Making An XP Farm In Minecraft

An Elaborate Guide To Making An XP Farm In Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world game with unlimited possibilities. One of the possibilities is the enchantment process providing players extra abilities based on the enchantment they choose to use. The magic gives new abilities to your weapon or improves your strength by enhancing your amour’s durability. 

The process is also helpful in repairing the armor and weapon if you need them. An XP farm is also known as an experienced farm and is among the best methods of providing the necessary items for the enchanting process. XP farm also provides the players with items needed for the crafting process. Some XP farms available include fish, gold, bamboo, and Mob farms. 

This piece will take you through the process of making an XP farm. Read on. 

Making An XP Farm In Minecraft With A Spawner

XP Farm In Minecraft

It’s easy to create an XP farm with a spawner. To do this, mine out a space around the spawner, giving you enough space for spawning. Then, push the Mob with water into a hole and fill it with water. The hole should go up to 20 blocks in height. At the top of your hole, you can use water to move the Mob further in all directions and have your water end at another spot. Your Mob should drop at this point, but it will still have some health left. Hitting the Mob kills it, and over time it will stack up and provide you with sufficient experience for your farm.

Making An XP Farm In Minecraft Without A Spawner

The easiest way to make an XP without a spawner is building a chamber that’s only 30 blocks from you rather than mining space for a spawner around it. The mobs spawn 30 blocks away from you because there is water around the hole that drowns them and makes it easy for you to kill them as they fall in the hole speedily.

Making An XP Farm In Minecraft 1.14   

Making farms in Minecraft 1.14 provide you with numerous options that increase your experience and allow you to earn more XP. A player can create a chicken, cow, or pig farm. To maintain a chicken farm, you will need less experience because it’s less challenging. Build a chicken pen and add some chicken eggs that you can use to grow your chickens. 

After completing the basic setup, you can make a floor on your built chicken pen. Next, connect them with a dispenser by spreading hoppers on the floor and using a switch and a Redstone timer. The chicken will throw the eggs from the top into the hoppers, and the eggs will go in your dispenser. At this point, fresh chickens will spawn, which occurs automatically. To get the experience, you will need to kill the chicken on the lower portion.

Top Farms For XP In Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are various types of XP farms, and the most efficient ones include:

1. Cactus or bamboo farm.

2. Guardian Farm

3. Blaze Farm

4. Kelp XP Farm

5. Classic Mob Farm

6. Enderman XP farm

Cactus Or Bamboo Farm

Cactus farm relies on getting experience from smelting in furnaces. With the cactus farm, you need to create a water stream so your items can find a way into a hopper and a stove. For a bamboo farm, it’s advisable to use pistons for harvesting. Set up fences that will automatically break the cactus after growing in a cactus farm.

Guardian farm

Guardian farm is on this list because of the experience it provides. On a guardian farm, you will get the most experience for every kill with the guardians, although on this farm, you will need to work hard because you should drain the entire ocean temple.

Portals farm

A portals farm is another excellent experience farm. Setting this up needs you to build a large portal overflowing. This causes the zombie pigman walking in your portal to fall through and inside the water, making it easy to kill them to get experience. The farm drops gold too.

Blaze farm

Forming a blaze mob is one of the easiest things to do. There are many ways to design it, although using a spawner with various natural covers is advisable. Therefore, building a farm around it will not be too challenging and protect you from being killed. This is the best answer to gaining experience in a blaze farm.

Kelp XP Farm

If you want to avoid the hassle of getting experience in complex farms, the kelp XP farm is the best. The farm will give you a boost in a less complicated way. You can use kelp as your fuel to grow it and dry it in the furnace. Kelp can also be used to dry other kelp, and that’s why it’s a huge source of fuel production.

Classic Mob Farm

This farm is the king of all mob farms since it offers more experience points with minimal effort. The farm can be built at an enormous height with few stones. If you build the farm too high or above a large water body, you will make it easy for masters to spawn inside this farm convenientlyMobs are killed by pushing them down the draining water.

Enderman XP Farm

After reaching the end and killing Enderman Dragon, you can make an Enderman XP farm. There is a lot of free space at the end realm, which provides an ideal place spawning by the Enderman. You can make a well-organized mob farm here. It’s fascinating that your XP level can rise from 0 to 30 in just a single minute. The automatic farm will give you plenty of pearls as it’s a conveniently made farm.


Experience is a very prominent addon in Minecraft. It helps create customized weapons with enchantments or rename items you would like. You require experience, and you can always passively get it no matter what you are doing in your world. One of the most amazing tasks to complete in the Minecraft game is creating an experience.