Top 10 Maps And Navigation Android Apps For 2021

Well, these days we all know how important the internet has become. It helps us sort most of our problems out there. No matter what the query might be we always end up seeking help from the internet. Similarly, when we are traveling to a new place or exploring around we usually take help from maps and navigation apps that are easily available online. These make our lives so much easier. The most popularly used maps and navigation apps for Android include Waze and Google Maps but are you aware of the other ones out there? if not, then do not worry, here we have listed out the 10 topmost maps and navigation android apps for the future which will help you even more.

Which Are These 10 Maps And Navigation Android Apps?

1. OsmAnd: this navigation application is available offline, so you can save your mobile data. But it is so cool that it gives you access to high-quality and free maps offline. You get a chance to explore visual and voice navigation, without using your mobile data! All you got to do is download this simple application and then enjoy its amazing features which include some of the following:

1. You can easily lookup for addresses by typing a hotel or even parking. Also, you can use the geographical coordinates to find the destination you are looking out for. 

2. Also, you can choose to show the desired speed limit and get reminders if you go beyond that.

2. Karta: this free and offline USA map helps you while you try exploring newer places. What are you even waiting for? Download the application and use it without any restrictions. Now, you do not have to worry any further about a good internet connection because this is an offline application. Also, this app will give you suggestions as to what are the interesting things that are there around which will include food places, shopping and much more! The voice feature is also available in this application.


3. MapFactor: this GPS navigation app is available free of cost. Also, you do not require the internet to use it – just download it and head out to your desired destination without any hassles! It has many cool and interesting features that will include the following:  

1. It gives warnings concerning speed and camera

2. The voice navigation is also available in many different languages

3. This app also has a day or night map mode

4. It guides you so that you can avoid traffic and use another route to get to your destination on time.


4. MAPS.ME: this app acts as your travel guide giving you all the directions that you seek for. It is a responsive and free application that doesn’t use any mobile data. Have you already planned your trip but not sure how you will get through? Well, no worries just download this application and make use of it to the fullest! You can also save locations and then share them with your friends, isn’t this is a cool and user-friendly application?


5. TomTom: with so many navigation apps available, you must be wondering what is so special about this one, isn’t it? Well, let us tell you more about it. You will be provided with accurate traffic information. Also, you can find your route instantly without any delays! What are you fussing about? Go download the application right away!


6. Polaris: this is a high-performance GPS that can be used for all your purposes. Be it hiking or navigation trail – make the best use of this navigation application. Where can you use this application?

1. Camping

2. Mountain biking

3. Hunting

4. Fishing

5. Orienting of the compass

6. Backpacking 


7. Waze: This is one of the widely used navigation applications out there. It saves so much of your time as well as effort while you are out on your journey. It helps and guides you with police, traffic and so much more. Also, you can know what time you will reach your destination – since your data will be based on the live location of the traffic. Also, you can find the cheapest gas station along your route – saving your money, isn’t it?


8. HERE WeGo: you can explore your city effortlessly – thanks to this wonderful application that makes your life simpler! Before you head out, the app will tell you everything that you need to know. You can know the pricing of cab fares and also find new routes in case of traffic delays. Even if you are traveling in an area where there is no signal, the app will keep functioning and thus you do not have to worry about losing your way ahead. This application gives you better reliability and you can roam around without stressing about anything at all.


9. Google Maps: with this application, you get real-time updates. Even if you are roaming in another place, you do not have to worry about being left behind. Google maps tell you what is trending around you – right from restaurants, activities, and events. Drop-in at the most happening place around you. You can also create places that are your favorites and then share that with your friends. With this app, your group planning is made easier. It also offers automatic rerouting which is based on live accidents and traffic on the road. You can get real-time transit information which ensures that you do not lose your bus or train ride.

Google Maps

10. Sygic: this is another application used for navigation purposes by people all over the globe. Are you aware of the interesting features it has to offer to its users? Well, if not then let us give you an overview of the same. This app has multiple updates which are free of cost. It also supports voice navigation which is one of the widely used features of maps and navigation apps. You can simply connect your mobile device to the screen of your car and then let the app guide you throughout your destination without any hassles your way!