounts where you save more while making your purchases. You can order online and they are considered to be one of the best platforms that deliver to any location in India. Also, if you have any queries related to health then you can instantly chat or call the doctors here who are readily available to help you with their best recommendation and medication.


1. How Do I Use The App?

When I first started using the app I was worried about being able to use it. There are so many buttons and things on the screen, but if you use it for a week or two you’ll get used to it. You can do just about everything on the app, from tracking your calories to browsing the news feed. 

The buttons are all right there at the top of the screen and they’re very easy to understand.

2. What Are The Best Features Of This App?

Most apps on the market today have some great features and some not-so-great features. This app is no exception and has a few drawbacks as well as benefits. For those who are looking to use this app for their own personal purposes, here are the best aspects of the app that you should know about:

The first benefit of this app is that it is free to download and use. As long as you register, there will never be a charge to use the service.

3. What Is The Difference Between This App And Other Similar Apps?

A competitor can look indistinguishable from a top app in the App Store. The only difference is that the competitor is free to download and use, while the other one may have a price tag. Oftentimes, there are in-app purchases featured prominently on the competitor’s app icon, but not on the original app icon. These low-price competitors are designed to get users hooked on their apps without paying upfront, then making them pay for content later on.